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  1. But year 2025 for the Olympics is a long way to go.
  2. Wow! That's a lot. How much XRP would you need to get this?
  3. A few idiots here I believe. (Greed stepped in)
  4. How about just put in a buy order at $0.1 and get it over with.
  5. I don't have the details, but I still think they can emulate parts of XRP's approach to slow down Ripple ... much like what GPI is trying to do. Sure we can laugh about the horse-carriage vs ferrari but I wouldn't think SWIFT will just wait to die.
  6. $10 is my minimum. $100 is my dream. $1000 ... *droooool*
  7. You don't think that within 5 years, SWIFT will pivot to using another digital asset that can match XRP in speed and cost? I see that SWIFT has the financial power and bank connections to either create an XRP clone using the same code of Ripple or the closest rival. Look at it this way, if CSC can base their tech on XRP, why not SWIFT?
  8. Extremely interesting and very surgical detail. I do hope this kind of precision filtering becomes common in other countries to "help" us little fish just trying to get some extra income.
  9. I believe it is so you can stream music to enhance SWIFT's concentration due to writer's block.
  10. $1. XRP will temporarily be a stablecoin that humans can easily relate to. At this value, 40 billion coins (less those in investor cold wallets) will be more than sufficient for 2019 cross border payments given that utility is just starting in a few countries and exotic corridors. Chipping away at those nostro/vostro accounts will take years as it is not a totally broken system.
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