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  1. And distribute a large portion of both personal and Ripple XRP to the holders as of X date as compensation for all the sleepless nights, the emotional pains endured, the humiliation from fudsters, etc etc. Perhaps the snapshot as of Dec 31, 2020 is a good record of those who stayed vs those who jumped ship.
  2. Same. Except multiply all prices by 10. Go XRP!!!
  3. I think the Flare snapshot is just muddling the decision-making. Assuming Spark=$.001, a play of 10k xrp sold at .7 = $7k. If you got those xrp at a price of .35, it would have cost you $3,500, netting you another $3,500. Then if you are able to purchase Spark from users after the distribution, your $3,500/.001 is 3.5M Spark. Even if Spark cost $.01, it is still 350,000 Spark. 35 times more than the 10k spark you will get for the snapshot at 1:1.
  4. I read it will use the Avalanche Consensus Protocol.
  5. Who is willing to take one for the team and verify this supposedly claimed truth?
  6. Actually ... actually, imagine cargo ships were 10 times faster, this will also allow the current economy to grow 10x more.
  7. Still here. Merry Xmas everyone and hope the fireworks in New Year's is the one we are all waiting for.
  8. or perhaps, many have lost, forgotten their secret keys or died with it.
  9. And over 50B now and greater than 1,800,000 accounts.
  10. My own experience with 5,000 XRP. Lost and bought back to get only 2,000. Been trying to bring it back up to the original amount but fiat is slow these last few months. Good luck.
  11. Question. What if Swift suddenly partners with XLM to solve their settlement problem? The enemy of my enemy is my friend.
  12. Click on the blue parts/figures in the table under the "# of Accounts". It shows some exchanges.
  13. For the last X days, I have been monitoring the number of accounts in the ledger exposed site by WietseWind. Yesterday, the accounts grew by about 800 new accounts and previous to that was about 400 per day. So, at this speed, we are looking at 4-5 days to hit 1.8M accounts and ~255 days to hit 2M accounts (more or less).
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