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  1. I think XRP will be worth $1000+ one day. That's $12million of value you threw away.
  2. @Suwon yes. If BTC can hit $20k, xrp can hit $100. I know they're two very different things and there is much smaller supply of BTC BUT BTC is becoming less relevant (slower transaction times, mining issues, etc.) and institutional investors will take this into account when really buying in. It's gonna take time, but xrp seems to be one of ( if not the) safest and fastest of the cones out there, and when real money rolls back into this market it's gonna fly. I have way more faith in xrp than the US dollar long term. I can't wait til a few yrs from now I'll have a debit card I can spend my cones with. This was all told to me by a magical and lucky ?.
  3. I'd rather have a digital currency that has potential to increase in value over time vs an overregulated corrupt manipulated Fiat in which more gets printed whenever the FED feels like it and constantly depreciates in value over time...
  4. Yes, it matters a lot, especially if you want to buy more for less!! I only buy cheaper than my previous buy-in, my next Target is under .25c . If it hits that, great!! If not, I can feel good about my current winnings as I've met my initial accumulation goal already. Wont sell til we see $10, then $50, $100, $250, $500, $750, $1000 The strategy works both ways when buying or selling, plus it was taught to me by a lucky magic ? who knows many things...
  5. Yeah I donno. I'm not buying a more until it's under .25ยข
  6. My lucky ? told me XRP will be worth $1000+ USD Jan 2020. $5000+ USD Dec 2020 That's as far as he went.
  7. Buying xrp cause it's cheap with huge upside potential
  8. Not actually my prediction, It comes from my magic ? Read above ^
  9. @Loki his name is Henry and he (is) lucky ? He told me XRP $10+USD Nov 30 2018. $239 June 2019 $1000+ Jan 2020 $5000+ Dec 2020
  10. I believe I you, you're a champion! We will be rich! I have a lucky ? that tells me XRP will be $239 June 2019. You will send me 5k xrp? rsi1uhq4C4xpBqYVVPSrQn8pNYr7eofRmS I love you!
  11. I disagree. 1. Babies are gross 2. Babies suck at paying bills or getting xrp. 3. Who's dumping bathwater? What is this, 1633?
  12. The real drop is about to happen! .006 here we gooooo!
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