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  1. On July 30, 2018, DCEX, crypto marketplace, announced that the registration is opened to the first crypto exchange by using XRP as its base currency. The next generation crypto marketplace, DCEX powered by AlphaPoint, a blockchain exchange technology company. Although, clients will not be able to start the trading for a few more weeks. Here you may find exact information: New Crypto Exchange Uses XRP as its Base Currency
  2. @panmores You are right!! Even I too agree with you.
  3. Major Cineplex Theater from Thailand is all set to begin new crypto payment to its services and products which includes movie tickets & popcorn. Will Major Cineplex’s Group decision to add crypto payments lead to a great success? If you want more info about this decision Check here and let me know
  4. Japanese telecom giant KDDI Corporation and Tokyo-based company Hitachi are testing the biometric retail system using blockchain technology.
  5. The Bank of England has updated its payment system using distributed ledger technology in order to boost the development of blockchain in Britain. In a recent announcement, BoEs is aiming to modernize its Real-Time Gross Settlement system (RTGS) which is necessary for banking and trading in Britain. It also manages the transaction worth of ‎£500 billion yearly, or handle a third of the country’s economic output. However, the updated system is to be launched in 2020 with challenging to cyber-attacks. Therefore it can also be widely available to all small business.
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