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  1. Im in the same situation, holding XRP for 3 years up and down. I also not know what to do. I had 100% XRP but now sold 15% tonight and bought other altcoins. I still doubt what to do with the rest. I hope we could see a rise but i doubt that. ps: Home alone could be seen on the Belgian channel VTM.
  2. Dont you think XRP will go down the upcoming days?
  3. Im still holding and im curious about the predictions you have what the price will do tomorrow and monday....
  4. Bitcoin is breaking a new ATH at the moment and XRP is dropping
  5. interesting to see that Blockchain Backer keeps being bullish. Het shared this stat of XRP/BTC right before the 2017 bullrun
  6. $1.589 in the end of the year and I follow Blockchain Backer $10 - $13 next bullrun.
  7. Bitcoin is breaking the all time high again, lets buckle up for some action. I hope XRP will follow. Is there anyonde to do some TA on the current situation?
  8. Please dont eat green candles or i call the moderator!
  9. And after that ist the “wallstreet Bonusses”
  10. But the strange thing is, XLM does the same thing, even more
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