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  1. I'm heavily invested in Xrp.
  2. I'm no expert but looking at the price history of CSC I see it went to 53 cents at one point. I assume that was based on speculation only so with speculation and utility I would imagine the price in future could go well beyond that. I believe CSC has a great future with such a great team behind it.
  3. What do you expect from an individual like Ver, he's rotten to the core. Scammer.
  4. Thanks! I'll do that.
  5. I used Cfinex. I transferred CSC to their Casinocoin wallet. I found instructions online about how to create an offline paper wallet but their wallet is just as secure right?
  6. Xrp has been declared a currency by FinCEN. That's been confirmed so it can't possibly be a security.
  7. Thanks for this post. How do you create a paper wallet for csc?
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