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  1. If we were to break through current bear market lows (.24xx back in late summer 2018), and plumb new depths, I think Ripple will continue to plot forward toward the execution of their business plan just as they did before the insanity started in 2017. They did just fine when XRPUSD was at .006 - .03 for years before 2017. It's very important to understand the risk of investing in an asset like XRP in the highly unregulated, nascent industry of decentralized ledger assets. Fundamental risks: The asset class could fail, Ripple as a company may fail, xRapid as a product/service may not
  2. https://www.tradingview.com/chart/XRPUSD/AXOWpnGl-UPDATE-Long-Term-Elliott-Wave-Macro-View/
  3. Great post to help prepare for phase 3! Phase 1 = Pure speculation Phase 2 = Disillusionment Phase 3 = Utility/Use Speculation will of course be involved in all phases (phase 2 speculation is largely bearish in nature), the difference in phase 3 will be that ACTUAL utility/use (measured by transactions in use) will be rewarded by greater speculation. In phase 1, the promise of utility/use was good enough for the speculators.
  4. I was in the shower. By the time it ended, we were back in 3rd place.
  5. Gatehub volume represented .04% of the ttl XRP volume over the last 24 hours. Their order book is an insufficient indicator of the broader XRP exchange market. https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/ripple/#markets
  6. Basic definition of a trend: Step 1 - Higher high. Step 2 - higher low. Start with 4hr timeframe. We need to get above .52 to even consider Step 1 completed on short term timeframe (lasting days), .725 on mid term trend (lasting weeks) , and .965 on longer term trend (lasting months). Then onto Step 2...
  7. I think there is a good chance we will see $1 in 2018 again, but not before we see mid .30's.
  8. I tend to view the adoption curve of crypto as a whole in a much longer time series. Reason? It is very rare for the world to see an entirely new asset class created, and it is potentially disruptive not only to existing commerce, but to how governments transact in debt instruments (fiat). I believe the adoption curve will play out over many years: XRP: Innovators stage, possibly in early adopters stage (based on what is public). Still very few live instances, and most are in POC testing. Crypto as an asset class: Late in innovators stage or beginning early adopters stage. In aggre
  9. Regardless of your particular role. Lifecycle of the technology.
  10. Where do you think we are at in the adoption curve for: 1.XRP 2. Crypto as a whole Please state reasons.
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