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  1. Also Philakone working at Ripple confirmed. I first looked that the guy second on the left was him
  2. This is the real deal! The prophecies are coming true! Loving this thread already
  3. One simple trick to make millions. Traders hate him!
  4. I'm a certified s**tposter so that's why I chose the last option
  5. It won't go that low because buying pressure would be too high. IF it went to 0,005 I'd buy millions and I bet a lot of others would do that also.
  6. Yeah obviously they are playing tricks on their numerous customers also
  7. Haven't you read the news? Everyone's just jumping from BSV to BCH now because major exchanges are delisting BSV.
  8. Would be way more IMO. It would cause a market-wide pump for sure. But obviously they are not going to buy all at once
  9. Wonder what would happen if they just casually bought bitcoin with 2 trillion euros
  10. Are you seriously stating that XRP has failed? You must be one of the guys who have invested in crypto just for "a quick buck" and clearly know nothing about the technology and fundamentals behind it. As we speak, Ripple is working with hundreds of financial institutions around the globe who are more than happy to utilize this ground-breaking innovation. Obviously most of them can't do it before legislation are in place. And I hope you realize this sort of stuff takes a bit more time than just a couple of years. Fully implementing new payment systems takes YEARS, not months. As said before in this thread and also in my honest opinion, XRP is still most likely to succeed among all of the DA's out there. After the legislation are in place we will see XRP worth of billions of dollars move around the globe Every. Single. Day. 24/7.
  11. I think I will sue Ripple because they didn't tell me to buy in at 0.006 Basically I've lost millions of dollars now because I didn't invest soon enough.
  12. So in short: I will be a millionaire in the future but I won't be actually rich even then
  13. I can check my bank account balance in seconds from my bank app on my phone using my finger signature
  14. No one hyping the Chinese New Year is even remotely serious with their comments. Chinese New Year is just a big f***ing meme dude. CHINESE NEW YEAR BABYYYY LETS GOOOOOOO!!!
  15. For some reason that post brought a big smile to my face. What a wholesome story. Thank you @jorgerios
  16. I'm in it for the tech so I don't care if I get rich or not
  17. Soo you're suggesting that...? I'm calling the police right now!
  18. You think anyone talking about Wall street bonuses and Chinese New Year are serious about it? It's just a meme lol
  19. Also $200k a year doing absolutely nothing sounds really really nice to me at least. I could literally do anything I want!
  20. The blockchain is here to stay, though. And the DA's with a real use case will be the ones surviving through all this bs we're going through. Things don't look that well short-term but in the long-term we all know who will be the leader of the pack
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