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  1. I see that there is a high number for cancelled transactions inside the ledger. I.e not all transactions are moving money.
  2. http://www.alivingledger.com/# Very good!
  3. https://theoofy.com/12638/ripple-xrp-price-predictions-2018-apple-has-added-ripples-xrp-token-to-the-stock-market-application-xrp-has-started-to-rise-ripple-news-today-crypto-sun-oct-14/
  4. https://www.newsbtc.com/2018/10/15/tether-forces-bitcoin-to-achieve-7500-crypto-market-adds-20-billion/
  5. https://www.swift.com/our-solutions/global-financial-messaging/payments-cash-management/swift-gpi/swift-gpi-document-centre Santander - Swift
  6. https://www.swift.com/our-solutions/global-financial-messaging/payments-cash-management/swift-gpi/swift-gpi-document-centre
  7. Its my understanding that we are extremely divided as of late. Some are very thrilled XRP is going down and keep adding to their stacks, others insist we will never experience this price level again. We have members insisting we will see over $500 by x-mas. Veteran members have stopped posting and we see a new level of sublime FUD. Basically we are as a community destabilized by the havoc of pump & dumps. Is there anything we can do together as a community to aid the increase of XRP, is there anyway for us as a community to stop the bleeding ? We may not agree on all point, but we
  8. I have not checked the price in a few hours , are we above $1?
  9. Yes, it’s a common mantra on this forum. I’m sure the majority must be ecstatic now that there is a fire sale on XRP. Big profits coming our way when we buy low and sell high.
  10. We have been handed a gift, use it, buy more now, add to that stack, invest, be smart as we all need more XRP.
  11. http://www.businesscloud.co.uk/news/ripple-will-become-the-microsoft-of-crypto
  12. Guys, just buy more! You can have an average buying at 50cents – do it!
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