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  1. I had my XRP on Ledger Nano and moved it to a toast wallet 2 weeks ago in order to collect ALV. I set up a trustline and everything but its saying the address does not qualify for it. If i enter my original nano address is shows the amount i can collect. Any advice or help on "missing" something, i followed the instructions. Thanks
  2. Hello CSC FAM. I hope all of you are doing well. I have a question, that just might be stupid. I'm not a tech guy. My wife and I are a team. I review the investment and make the decisions and she handles the custody, hardware and all things tech (she's amazing at that stuff). Anyway, I saw yesterday that XVG got listed on Huobi, which is the biggest exchange in China. One of the members who tweeted about it said, Verge is now listed on Huobi and thanks to our "coin listing bot" our members were able to buy in cheap. My question is, what the heck is a "coin listing bot"? Thanks in advance!!!!
  3. Hey Daniel; Thank you for such a great and thorough response. I just followed you on Twitter (I'm @algiambra20). My wife is always on Discord. She clicks on every contest...Haha! She mentioned that you're very active there. @CarloRossi and @honeybyte are good lads. They put out some good info on cscchat. I invested in csc quite some time ago and it's nice to see everyone taking notice here and getting involved. I felt al alone for some time after I invested...lol. I don't want to put any cart before the horse in that we don't want to do anything before CSC is ready; so please continue to keep us informed and don't ever be hesitant to let us know if CSC needs anything from the community. BTW, I seem to remember someone from the foundation mentioning that the "bricks & mortar" casinos weren't even on their radar, but actually had some approach them. They further stated that while nothing at all will happen in the foreseeable future, this demographic is no on the long term agenda. Just wondering if you had anything to add there. My wife and I go to Vegas A LOT and we rank pretty high with some of the casinos; so if you ever need us to be ambassadors for anything CSC, let us know. I've owned my successful consulting business for twenty years so I know very well how to handle myself in this area.
  4. I was thinking, and I may be talking out of my a** here, but this is XRP chat; so I would think that almost the entirety of this community (excluding the trolls) are invested in XRP and true believers in the protocol. The facts of the case are these: 1. I believe the listing fee for Binance is something like a million USD and I'm sure the other larger exchanges are just as much. 2. Daniel mentioned that Ledger Nano's fee is 40K USD (for "official" listing). 3. We see Ripple throwing their monetary support behind blockchain innovation all this time. 4. CSC is a non-profit organization that had no ICO. As a result, they are operating on a shoestring budget. 5. Everything "blockchain" is hot right now. We have even seen at least one company on the NASD. put "blockchain" in their name and watch their stock rise over $200 and they don't even do anything with blockchain tech. My point here is that while this industry is still ripe to scam and rip folks off, the reality is that it is well understood that industries where blockchain tech and more specifically cryptocurrency tech make sense are in data management, supply chain management, PAYMENTS, GAMING, and there's one other that escapes me right now. In fact, many experts in blockchain have stated that above all, the most perfect fit for blockchain/crypto (remember, blockchain doesn't necessarily need a crypto) tech is in the gaming industry. 6. While there are many gaming tokens out there, I haven't been able to find ANY that are competing with CSC's use case and the problems they're trying to solve. Hmmmm...What to do? What to do? Well, here's some ideas that I had; or maybe they're not ideas because I don't know enough in this area to realize they're not ideas (maybe Daniel or someone can educate me here), but here it goes: 1. As I mentioned above, we see Ripple throwing their monetary support behind blockchain innovation all the time. CSC is a non-profit project that ditched another protocol and moved to the best one. The existence of CSC alone is part of what speaks to the point Ripple has been trying to make with a very hot potato subject right now, which is that XRP IS NOT A SECURITY and one big reason for this is that it's open source and anyone can build on it. If Ripple were to cease to exist, it would not be the end of XRP. XRP would still exist and be used. The more visibility there is regarding projects that are building on the protocol, the more it furthers Ripple's side of the case. My point is that it's that not only would they be donating to a great project, but it is also in Ripple's best interest for CSC to gain more visibility. The XRP Community is perhaps the biggest of all. If there was a way, be it some type of petition (for lack of a better word), getting some of the most well-known members of the XRP community (such as Hodor) to present something. Some way to get CSC on Ripple's radar for them to see what CSC is doing. Perhaps Ripple would throw some support their way. CSC being non-profit this would be a legal donation and a write-off. And, the use case isn't the only selling point here either. When you look at the reputation and the quality of the team and advisers behind this project, it doesn't take a GED to see the odds of success if they will have if they can get enough support. 2. As more of the XRP community, which is the biggest and best IMO, become aware of this project I think most would want to get involved. Perhaps getting some type crowdfunding campaign going might be a good idea. I know that since the XVG crowdfunding mess this might be a touchy area, but you have to understand that the "team" (if you want to call it that) behind XVG, overhyped a bunch of crap, they are extremely unprofessional, they don't deliver on promises and they leave there community for dead. You don't have that here. If fact, quite the opposite. Anyway, please chime in my friends. What are your thoughts/ideas? What do you think about us working together to help this not-profit project along? Let's form a committee with some of the stronger members like Jasper to head it so that it's communications and efforts are managed, organized and professional. WHATEVER. LET'S DO IT. Daniel, based on your posts it sounds like your part of CSC in some way so your thoughts are especially welcomed. If you have their ear at CSC, run it by them. What can we do? I invested a lot in CSC and while I'm busy with running my business, I and especially my wife do have some time and we're willing to do what we can. Remember guys, as great as CSC is, it doesn't mean they'll win the day. Being non-profit, they don't have the resources or the "celeb" hype others do. We are going to have to get involved to help them win. After all, what inspired Bitcoin? Power to the people! Screw Governments! Screw banks! Well in case you haven't noticed, that same BS is taking over crypto. We're in a bear market largely do to the BS games the media and the US gov't TOGETHER are playing regarding regulations, FUD media reports and what not. BIG BOY investors manipulating price and playing pump and dump games. **** coins only being valuable due to "Celeb/well-know, big investor Hype" only. Let's help the underdog win. I know that it will be much more rewarding and FUN for me if at the end of the day CSC kills it and I can say that not only was I an early investor, but I had a direct part in it's success. What say you? Thanks to all who took the time to read my rant. Haha!
  5. If any of you are on Discord; they are more active on there than most other coins. You can reach out to them there, you can e-mail them. They will help you. Also, they're always doing little fun contests and stuff. Sometimes for a CSC Coffee Mug, T-Shirt, etc. Sometimes even for some CSC. Also, once a month they interview a random community member and post it on their blog. They also started their Community Relay Node (CRN) Program if any of you are interested (lots of info on this under their FAQ section). They are always hunting for talented community members (researchers, content writers, developers, etc.). And they will pay you. BTW. They do have a cscchat.com that you can get to from their site. Not very active at this point, but some good info and I'm sure the activity will increase. Maybe we can change that; as I'm sure it would further excite the team when they see regular activity. On another note, maybe one of you can help me. I wanted to post links from their site where everything I'm talking about can be found, but when I copy the url and attempt paste it here it doesn't show up. What's the deal?
  6. Thanks Chewie. Happy to be here. I found CSC the same way you did. I was looking for a low value coin with a real shot a making it. I researched just as much as I researched XRP before investing. And, I fell in love with it!!! Everyone should keep in mind that CSC is being very deliberate in their approach. They want ZERO hype. They want things to be right before going after the larger exchanges and a bunch of partnerships. They promised that when they have everything ready, more exchanges will follow.
  7. Nice post Pluto. Here's what I'll add: 1. The BRM Wallet is ready to go. 2. The Malta Gov't has approved CSC as a currency. 3. The Malta Gov't is conducting their sandbox test and there are live operators and processors taking part in the sandbox test for the BRM (names have not be released). 4. To your point #7. CSC has confirmed that they already have a partner (I assume an NDA is involved until testing is complete. 5. And let's not forget; Jeffrey Haas, Chief International Officer for DraftKings is on their Board of Advisors; Not to mention the recent news that CSC appointed Lydia Barbara, Microgaming's head of Innovation to their Advisory Board. She is also a non-executive chair at the Isle of Man's Department of Enterprise Digital Agency Board. Microgaming is the largest on-line gaming company in the world.
  8. Anytime CZ. Another thing about CSC that I think most miss is the primary purpose of it. Firstly, they did not do an ICO and they are non-profit (no need to worry about "is this a security?). I've heard many talk about their competition, but honestly I have yet to find any related coin doing or even working on what they're doing. The primary utility of CSC is to facilitate the transfer of funds between players, operators and processors. Like none other than XRP, a bridge currency. Further, CSC integrates to all platforms regardless of gamer, operator or processor. This also makes for proper sharing of KYC & AML between all involved parties. Every other coin that I've come across in this space requires all involved parties to use their coin or it's a no go. There may be one/some, but I haven't seen it/them. As you dig into CSC, you will find yourself saying things like, "hey, this team has much the same MO as the team at ripple". And, "hey, CSC's use case is a lot like XRP's use case, but for the on-line gaming industry". When I evaluated my investment in this coin, CSC checked every box and better than many of the top coins. Project, team, use case, business strategy, etc. I know many in the Zerp thread are having fun with CSC in that they're excited to own a million coins and they think for the price it's fun to bet on a long shot. Let me say that I'm invested in most of the top crypto's (about 20 overall) and CSC ranks 2nd in terms of the project I' most excited about. Is there guaranteed success? NO!! However, I also don't believe it's as much of a long shot as many tend to think.
  9. I can't answer questions relating to paper wallets bc I don't really use them. As to question 1, your recovery phrase is linked to the App/wallet. I only have one wallet set up so I have one password, you can make additional wallets with a different password. CasinoCoin is very active on discord and they are pretty good with responding to questions so I would definitely connect with them. If you download the wallet itself its very easy to do things and find answers to your questions on it.
  10. Hello my friend. Long time lurker, but just had to join and get involved once I saw all the talk on casinocoin. I've been invested in CSC (and a huge XRP hodler as well) for quite some time and I really think this project has some legs. For some reason I can't see the whole question, but I do remember seeing it on another thread. What this poster doesn't understand is that that, like XRP, CSC is working WITH regulators and the system. The poster mentioned that everyone he knows uses illegal gambling sites and I'm sure that's true. However, the REGULATED on-line gaming industry is expected to be about 52 billion this year; with huge growth expected next year. Also, keep in mind that the US Supreme Court recently ruled that any state can open sportsbook betting. Naturally the rest should follow. Until this ruling, this was only legal in Nevada. I have used these "illegal in the US", off shore gambling sites as well, but as the legality issue is going away in the US, I can promise you that people from the illegal sites will flock to the legal sites. I'm in contact with thousands of people who use these off-shore sites and I can tell you first hand that making deposits to them are very risky and sketchy (unless you use BTC if they take it). More importantly, if you win big no guarantee you'll get paid. They can screw you blue and there's NOTHING you can do about it. In fact, forget about your winnings. They can walk off with the money you funded your account with. I know countless people that had a customer service issue, reached out to the site, and the person on the other end got ******, said screw you, shut their account down and made off with their money. And there' nothing they can do about it because it's illegal in the US as well as many other countries. The short answer is, yes, the illegal gambling sites exist and have for a long time. However, regardless of their existence, the REGULATED on-line gaming industry is HUGE and expected to grow. I hope this helps, but feel free to ask a follow up if you would like.
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