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  1. hear me, hear me! Community Q&A with John Caldwell - CasinoCoin Director of Advocacy now live on youtube! https://youtu.be/b9B5pNN3nu8
  2. Todays Firesidechat: https://zoom.us/j/708491722 starting at 9:00 PM UK time!
  3. Get the beer and marshmallows ready, we're hosting another fireside chat! @Schecky takes the spotlight again, so if you have burning questions you've been dying to ask him, submit them at: https://goo.gl/forms/MRXIlfVKcLkmWtM43 To our new friends who've joined us from XRP, basic questions about CSC are more than welcome. Date: Monday, August 13th Time: 21:00 BST (UK time) Place: Zoom! (Call ID to be distributed beforehand)
  4. Ahhh, okay got ya! So far we had two Q&A session you can find here: There is another one upcoming, i cant see it pushed on twitter but you can submit questions here: https://goo.gl/forms/MRXIlfVKcLkmWtM43 it will be with John Caldwell, Director of Advocacy. If there are enough tech questions Andre Jochems might join as well. I'll be on it also but just for the sake of hosting it. Is that what you are looking for? @CarloRossi and @honeybyte are about to finish cscchat and i will make sure everyone of the foundation will be on it as well. However i will still be here on xrpchat
  5. By the time writing this the foundation is holding ~3,737,064,643 CSC which can be seen here: https://explorer.casinocoin.org/richlist That's the number of coins that weren't claimed by anyone during the coin-swap. It is the base of our funding. Sales of those coins might happen via exchanges or directly to 3rd parties such as operators. Coins will never be sold below market rates and huge sales will be announced. Other than that: "[...] you will start to see some movements in the main Foundation wallet. Sales of these coins will fund one of two things: Exchange listings, and/or operating costs (mostly salaries at this point). It is possible some movements will be quite large (100m+). In this case, you would only see that for an exchange and a listing would then be imminent. [...]" Quote from John Caldwell
  6. Your question was what would be in for the xrp folks, so i made a joke saying "all the riches". Your questions are targeting the business side of the project but let me shoot a few words. CSC was launched by the original dev back in the days when altcoins where the hot **** to do. It didn't have a business plan or strategy. It was just a branded coin like we still have thousands today. I wouldn't say the LTC version failed, it's just like it wouldn't going anywhere. It didn't fit the needs the new team had like fast tx speed, no pow or pos, being regulation friendly etc. If you follow the history you will see that besides the fact someone created an LTC clone and called it CasinCoin, this is the first serious attempt. Failing is not an option. We are working fulltime on this, it is not a hobby we do. It is a dedicated passion because we have strong believe and confidence in what we do. A lot of projects claim they have people who know the industry they are targeting. We actually have people that have worked in the gambling industry that are well connected. Nope, the old dev went missing in action a long time ago. To be honest I am focused on the next 6 months. Introducing the BRM and the CRNs, getting operators and processors on board. I don't dream too much but the goal will be: A global adoption for CSC as gambling currency that makes life for customers, operators, regulators and authorities easier.
  7. Hey @Pluto, sorry missed this one. Okay here is how it works in a simple example. To make it easy to understand the numbers here a made up. Let's assume we are running 1k CRNs and we would have burned 1000CSC in fees during the last 1024 ledgers. Those 1000CSC will then be distributed to all CRNs in the network. That means everyone would receive 1CSC. That's kind of running a Masternode. You will get rewarded for supporting the network. CSC is way more strict on how many CRNs can be set up and who can do it. Also the requirement as more tight. We are currently in beta testing with the CRNs. It's a closed test but if enough people would be interested we could upscale the test as that would benefit us as well. Pro-rata is calculated like this: All fees of the last 1024 ledgers / number of CRNs that are eligible = payout Yes like XRP we burn fees with every TX. However, burned fees will be reimbursed via the CRNs so our total coins supply will always be 40bn. CRN rewards will go up the more tx are happening on the network. To get a feeling how those numbers play out you can have a look at this https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/u/1/d/1jKvURoaXWBVZRo3f_hcMzgvMMLVCEjoJbv_F7ILXSIM/edit?usp=sharing I attached a screen of a wallet that receives CRN payouts on testnet What is a Community Relay Node (CRN) and why would I want one? : https://www.cscchat.com/topic/26-what-is-a-community-relay-node-crn-and-why-would-i-want-one/
  8. You're welcome! PS: Please let me know what OS version you are using, thanks!
  9. I am working for the CasinoCoin Foundation. I am a Technical Project Manager, I am in charge of the CSC Infrastructure, handling testing of CRNs, some community work like Discord and everything else no one is dedicated in charge of I got someone looking into the issue, cause it actually fixed. Your OS version would be helpful to know.
  10. If its a new wallet that has no coins on it we could do this: 1) Open terminal and type: defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles YES 2) Now hold the alt key and click on finder and press relaunch. This will show hidden files. 3) Now open finder and go to macintosh>Users>YOUR NAME>.Casinocoin. 4) (you can skip this as your wallet is brand new) Copy the .Casinocoin folder to desktop by right-clicking and duplicate. 5) Now delete the .Casinocoin folder and the application. 6) Re-download the CasinoCoin wallet, install it and create a new wallet address (https://casinocoin.org/links/). ---If you have the exported private keys then you can import them into the new wallet.
  11. There is a known issue we are fixing in 4.1.4 that should cause this. Can you check if you have several processes of the wallet running? Close the wallet, kill all processes/daemons and then open the wallet. That should do it. I just screamed at my guys and pushing for the 4.1.4 this Thursday. I have the 4.1.4 already on hand and pushed that out to CRN tester but don't want to pass it to more people as my testing division will kill me if I do so. Just in case: please pass me your OS version
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