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  1. Members look to have a sober expectations for next month, EOY.
  2. Its 4 x weeks and its bye bye 2018. A terrible year in crypto. What is your new EOY prediction? -Mine is low, 45 cents.
  3. For me, these unchartered water is unprecedented, in crypto space. I think we are inn for a massive blow.
  4. With all that is going on XRP will be low 40cent-ish for months. So we are not going up any time soon.
  5. If you don’t think Rothschild is running the show you need to wake up!
  6. Its speculated that Whales and their VIP accounts can see others stop loss. I.e are able to manipulate the marked to reach that target.
  7. Many are happy, they can now buy more! Me, not so much!
  8. We just took a swan dive off the balcony. Lets hope we bounce back shortly.
  9. We have forum members that are losing big on other coins. Some have staggering losses. It’s a sad day but a necessity….
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