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  1. This was of course my intention, the parent/child relationship is the currently accepted definition of a sidechain, and I could argue that a trusted BTC IOU on the XRPL is the "child" of a parent bitcoin, but it is not my intention to suggest that the XRPL is under BTC's umbrella. My opinion is obviously that the XRPL is a bitcoin sidechain PLUS a whole lot more. Thanks to everyone who read and replied, sorry I fell asleep on this thread.
  2. Hi Guys, This is my first post on here, but I've been part of the twitter and discord community since 2017. And I'm here to shill my first coil blog post. If you are wondering what IS a sidechain, what bitcoin sidechains are out there, and why the XRPL is the biggest, have a read in here: Mirror Mirror on the Wall, How on Earth Is the XRP Ledger the Greatest Bitcoin Sidechain of Them All? It includes some metrics on the state of other bitcoin sidechains and a comparison to bitcoin IOU's by trusted entities. Thanks for reading and please drop me some feedback or start a discussion.
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