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  1. you can do same with android device (apple coming soon).
  2. Never store coins on exchange that you are not willing to lose. Use the pc wallet and then backup your security key. That way even if pc burns to the ground all you have to do install wallet on another device and restore the security key. @Ozmoz
  3. @XRPto50dollars Great questions. I was not part of original CSC group neither am I a part of Foundation, but I was a CSC Hodlr of the LTC version. The original group did not have the breadth of experience and connections in gambling community the Foundation has now. I don't see the original group so much failing as being ahead of their time, I don't think that the time was right for the original CXX. As well as the change to XRP code makes CSC a much more viable option now. John "shecky" Caldwell Director of Advocacy will be doing another fireside chat in August and these would be great questions for that. Here is link to submit questions. https://goo.gl/forms/MRXIlfVKcLkmWtM43 If you don't mind I will steal some of these questions and ask them as well.. ?
  4. That would have been a pre-swap price. Much larger coin supply now, and we have an actual product/service that will be released soon. Just waiting for Malta Govt Sandbox testing and then its off to the races..
  5. Apologies for delay in responding, work has me busy. Ill go down the line. 1. Password is for the wallet app on that device only. 2. yes with an asterisk. ? if you send 10 csc to activate a wallet on a pc and export the private key. To make it really offline you would then have to delete the .casinocoin folder to remove the wallet from the PC. Other wise create a paper wallet. When you create a paper wallet none of that information is saved in the app. so DO NOT LOSE the paper. 3. it does not. The wallet password is specific to that device (not the private key) so to import a private key you put in the private key and password of the wallet app you are importing into. 4.My apologies on this, I was not explaining it correctly before. There is 1 Public send/receive address per wallet address. You can create multiple wallet address in the wallet app and each wallet address will have its own unique send/receive address and private key. 5. yes several people have used, and it was developed by one of the community members. Personally I would us pc wallet to generate. You can generate and print as many as you like but they will not become active till 10 csc or more has been sent to it. I created paper wallets for each of my kids, and cold storage. I created 5 extras that I have not used yet. but have ready to go as needed. DO NOT LOSE THE PAPER 6. see answer to #5 also I have taken all of the private keys from all of my wallets (app and paper) and put them into spreadsheet with title Kids Locker Combo or Grandmas Recipe Index (not what I actually used) and put on 2 usb drives (one for me and one for my wife to hold), printed and tucked away. 7. The private key is not visible directly in the wallet app. Only way to see it is to do the private key export. As for the encryption methods to used to store the info in the wallet app itself, that is proprietary and I doubt the Foundation would release that info ? I Hope this helps and will look into moving over creating guides on how to buy/sell/store/move csc. Addendum to #4. When you export the private key the .keys file that is generate will have a separate entry in it for each address in the wallet app. Addendum/Correction to #1. You can create wallet multiple address inside of the wallet app, each one of these separate wallet address will have their own password but the secret keys don have a password associated them.
  6. Speaking of CSC Foundation it seems we have a new member the head of innovation at Microgaming.
  7. I have to make a correction to something I said. The Malta sandbox testing does not start until Oct 1st.
  8. Not so much a long shot, we have operators and processors as well as a partner for real world use. names to be released upon BRM go live. As well as approval from Malta government. Also we are not trying to capture the entire Gambling market (that would be impossible) but ideally the goal is to hit around 5% of a trillion dollar industry. Only need a few operators/processors to do that. The community we have developed around CSC is awesome. So my attitude even if for some CSC does not take (highly unlikely) I have made friends that I plan on going to meet up with in person. Check out the Blog for some profiles on some of the community members. They just did one on me. https://casinocoin.org/general/
  9. Been in crypto since approx. 2012. CSC used to be a LTC algo coin but when the new management took over they switched to XRP algo. It's a bit of tongue in cheek when I say Long time holder. I had CSC from before the Algo change that I had forgotten I had. Got out of crypto for several years and when I got back found a wallet with some old CSC in it so I did the swap to he new XRP algo coin. Then actually did some research into the new foundation and went all in. My only regret was buying new pc's and miners with some of my LTC and other coins before I researched the new CSC, otherwise I would have spent all of it on CSC. When I got out of Crypto BTC was in the $1200 range, ? and I cashed what I thought was everything in to buy an engagement ring. CSC Got new management in 2017 and now has been revitalized. It has a VERY STRONG Foundation who's members are long time Gambling Industry Insiders.
  10. Sorry got off on a tangent with the desktop wallet. To send from your exchange to Cfin send the BTC to the BTC deposit address. this is a public address and you can give it to anyone that wants to send you BTC. Here is Mine feel free to send as much BTC as you like. ?
  11. Ok I googled XRP wallets and I understand where your confusion is. Apparently some of those wallets have the Private(secret) key readily visible in the wallet. The CSC wallet does not work that way the private Key is only visible if you Export it and then it is only visible inside text file. So please DO NOT share the S: XXXXXXXX address in your XRP wallet.
  12. after you install the wallet click on tools on the bottom right and then click on Export Private Key. Save that file in a very secure place and don't show anyone.
  13. Ok your private key is the heart of your wallet and you can use it to restore a wallet if your pc crashes (coins will all be there). If you did the back all you have to do is install the wallet on the new pc and then imp[ort the private key and bam everything is there.
  14. yes. But you wont see the private key until you do the export. I highly recommend you do the export/backup and save your private key someplace safe. This is also the key you would use to add that S/R address to another wallet.
  15. several of the Discord members are constantly monitoring the send/receive address of the foundation to track what is going and give everyone a heads up when movement is seen. This can be done using the blockchain explorer available on casinocoin.org Just got a pop up from discord because of the whales is moving funds around.. ?
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