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  1. Please see attached image. The main difference is the time frame. The top chart is roughly 15 months and the bottom is roughly 30 months. However the patter appears nearly the exact same. Disclaimer: this isnt my chart.
  2. https://www.theblockcrypto.com/2019/02/11/ripple-the-firm-behind-cryptocurrency-xrp-eliminates-corey-johnsons-role-at-the-firm/
  3. Debts are settled in fiat, not XRP. The theoretical FIAT price of XRP is infinite, so I don't see how this a problem based on my rudimentary/incomplete understanding of the OP and a few assumptions: 1. There dozens of XRP liquidity providers for Xrapid 2. Ripple has liquidated its stash of 50 billion XRP. IF the 100 billion total supply is too illiquid to settle current debts and obligations, the buy pressure through Xrapid exchanges willl naturally increase the value of a single XRP., thus making it more liquid as LESS XRP is required to settle each transaction.
  4. Its the same repetitive crap thats been refuted on twitter over and over. Expect this type of FUD to keep coming out the larger XRP marketcap reaches.
  5. This is the most accurate and realistic TA ive seen for XRP. Please keep updating as we go along!
  6. There will be no bull run until the end of 2019 at the earliest. Accept that and these price drops wont bother you.
  7. Ive always been of the opinion that marketcap is ********, volume is what matters. During the early 2018 bullrun, XRP reached $3.50 on *roughly* 6 billion $$$ of volume, with upward/buy pressure. ASSUMING the same buy pressure (this is a big assumption), we need 1.74 billion dollars for every 1 dollar of XRP value. The total volume for a $100 XRP would be 171 billion dollars, this is in-line with the entire US stock market on a daily basis. 171 billion daily volume is also a very small fraction of SWIFTS 5 trillion daily volume. Discuss.
  8. Unless you are gullible and believe in conspiracy theories, there is nothing wrong with Bill Clinton. Hes an ex President after all.
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