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  1. Posted it also, but I want to keep my XRP address private for now.
  2. It was our regular weekly shopping run to the local supermarket on a Friday evening, we were smiling and enjoying the fuzzy weather, the cold breeze of Autumn. Although, it was an unusual night. As we went towards the supermarket we saw that there was a massive commotion in front of the local bank branch. The building was still open long after closing time and people were inside, the police were also on the scene keeping order among the rowdy crowd that started piling up on the entrance. We kind of disregarded it and kept going on with our shopping run to the store, I told my mother that I will be buying a bit more food this time since I want to make sure we will be able to have some good lunch next week. But it was just a cold shock to us, people inside the store were just as upset, the cashiers stopped accepting cash and every credit and debit card kept being denied. It was the beginning of the end. We left the store, mom was quite confused about what is going on, was pushing me to check on the bank what is going on but I ushered her away back towards home. I told her that everything is alright, we don't have to worry about it. As we got home she turned on the television, quite disappointed with the fact that we couldn't buy anything wasn't that much of a catastrophe. Mom asked me what's wrong with the television because it didn't want to turn on, although it was already on, but there was no signal coming, the whole state television channel was black. Suddenly, gunshots were heard out in the streets, police sirens and shouting. That moment, I knew it was happening already. Mom switches over onto another channel that was still operational, they had breaking news of widespread chaos on the streets, banking disruptions and stores closing early during the day and refusing to serve anyone for cash. My mom was asking me.. "What the hell is going on?! Why on Earth are you so calm?!" I told her everything is alright, maybe this is just some sort of a error happening in the country, nothing to be afraid of, she was afraid at least I was there as the only member of her family left, embracing her and telling her that we should go to sleep and everything will be alright. We went onto have dinner and to sleep as the sun finally settled down. I have to admit, it was scary, thinking back. The next morning the state television was operation with the news anchor giving information about the situation, she announced that the Hungarian Forint depreciated by a 99.99% in value last night. A state of emergency was announced and the army was deployed to maintain peace and order. Things were tense, but remained peaceful. Then came the shock. The Russian Ruble, the United States Dollar and the European Union Euro have collapsed, completely, followed by the rest of the currencies around the globe. Then came the real bank runs. Everyone was wanting to go and withdraw their money or initiate transactions, but the system was shut down completely. People were struck by the sudden depreciation of their currency, such sudden loss of value over a small period of time, it was phenomenal. The next day the government announced that they will begin subsidizing food, nationalizing agriculture and employment. Every manufacturing capacity was turned towards agricultural production, they began handing out food stamps and toiletry tickets, massive lines were in front of stores where people were desperately trying to obtain basic necessities of life like food or toilet paper. At least the taps were still running and we had electricity. Mom by this time was getting really worried, she was looking around the house for the national treasury bonds, she was yelling after me asking where did I put them. I told her, I took them out. A month ago. She for a moment had a sense of rage and betrayal on her face, but she quickly realized what I was doing. “What what? You took all of them out?! Wait a second- are you saying…” I told her to keep her voice down, taking out my mobile phone and showing her Blockfolio’s portfolio screen that I saved two days ago as a screenshot. The screenshot was showing the last updated exchange rate that was on Friday, it was standing on 7.23BB EUR, the text and context was immediately understandable for her. “Just don’t read it out loud for god’s sake.” She suddenly became speechless. Holding her hand before her mouth and asking me: “It’s happening, isn’t it?!” And I simply replied to her: “It is.” XRP on the day of the collapse rose up above the value of 25000 Euro per XRP, after that day, there was no further exchange information available on Blockfolio. On that day, the government of Greece collapsed, massive waves of bank runs lead to the collapse of the monetary system. People were wanting to immediately exchange their Euros to XRP. More or less for some people it was possible, the rest were left out and were unable to obtain anything at all. As the Greek crisis unfolded, the people of Greece elected unilaterally to withdraw the ability of the Greek Government to issue currency and instead elected to begin using XRP as the official unit of account. Millions of people in Greece went and installed the XRP Ledger’s node onto their computer and began upkeep their “own” financial system, essentially taking back control and power from their government that lead them to this situation in the first place. It was democracy at its finest. And it wasn’t the end, the House of Cards was collapsing down onto itself. Country after country, people were buying up cryptocurrency in masses, anything that was stable and usable, anything that was able to give them a head start in the brave new world that was ahead of us. The Russian Government and many other autocracies suddenly began to collapse, the people did what was right, and they hurt those who kept abusing them, leading them towards years of consumptionism that abused the poor to keep them poor. People finally found the way how to rebel, how to take back their own destiny back into their own hands. People slowly began adopting XRP as the unit of account, slowly shops and stores finally accepted it, people were using their phones to transact, sign messages and information. We were able to confirm information and be able to transfer wealth among one and another. Although, the old and those whom had absolutely no experience with digital devices were completely left behind and became impoverished completely reliant on government handouts. People who installed the XRP Ledger on their computers elected on their own accord to take part in democracy and uphold the “new” monetary system of their country, it was a voluntary act of support to help keep things functioning and keep processing XRP transactions globally. Thankfully, so far nothing bad have happened, world war didn’t break out, we are still alive. All it required is human compassion and acceptance of one and another as human beings to uphold society functioning in time of crisis, and what was the key to this all? Our money, XRP. Things weren’t fine, we had to teach people, literally crash course them on how to use XRP, the XRP Ledger, functions within the applications and other associated products. We had a long road ahead of us before things were to return to normalcy. As a Master graduate, I have researched the direct society impacting effects of cryptocurrencies and the massive and sudden changes they can bring with themselves. I foresaw the declining trust in politicians and banks, I knew that they won’t ever regain the trust of the people. I foresaw it all, after sleepless nights over my research, the adoption range and the wave calculations about mass adoption and their effects on national currencies, the big picture was building up and guess what, we made it. Although Blockfolio stopped updating its fiat currency display, but it didn’t matter anymore, the new money we had to pay with was XRP. For society it was a long way ahead, I had to learn how to become charitable, how to donate food and run caritative organizations to help society. It was a painful transition to an ultra-capitalist system. The state offered protection and safeguarding of interest in exchange of voluntary taxation to upkeep the needs of over 10 million people, they needed healthcare and education. Life just couldn’t stop, it had to keep going. With the help of others, we successfully upkept the national welfare system right until the end when the government finally figured out how to run a for-profit democracy and began turning a profit by trading and competing with other countries. Slowly it became a level playing field for everyone. Mom was happy, she didn’t think I was looking after her while being so busy with my research thesis. I wasn’t surprised that my thesis consultant also invested. Things were finally turning out for the better I can tell you. I can see society finally emerging from the ashes of greed and progressing towards perhaps a different type of greed that will transform how we stands towards money, perhaps people will began to fear it and also respect it. I guess only time will tell us. I hope this will be good, there are many unsung heroes of the transitional period, we are finally pulling through it but it's still not the best right now, but we are getting at it. I hope my e-mail reaches you in the meantime and you can read over my experiences, hopefully you can publish some also? I could tell you a lot more but I'm starting to think there is just another new beginning to start after we are done rebuilding what we destroyed in such small amount of time. A brave new world as they would say, the Era of the Cypherpunks. Best wishes, Soret P.S.: Also, do ask me about how many Lambos I can buy with this amount of XRP, it's insane. On the third day of the cryptocurrency transition, XRP’s price have reached 1 million USD and by mid 2025. when things finally stabilized, the hypothetical maximum was reached, toppling 21 million dollars in price per XRP, of course that was considering the price before the collapse, otherwise it would be around 53 quadrillion dollars due to hyper inflation of national currencies due to the mass exit stimulated by the mass adoption of crpytocurrencies globally on Earth. Everyone was to remember this day as the great transition to cryptocurrencies when XRP overtook BTC and became the sole cryptocurrency. One might brush this off as science fiction, but they are too naive. This is not fiction, but a version of reality that might happen to us in our lifetime, one very possible experience from the many, perhaps the luckier ones. But there's one thing that everyone can do.... PREPARE FOR THE FUTURE
  3. Finally took my time to sign up, hopefully will provide some good content soon. :) I'm mostly a media analyst, but recently I decided to delve deep into things concerning the advancement of society in connection with cryptocurrencies. Quite an interesting field, I'm aiming to research it in my Master's Thesis in the upcoming 2 years.
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