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  1. I wouldn't be touching it til I'm ready to use it.. i just want to know how to use it
  2. and then to access that paper wallet to send funds i would then be able to access that thru the wallet i downloaded? as long as I have the private keys or something?
  3. lmao i have never done any wallets or importing/exporting lol i deal with exchanges and ledger nanos.. yeah im nervous about this whole process and dont want my coins to be lost in the cyber world, thanks for any help!!
  4. ok so i just downloaded my wallet to my pc.. how do i backup my security keys? is that "export private keys"? and what do i export them to? a usb or something. sorry not the most tech savvy guy in the world lmao im used to just shipping my coins to my ledger nano s... which hopefully they get that capabilities soon
  5. exactly. they will want the price to rush up to hopefully get that new money gambling on their platforms. and coin supply doesn't matter short term.. we have witnessed the trons and many others that have exploded in a matter of weeks from under a penny to 20-30 cents. it will be no different here. buckle up and get ready for when the team is ready to start amping up announcements and hype.
  6. exactly it's the same principle with xrp and banks but applied to the casinos. of course the casinos want more exposure to new players and the best tech to boot. the plus here is also that these casinos won't be so slow to adopt this as banks. banks deal with much more money and regulations.. once the product is ready they will be shaking hands left n right with platforms
  7. it don't have to go to anything crazy to make a ton off this coin. this can and will imo run to a nickle plus in a blink under the right circumstances. i think this is a very serious investment. if you know the size and influence of the likes of pokerstars, draft kings, microgaming, etc and have some high level talent from them. they are here for a reason and will be able to get platforms to look their way. and what is the downside to it? seems like a no brainer for the ones running platforms.
  8. not that i know of lmao but from the looks of it.. we're crypto brothers! all xrp and csc for me!
  9. I'm in it to win it lol I won't be bailing within a year.. if I lose i lose. won't be the first time I've lost a 5 digit wager. but if it wins? lol this could be the most fun sweat possible
  10. I'll be a bit upset if it fills orders under 7 sats lol I loaded up 20M at 8. but I'll just end up throwing more at it if it gets to 6 for sure. would be nice to get to 100M ? and experience a run with that kind of weight!
  11. I own both. 2:1 ratio xrp:csc for capital invested... love both. i see less obstacles in the way for csc as the online gaming industry is probably quicker to pull the trigger than large banks. cheers to both!
  12. i firmly believe that csc will have a much higher short term (next 6-8 months) ROI than xrp.. MUCH HIGHER.. at current levels to be even returns xrp would need to hit 6.88 where csc would need to hit 1c. if BRM goes well and it's listed to binance it will charge to 2c in a blink of an eye.. any partnerships announced or even rumor combined with very few places to actually buy it and we will see an explosion like we saw from tron
  13. maybe before the coin swap when there was only 40 million coins.. there are 40 billion now. I hope I'm off obv but ill be very happy to see it reach fiddy cent ?
  14. proud owner here and xrp.. i gamble for a living so i fully understand the need and impact of this idea, this is gonna be easy money. very strong influential team forming around this project. there will be gains... question is how much gains!
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