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  1. Bull run in september till december up to 5.89, than down because of chinese new year, and than after real proven utility it will spike to $55 in 3 years. and csc to $1
  2. Greencandle

    4th Stupidest Giveaway EVER!!!

    Aaaah i know, i know:
  3. Is there any proof that “soon” is already here? I also didnt see any proof off it untill now , neither in volume, price, articles or tweets. So I think they are still busy and not started trading yes. If anyone has any proof please share it with us.
  4. Greencandle

    CasinoCoin Talk

    We only need one respective exchange like binance or kraken to add the coin. if one of those exchanges adopt the csc coin we will see massive gains!
  5. Greencandle

    CasinoCoin Talk

    It looks like they like to sell low on cfinex and sell high on bitflip and nlexch, its a 3 satoshi difference between the lowest and highest exchange.
  6. Greencandle

    CasinoCoin Talk

    My first post on this forum and it is not even in the xrp section. I just bought my first CSC Casinocoin. I did my own research and than bought them. For XRP is didnt have the luck to buy at these prices but with CSC i had. Nice to be a millionaire with something! Good luck to all who have the coin and to all who will buy it!