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  1. Geoffrey has been raised with the belief that there is only a punishment if you’re doing something wrong. But in a certain moment of his life, these guidelines didn’t apply anymore and threatened his entire belief system. It all started as a normal day trying to support his family - but let’s take a step back. Geoffrey, a son of refugees, had the chance to flee from an ugly civil war into the safe haven of the western. His father died during the escape and his mother had to raise him and his brother, besides working on two different jobs. Too young to understand the happenings, he experienced a western life and its values – as well as his mother’s impressions of the current world affairs. Once he earned a bit of money, he wanted to send it back to help his family. After a statement of the payment provider’s employee, that he is not allowed to send money due to sanctions, he quickly realized, there were bigger hurdles than expected. This moment confused him - ‘Why was his family being punished for doing something, which shouldn’t be wrong?’ Even as a young teenager, Jeff knew he needed to address the injustice. Instead of just accepting the injustice, Jeff stood up for himself and his family. He was actively seeking answers, not just silently accepting challenges or problems. He spoke with his parents and friends, questioned his government motives, and explored why this had happened. But he was still bound to the laws of his new home country and was following them. After a few years, the sanctions were lifted and he finally had the chance to send money. He was able to send 50$, which equals more than double of a monthly salary of his uncle. But he quickly realized that there is another injustice - the fees. To send this 50$, he had to pay 5$, which was close to a weekly salary! This moment perplexed him - ‘Why was his family being punished again?’ Instead of accepting the injustice, Jeff again stood up for himself and his family. He investigated on other possibilities and by occasion, he came across names like David Schwartz, Ryan Fugger and Chris Larsen – but a link of a video finally opened his eyes. On YouTube he watched a recording of “The Ellen Show” with Ellen DeGeneres. There was a famous actor which he knew already, Ashton Kutcher, since Jeff was a big admirer of Mila Kunis. Ashton promoted a company named Ripple, which was working with an independent digital asset called XRP. His conclusion was, that he found an asset which allows him to send instantly and nearly fee-less money to his family in need. The rest was history – or let’s call it a future for everyone.
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