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  1. You know how these things go... Finally, it is nice to see a positive market reaction to announcements. Needless to say I hope people don't fomo in on "parabolic" charts. Let's see if the volume and activity will stay the same over the next weeks. I hope this put some prove behind my words when I wrote: "We are working on it". As always I am happy about all questions, especially the critical ones and I do welcome suggestions on how we can do better.
  2. There seems to be a misunderstanding of what "non-profit" and "foundation" means and what those entities do. You can find some information here https://www.ccmalta.com/setting-up-of-foundations-non-profit-organisations and look at "Gaming Malta" as another example. https://maltaprofile.info/profile/2264-GamingMalta It's about the legal status of the entity. The amount of coins controlled by the foundation can be found here https://csc.observer/account/cDarPNJEpCnpBZSfmcquydockkePkjPGA2. Those coins are used to fund operations. Again, infrastructure, development, and support aren't for free. The foundation doesnt classically facilitate business, because of its legal status it's not allowed to, that's what the Op Co does.
  3. Missed that one earlier but let me address those points. 1) The Foundation doesn't force anyone to become a partner. It's an agreement between two parties, which they only enter if they see the benefit. Looking at industry standards, 25k isn't that much. 2) Not every use case makes sense using CSC native, that's why our current partners choose to run a token. It is something that needs to be looked at for each partner individually. If Casino ABC says "well like what you are doing but we would like to have our own branded stuff" it wouldn't be smart to let them choose to run a token. It's something we did implement because it was requested.. At the end of the day, it's a tx on the CSCL. 3) Again, we don't force anyone to onboard. They could just go for an ERC20 and set their token up for free or use any other solution currently available.
  4. We don't facilitate gambling and the foundation was not set up in orde to make it look good on paper. It similar to other foudnations you see in crypto and it is a legal entity. We have a devlopment branch as well, which is known as CSC OP Co LTD registered in Malta. We don't have any "bookie sharks" or "gambling whales" on board. Our Advisors are known in the gambling industry and work for reputable companies. Our team is a mix of ex PokerStars execs and people that actually worked in the industry, as well as people with a background in crypto.
  5. I will have to give you that one. Looking back that could have been handled differently. When we started, our guys took the source, did the changes we needed to launch our ledger and pushed everything back into our repo as a starting point. We keep an eye on Ripples dvelopment and cherry pick from the fetures and changes they introduce. I am not a lawyer, which menas I don't want to state the following as an undisputable fact. The repo was published under a license that granted "permission to use, copy, modify, and distribute this software for any purpose with or without fee is hereby granted, provided that the above copyright notice and this permission notice appear in all copies." That's why we kept. However I reuqusted that those images get removed with the next commit. We have provide a contact option via email which is shown here https://github.com/casinocoin. I addmit this could be handled in a better way and I appreciate you pointed that out. I will make sure that gets sorted as well. We welcome any inputs that you may have that will help us better our process
  6. That's a good question and comes down to how a casino implements CSC. The casino could allow you to deposit CSC, you gamble in CSC, you either win or lose in CSC. If you want to go back to fiat, you will have to exchange the coins. This will leave you with three possible options: You exchange for less than you did put in (rate went down), you get more than you previously purchased (rate went up), you break even (nothing changed. Like with most cryptos volatility is something that needs to be solved. The key point here is having on and off-ramps. That's something we currently working on. A casino could also allow you to deposit CSC and then converts it to FIAT (or some internal currency like chips). On your way out you get converted back to CSC or they offer a direct off-ramp. One of the options that would solve the problem of volatility is to issue a token and buy and sell it at a fixed rate. Similar to getting chips on a table. This will also give an operator all advantages off the tech, while killing one of the biggest disadvantages. The first option is how most crypto casinos operate as of today.
  7. I am pushing our devs on a daily base to sign the code for this off. I hope to be able to say yes to those kind of questions as soon as possible. I have the wallet sideloaded to my nano but can't recommend that to anyone.
  8. You are welcome.Coins that get collected by the foundation will be used to cover expenses. We sell coins end the end of the month (mostly) to collect funds for stuff we need to pay. Those tx are labled as foundation expenses. We only sell enough coins to cover the costs. In the future our percentage of the tx fees will will go into this as well. It's two of the way we collect revenue with. We also have a commercial branch which can do buisness like paid development, it is a sperate entity. the .25CSC is a flat fee, we monitor the devlopment and will adjust the tx fee according to major price movements to keep tx costs as low as possible (dollar wise) When the foundation took over we had a coinswap allowing people to swap the LTC fork coins (CXX) to CSC on the new ledger. This is a burden and relif at the same time. People that do hold CSC back from those days either mined or bought the coins. We didnt create 40bln out of thin air and distributed. This goes for Foundation members as well. We had to buy coins our self, there were no handouts. Most coins that currently have high volumes (not the top25) managed to get some traction and used premines or ico money to get on big exchanges. I am not saying they all do, but as with the whole space I would personally assume lots of it is washtading to make it more successfull. It's a long and hard road to travel but I am sure we will be able to fix that with the partnership we got alread and are currently working on. Havin a lower volume but working uses cases helps a lot in those talks. Every token that runs on the CSCL will help us in future discussions.At the current stage I am personally not too worried about the volume or exchange rate. I think we are now in a good postion for 2020.
  9. Before I start I would like to point out that I do work for the Foundation. However, you should not take my words as endorsement nor advice. Not trying to sell you anything. I just wanted to reply to a few questions as I was pointed to this thread. cscchat looks like xrpchat because some of the XRP folks suggested to set something up like this. It's community-driven and free from the influence of the Foundation. CSC is a project fork of the XRP codebase, running its own ledger and infrastructure. This path was taken, rather than building on the XRPL, for a couple of reasons. We needed to ensure that we can develop things the way we want, without relying on Ripple. Running our own ledger allows us to modify it the way we see it fit. This might be because of things we want to build or at the request of regulators or partners. CSC is currently listed on 6 exchanges. We do not endorse exchanges and we do not pay for listings. The Foundation didn't collect money and runs on its own budget. We can't hand out free coins or pay lots of money to buy us in. Getting new listings is an ongoing process. We also don't pay market makers. If you consider volume as the main sign of success, I will have to give you that one. But I get the feeling people have been under the impression that other projects came out of nowhere, with a lot of listings, millions of volume and high liquidity. To my surprise, I can't remember this happened even once in the last 9 years. The same goes for the number of partnerships. The Foundation itself does not speculate about the price of CSC and does not participate in discussions about it. CSC is very cheap to buy in at the moment, that's true. We are targeting regulated markets and are working with evolving markets towards regulation. While a lot of crypto casinos run under a Curacao license, there is no fully compliant crypto casino (Tier 1). I am aware of FunFair owning a Tier 1 supplier license. The goal is having CSC being used by casinos. Customers getting onboard via our BRM, being KYC'ed (which is tied to their CSC acc on-chain) and can use the BRM as an advanced wallet that offers a sort of lobby that lists our partners. Some of the benefits for players, based on how our partners integrate us, is fast onboarding, including KYC, along with the ability to move funds fast between casinos. The BRM is just one of our solutions. Just a few benefits, depending on how you look at it. Gamblers: Ability to move funds fast, less often need of KYC Operators: cost savings per tx, no chargebacks, target audience Regulators: Easy to audit and immutable records of transactions tied to KYCed people. Ease of AML measures. I should mention not all of our products are available to the public. The current crypto market condition is not one of our main issues. We don't target crypto people, we are targeting gamblers. To make this happen, we are currently working on better on and offramps. I keep hearing this a lot and I just want to make this clear: We don't pay people to promote our work. If people do so, it's based on their motives. And yes, some XRP people have joined our community. We didn't incentivize this. I have met a lot of good folks from the XRP community, luckily more than "bad" ones. Partners can technically choose to use CSC native. If they don't want to do this for any reason, they can create a token on the CSCL. This gives them full control over their ecosystem and the ability to fully brand it. For some use cases that makes more sense. Yes, partners have to donate 25k worth of CSC to the Foundation. Development, infrastructure, and support aren't free and this is one way to generate revenue. It's not a secret. The Foundation is a non-profit registered on the Isle of Man and Malta. Again, not trying to sell you anything. I just wanted to comment on a few points that have been made. Other than that, feel free to ask me anything.
  10. hear me, hear me! Community Q&A with John Caldwell - CasinoCoin Director of Advocacy now live on youtube! https://youtu.be/b9B5pNN3nu8
  11. Todays Firesidechat: https://zoom.us/j/708491722 starting at 9:00 PM UK time!
  12. Get the beer and marshmallows ready, we're hosting another fireside chat! @Schecky takes the spotlight again, so if you have burning questions you've been dying to ask him, submit them at: https://goo.gl/forms/MRXIlfVKcLkmWtM43 To our new friends who've joined us from XRP, basic questions about CSC are more than welcome. Date: Monday, August 13th Time: 21:00 BST (UK time) Place: Zoom! (Call ID to be distributed beforehand)
  13. Ahhh, okay got ya! So far we had two Q&A session you can find here: There is another one upcoming, i cant see it pushed on twitter but you can submit questions here: https://goo.gl/forms/MRXIlfVKcLkmWtM43 it will be with John Caldwell, Director of Advocacy. If there are enough tech questions Andre Jochems might join as well. I'll be on it also but just for the sake of hosting it. Is that what you are looking for? @CarloRossi and @honeybyte are about to finish cscchat and i will make sure everyone of the foundation will be on it as well. However i will still be here on xrpchat
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