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  1. You actually keep your private keys on your nano, your xrp is on the ledger not in your nano
  2. Too true, the people complaining about 16,000% return on investment are the people who bought $100 worth of xrp expecting to become millionaires.
  3. Yeah, i don't expect much out of this, but it is another brick in the road, and another source of liquidity
  4. XRP has just been listed on coinbase, just letting ya know
  5. Then their insiders probably should't have been buying up **** loads prior to the announcement, check the charts, the pump started a few hours prior followed by a slight pullback then the announcement hits
  6. The same system for the last 50 years...... that's like saying people will never use cars because they have horse and cart and were happy with that system. People, companies, banks etc will use what ever system is convenient until something better comes along.
  7. I participated in a few, not alot of $ and only $ i treated as gone. They are all 95% down, I'm keeping hold of them in case of a hail Mary, but definately not holding my breath.
  8. Power ledger is a blockchain based company using the POWR token as part of peer to peer buying and selling of energy sourced from domestic solar panels. Looks promising epsecially in Australia where electricity prices going up dramatically every year. Enticing more people to install and provide solar panels to their homes. I haven't invested in this yet, but am looking closely, and will probably invest in near future. Wanted to see if anyone had any thoughts on this.
  9. If the SEC doesn't pull their finger out..... ALL USA crypto companies will end up in the Cayman Islands, or at least Malta
  10. https://www.captiongenerator.com/1196832/Meanwhile-at-SamIams-house Some more enjoyment during the bear market
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