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  1. So if the token price isn't going up the whole Ripple's project has failed? Ok
  2. Scamsters are printing more tether to pump the market. Crypto is a scam.
  3. Ok let's do some math. XRP daily volume approximately $1,000,000,000 XRP current price $0.32 Volume divided by current price = amount of XRP tokens bought or sold that's right, 3,125,000,000 XRP is bought / sold every day. Even if Jeb was selling 1 million XRP each day it's 0.0003% of the daily volume. Peanuts.
  4. XRP has to rise ~ 16 600 % to get to $50. From $50 to $100 its only 100%. Makes you think
  5. Alright, I think that the policies and rules vary between different countries..
  6. Because a lot of people were new to crypto and had no intentions to cash out. The old crypto veterans knew what they were doing.
  7. What about if you change your holdings to USDT, move to another country and then cash out?
  8. Great post. This really opened my eyes and I sold all XRP I have. /s
  9. Agreed. That seems to be really an issue for them. (sadly) What comes to Ripple selling XRP from their escrow, some of the money must go to developing the xrpl. They aren't buying lambos and **** with the money obviously. This separates Bitcoin from Ripple; Ripple has to actually hire the people to develop their systems to make sure they will keep going into the right direction. Nevertheless, It's not a coincidence that XRP is the 3rd biggest DA at the moment. We are looking at a ground-breaking innovation that will change the way payments are handled in the future.
  10. My point is who would you trust more: some shady Chinese mining companies who can basically do whatever they want with their BTC or a big company such as Ripple which is monitored by several authorities in the USA?
  11. Who cares really if they hold so much XRP? It's escrowed for a reason. Most of BTC is owned by Chinese miners and it's still the #1 crypto out there. No one really seems to understand that. We're still living the early days of crypto and maybe some day we will see actual utility driven prices. For now it's just a complete **** show with all the whales and manipulators. They have already made huge amounts of money and they couldn't care less about utility and actual use cases. All they see is free retail money up for grabs.
  12. Also Philakone working at Ripple confirmed. I first looked that the guy second on the left was him
  13. This is the real deal! The prophecies are coming true! Loving this thread already
  14. One simple trick to make millions. Traders hate him!
  15. I'm a certified s**tposter so that's why I chose the last option
  16. It won't go that low because buying pressure would be too high. IF it went to 0,005 I'd buy millions and I bet a lot of others would do that also.
  17. Yeah obviously they are playing tricks on their numerous customers also
  18. Haven't you read the news? Everyone's just jumping from BSV to BCH now because major exchanges are delisting BSV.
  19. Would be way more IMO. It would cause a market-wide pump for sure. But obviously they are not going to buy all at once
  20. Wonder what would happen if they just casually bought bitcoin with 2 trillion euros
  21. Are you seriously stating that XRP has failed? You must be one of the guys who have invested in crypto just for "a quick buck" and clearly know nothing about the technology and fundamentals behind it. As we speak, Ripple is working with hundreds of financial institutions around the globe who are more than happy to utilize this ground-breaking innovation. Obviously most of them can't do it before legislation are in place. And I hope you realize this sort of stuff takes a bit more time than just a couple of years. Fully implementing new payment systems takes YEARS, not months. As said before in this thread and also in my honest opinion, XRP is still most likely to succeed among all of the DA's out there. After the legislation are in place we will see XRP worth of billions of dollars move around the globe Every. Single. Day. 24/7.
  22. I think I will sue Ripple because they didn't tell me to buy in at 0.006 Basically I've lost millions of dollars now because I didn't invest soon enough.
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