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  1. 12 minutes ago, Eric123 said:

    It is really hard to gauge without knowing the bitcoin volume on the over the counter market.  I see this price drop as an orchestrated manipulation used to accumulate coins for the reasons I stated in my post yesterday.    If there was tremendous OTC volume then we make a V recovery and we probably go higher than most expect.  However we may continue to stay at a low price and if that happens expect to go lower due to tax loss selling at the end of the year.  I see the real push happening once BAKKT futures open at the end of January 2019


    Great post Eric, value add. 

  2. 12 minutes ago, Caracappa said:

    Not saying your wrong, because we both know nothing, but I disagree. A spring test like these historically result in price going up rather quickly after... History repeated this pattern dozens of times on BTC and XRP but is no guarantee it will again ofcourse.


    For me, these unchartered water is unprecedented, in crypto space. I think we are inn for a massive blow.

  3. On 10/28/2018 at 2:22 PM, solid102 said:

    What bothers me with some of this predictions is they contain conspiracy nutjob material such as: Knights Templar, Rothschild, New World order, end of times/dollar and so on. I will give merit to any price prediction from 10,000 USD to 0.001 if it is backed by analysis that are logical and grounded not comic book like.

    If you don’t think Rothschild is running the show you need to wake up!

  4. 15 minutes ago, XRPanding said:

    It’s hard to fathom that,  if crypto in general is getting bad airplay, that the general public will suddenly warm to XRP. Most of the money coming into XRP now I suspect would be from people cutting losses on all other coins.

    As far back as I was investing in crypto most had stacks in BTC, ETH and Stellar mainly, so probably seeing a shift from BTC and ETH to XRP, and with the scaremongering still lots are selling XRP.


    Thats just my speculation, still a while to go but for certain XRP is the stable one. When I hear talk about it on daily financial news I know we have made it, so could be heaps of drops yet or none for XRP. Just my 2 XRP ;)


    We have forum members that are losing big on other coins. Some have staggering losses. It’s a sad day but a necessity….

  5. 1 hour ago, pumpndump said:

    Question for the OP if you are part of the 589 club I would say, "Yes buy!", Right?

    If people are truly long (years) and truly think in years XRP will be higher than .51. Why wouldnt you buy?

    If you want a get rich quick play would be the only reason to ask these questions in which I would say dont expect any bull run. Only invest for the longterm.

    Slow and steady!

    I’m not part of the 589 gang. I never see XRP move past $20 in my wildest imaginations. I’m imagining we will linger between 40 cents and buck`n a half, back to 40cents. Up / down- sideways, than down. Meaning I need to be smart as I will chase the smaller gains. When we pass $1 om selling everything and rebuy when it drops.   

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