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  1. It is a very powerful tool but can get expensive for smaller agencies. I also like https://qlue.io/
  2. https://twitter.com/chainalysis/status/1228347885118423040?s=20 For those that are not familiar with this company. This is a tool that law enforcement uses to aid in tracking illicit funds such as hacks, money laundering, stolen funds and more.
  3. You can re-key the wallet if you like. Probably would be best bet. Remove the trust lines and withdraw the remaining 20xrp.
  4. I do like this but one thing I noticed my CPU usage went up quite a bit. Also removing the install manually wasnt as easy.
  5. I did have the newest release but it seems another issue was going on at the same time. I have been up and running successfully for weeks and all of a sudden a few days ago I started hosting multiple contracts that never ended. Now I think that they may have been stuck. After rebooting and restarting all the services the pod test works. Thanks
  6. How long does your upload test run?? I tried it and its been running now for 2 hours.
  7. No. If you fail the selftest contracts will not run on your codius server.
  8. I would hold off on updating. Putting in the Environment="CODIUS_DISABLE_SELF_TEST=true" puts the server in test. You will not get contracts that pay. They are aware of the issue and working on a fix.
  9. Yes they are all running and I have stopped and restarted them all
  10. I setup my Codiusd server using the Github located at https://github.com/xrp-community/codius-install. I had no issues setting it up. On http://codiushosts.com/ my server does show up as https://codius.comp4n6.com But when I run the wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/xrp-community/codius-install/master/codius-install.sh -O codius-install.sh && bash codius-install.sh and use option 2 I have a red X by Codiusd. My question is. my server shows up on codiushosts and I was able to successfully test the server on https://upload.host1.codius.live/. I did confirm payment. My wallet has plenty of XRP so the minimums are not an issue.When I run systemctl status codiusd i get the following: ● codiusd.service - Codiusd Loaded: loaded (/etc/systemd/system/codiusd.service; enabled; vendor preset: disabled) Active: active (running) since Sun 2018-07-29 18:38:14 UTC; 1h 43min ago Main PID: 3863 (npm) CGroup: /system.slice/codiusd.service ├─3863 npm └─3873 node src/index.js Jul 29 20:21:47 codius codiusd[3863]: _events: [Object], Jul 29 20:21:47 codius codiusd[3863]: _eventsCount: 6, Jul 29 20:21:47 codius codiusd[3863]: _maxListeners: undefined,Jul 29 20:21:47 codius codiusd[3863]: output: [], Jul 29 20:21:47 codius codiusd[3863]: outputEncodings: [],Jul 29 20:21:47 codius codiusd[3863]: outputCallbacks: [], Jul 29 20:21:47 codius codiusd[3863]: outputSize: 0, Jul 29 20:21:47 codius codiusd[3863]: writable: true, Jul 29 20:21:47 codius codiusd[3863]: _last: true, Jul 29 20:21:47 codius codiusd[3863]: chunkedEncoding: false, I am not certain its up and running correctly.
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