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  1. Sure, it makes sense for BOA to want exclusivity but it makes no sense for Ripple to give so much power to BOA. Does SBI have the same veto power? SBI owns 10% of Ripple, BOA does not. Ripple's view is global. Why would they put so many eggs in a US basket? BOA is only the 9th largest bank in the world (JP Morgan is 6th.) Ripple will be a success but this BOA exclusivity idea is pure attention-seeking-troll nonsense.
  2. 1. Hooray! 2. Does anyone know (or dare hazard a guess) the expected volume for these partners MercuryFX, Cuallix and Catalyst Corporate Federal Credit Union?
  3. Yeah, shameless...putting his name on steaks and ties and reality tv! Oh wait, nope, not Bill Clinton.
  4. I don't speak for everybody in the States as you seem to but a lot of people in the U.S. like Bill Clinton. He has undeniable experience and influence at home and abroad. Do you think the folks at Ripple are stupid and they just sit around making careless choices with no regard to their strategy and brand?
  5. Yes, I agree. The announcement is to let people know lunch is over.
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