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  1. QuizPops

    I just bought more

    I'm waiting for 0.002 and then I will buy 200 million XRP
  2. QuizPops

    As predicted

    Price will go below zero by EOY trust me buddy.
  3. XRP one hell of a drug dude
  4. Yeah and that whole paragraph. 120 words in one sentence! No punctuation at all lol. Who writes this stuff for Binance?
  5. Yeah I also hope that BTC falls to 1$ each so I can scoop up 1000 BTC for 1000 bucks
  6. Yes sell everything while you still can
  7. QuizPops

    Charts - How To's

    It's inevitable since we have more Fiat pairs than ever! There's no need to buy BTC to transfer to XRP anymore. This really looks promising
  8. This stuff is really getting out of hand. Call me a negative Nancy but that ain't happening lol
  9. That's likebaiting, no likes for you