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  1. //-------------------------// I'm in work right now and the boss is in my neck, so i currently can't search all the articles. But as @EcneitapLatnem already said, they are all about Weiss Ratings and IBM. Per example this one: https://www.kryptokumpel.de/kryptowaehrungen/weiss-ratings-technologie-von-stellar-xlm-ist-ripple-xrp-ueberlegen/ - 30-40 banks should use Stellar in the near future. I know, not a big number BUT whats if the technology should truly be better and maybe cheaper? Why should the Stellar technology should have an advantage over XRP? They don't explain it ...
  2. Hi guys, i have read in a few german article about crypto that Stallar may have the better technology than Ripple. But they never went in detail about this statement. Could Stellar really be dangerous? I know Ripple has an big lead with his cooperations and so on ... but from the technical side, the system behind the token? What's your opinion? Best regards, Django ( - the d is silent)
  3. Wrong, one is already from antarctica!
  4. Hi guys, would be interesting where the XRPChat community is coming from ... i can't write down all 194 countries so i listed all continents. You are allowed to comment your country. Cheers!
  5. Thank you guys for the big response! Just came back from vacation right now (successful without checking the xrp quote), i was overwhelmed by the number of answers. Yes for shure, it was a serious question but of course it was also planned to bring a small portion of fun in this serious topic. to clear up misunderstandings: i don't invested her money. She invested it herself with her own account. In fact she started investing in XRP befor i have done. some of you asked where my balls are ... if you live together with my girl when she is angry or she drives crazy, i swear you,
  6. Hi folks, my girlfriend is losing her nerves with the current XRP price cause we have invested a few bugs. I always tell her, it will shure go back up over 1$ (at about 0,92$ she would be at 0) in the next years but i am not able to show here some facts why it will rise. She is so smart and always finds a counter-argument. So please help me to clam here down with some facts. Thank you guys!
  7. Du you mean this study? https://www.ccn.com/monero-headed-to-18k-ripple-price-primed-for-97-crash-research/ It's holy crap! ... or is there a touch of truth? ?
  8. Why the hell is the BG price prediction 589+? Do you think there is a hint or code hidden behind the number? Every body else would predict 590+ or 600+ but not 589+?
  9. Hi there, it's crazy, a currency with sense, so many (positive) news about XRP, and so on ... but the chart is unimpressed. So what is in your opinion the main reason for the steady price? Is it really mainly the coupling to BTC or is there another big thing? I don't expect a big rise to 1$ but to the contrary, a good news becomes public out there but the price is unimpressed or even still falling?!
  10. Right now i am male ... depending on the success of XRP, my girlfriend may make a sexless out of me! ?
  11. Great work @slinuxuzer - damn great work! Holy sh***, the bear drives me crazy, i doubt never again of his existence. ?
  12. Agreed - but why the banks are not able to create there own decentralized, digital asset. So also there own standardized bridge currency. This would be a win win situation for the banks (both sides would have big savings) - so i cannot find the reason why the banks should not work together at this project. For sure, there would be a lot of effort behind that, I do not doubt.
  13. Hi guys, first of all, thank you for the great forum. It's so interesting and funny at the same time! ? Now my question which is maybe a kind of stupid but i have been asking it myself for a long time: Why banks and financial institutions do not create there own crypto? Yes for sure, the developing itself would cost a lot of money, time and so on. So it's easier to take Ripple, its already matured and much cheaper than other solutions. BUT my average brain is telling me, creating and using the own crypto would be another step cheaper especially in the long time run and the insti
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