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  1. Would someone please share the link of where it explicitly says ACI will use Ripplenet? I don't see anything on their website that says Ripple or XRP. I see a mention of R3 and Hyperledger but nothing about Ripple. Thanks Ok...nevermind. I see the reference now. This would be amazing news but I think it's a little premature to celebrate a partnership. The mention of RTGS is very promising though because Ripple is the only company that offers it.
  2. I feel like a lot of people don't realize that what happened last December was the culmination of a two year bull market. Right now is the end of 10 months in a bear market...why would you think it is going to go straight to the moon two months from now? I guess it could do anything but in my opinion it's pretty unlikely. It may start to climb but I wouldn't bet on the peak of the next bull run coming in Dec or Jan!
  3. Wealthy people don't have to take on this kind of risk. They have abundant opportunities in front of them to make guaranteed money on their investments. Sure some of them might gamble. I think this is a great gamble with a higher than average chance of success, but it's still a gamble.
  4. Read the paper, and not just the conclusion related to value. The authors stress repeatedly that this should not be seen as a maximum price prediction, more of a current valuation. Bottom line, current price is undervalued. This is an academic exercise. No one knows for sure at this point what will happen to the price because there has never been a digital asset used in this way.
  5. As far as I know there is a not a limit to transfer from one card to another so if you transfer in your XRP balance you should be able to instantly transfer to your GBP card and then off the exchange into your bank account.
  6. I'm a relative newcomer so forgive me if the answer to this question is obvious. One thing I've noticed here on Twitter, Youtube etc is that most crypto enthusiasts seem certain that there will be a bull run at the end of this year. Why is that? While people disagree on how high XRP will go when the bull run happens, it seems that everyone thinks it will go UP. Is this just because the market went up in December last year or is there something I'm missing? I know that Brad Garlinghouse said that at least one bank will go live with Xrapid before the end of the year and that might affect the price but a bull run would imply that all of the coins (especially BTC because of it's market dominance) goes up... correct? I'm not trying to spread FUD. I'm a big XRP fan and am all in on it. I think it has amazing potential and can't wait to see what it can do. I'm just wondering if there is something "special" about EOY. Thanks
  7. I agree completely here. It's healthy (although often irritating) to listen to talented people with dissenting opinions. It's good to get out of the XRP echo chamber sometimes. The three you mentioned are good to listen to. Ran Neuter and Tushar Jain are just inauthentic twits....gnats. Their agenda is clear to all and their minds are closed. I won't be wasting a minute of time on either of them in the future. What an embarrassingly shallow interview.
  8. Be aware that Uphold will only let you withdraw $10,000 per day. So in your theoretical example...to withdraw $200,000 it would take 20 days.
  9. I am fairly new in this space but have been reading and watching videos about Ripple and XRP for several months. One thing that mystifies me is the almost complete absence of mention of XRP on CNBC and other mainstream media outlets. Sometimes it almost seems like they go out of their way to avoid mentioning it. Any theories about why this is the case? I understand where FUDsters are coming from with their gripes (although I disagree with them totally) but why are big "talking head" investors like Ran Neuter, Mike Novogratz, Charlie Lee, Tim Draper etc neglecting to mention (or often times outright disparaging) Ripple? I don't get it. Edit: P.S. My apologies to Ran Neuner (the Neuter there was spellcheck )
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