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  1. Here's their official tweet. Rather bullish I may say. In a new tweet that was posted today, SCB said: "We are so sorry for the previous information of the previous post. As of now we have no plan on using XRP." https://mobile.twitter.com/scb_thailand/status/1136909051130814464 Banks seldom tell the truth so this must mean HODL big things are in the works!
  2. While Brad has been optimistic in his approach I don't blame him. This is exciting stuff. I wouldn't say that Brad is full of BS because that isn't true. His timing is off because it is impossible to know the exact timing of utility as there are many factors at play. Everything Brad has said will come true it's just a matter of when which obviously even the most tuned in people can't accurately speculate. Which is why most people don't speculate publicly but it's so tough not to when you know and see the potential.
  3. Anyone else care to get in the ring with Tiffany? Haha! Well said Tiffany! You are an amazing person and mom!
  4. It's odd Brad would hype an article which doesn't promote crypto as a means to Bank settlement. The disclaimer directly states: This paper should not be reported as representing the views of the European Central Bank (ECB). The views expressed are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of the ECB. It's also interesting the document refers to the Ripple as the digital asset but not XRP. Perhaps we all purchased the wrong token. How do we trade XRP for the Ripple token? Why would Brad Garlinghouse himself retweet crypto FUD ? Perhaps his account was compromised? I was better off not reading that 40 page anti crypto sediment.
  5. https://dailyhodl.com/2018/09/30/ashton-kutcher-and-vc-sound-ventures-strive-for-social-impact-through-ripple-for-good/
  6. Funny someone should bring this up. I just had the thought today that BearableGuy123 could very well be Ashton. Ashton is a trickster, very computer savy and a very successful investor. If I recall correctly news surfaced that he had invested in Ripple the company through his company Sound Ventures, but I'm not certain about XRP. In any case he would have Ripple inside information that the average person would not be privy to and hiding behind a fictional character just seems to suit his persona.
  7. Guys, he's just trying to be optimistic. If only the author knew that XRP is a stable coin... perhaps he would have withdrawn his statement. Here's to holding to .30 cents! Bring it on! If good news shoots the price down then bad news must do the opposite right?
  8. The US SEC hasn't been able to identify where XRP fits. It will eventually fall under a new asset class but this could happen in the next 3 months or in the next 2 years. People aren't waiting for the SEC to make up their mind so rather than sit idle the industry moves forward. The downfall with this is Financial institutions will not adopt XRP until there is regulation and the regulation will come once the SEC gets their act together. The SEC moves at a snails pace compared to crypto and time is money. i too am of the impression this small pump has nothing to do with Ripple or XRP but BTC's influence over the market. Easy come easy go don't get too excited. XRP is still a sleeping dragon, it will settle back to 31 cents shortly. Presently, we live in a very manipulated crypto market.
  9. Well if Ripple can't drive the price of XRP , bitcoin sure can! As shown by today.
  10. Don't lose hope guys, this is an opportunity of a lifetime. There's way too much interest in XRP for it not to go anywhere. XRP has gotten the attention of just about everyone with a lot of money. I realize things don't move as fast as we would like to see but in reality when it does finally take off you'll be glad you HODLed. I think after July if we don't see any further progress i'll be a bit disappointed but I think this prolonging of the real utility is intended to shake off some of the less serious investors. Don't loose spirit I firmly believe this token will take flight but there is no predicting when that will happen but once it does there will be no turning back. To quote CKJ "That's for sure !" LOL!
  11. 2 weeks past still no significant change. I say wait until end of July. If there is negative movement or no change at all by then jump ship so I can buy more on the cheap! :p Ripple isn't going any where. Can't let emotions influence your investment. A lot of partnerships in the works all waiting on regulation. Once in the clear the true value should be reflected by utility and not by speculation. Patience is a virtue.
  12. Actually, it was good he posted this article as I read the original article this morning too and was a bit concerned. I came to XRPchat to find out that the article has been debunked and the truth revealed. We need the XRP Chat community to get to the bottom of some of these articles and they did a great job! So no this post and the OP should not be banned for expressing concern. Thanks!
  13. I think you mention valid points, but there's a fine line between Ripple and XRP. While the two are distinctly different, Ripple the company is a big motivator behind XRP and without them XRP wouldn't be receiving the same attention. You mention XRP ledger related discussions about X-Rapid but that is a software product of Ripple. Therefore, it's difficult to talk about X-Rapid or X-pring without directly referencing the success of Ripple the company. X-Rapid will be the software protocol banks will leverage to use the XRP Ledger. I think conversations on the forums can still exist without the mention of Ripple it is just there would be a lot less to talk about because everything seems to be connected back to Ripple's Technology such as X-RAPID & ILP two massive network motivators for the mass adoption of XRP. A lot of off shoot XRP products come from developers that have once worked at Ripple or are associated with Ripple in some way, such as Coil & Cobalt projects. In the end, when XRP reaches mass adoption we have one single company to thank for being the driving force behind the token and it's exposure and that is Ripple. The value Ripple will bring to the token will be insurmountable to any other technology in the Crypto universe as it will encompass the world's currencies in a universal autonomous system. Which can be adapted to fit any situation involving the transfer of value and I cannot think of any thing bigger this world has ever seen behind a single product or digital asset. Thank you Ripple and team behind XRP.
  14. Even if it's used by dozens of banks it doesn't mean the price of the token will amount to much.
  15. Price of Bitcoin would need to be $160,000 per coin before XRP could achieve a price of $30. I don't see BTC reaching that price. There Is a 200% difference in price between these two coins as the values are correlated. I thought when XRP separated from being tied to ETH things would have changed, much like when Tron left Ethereum. But nothing has changed. Every token's price is relative to the value of BTC. If BTC tanks the entire crypto market is in serious trouble. If you want XRP's value to increase pump BTC. I am also under the impression the US SEC are manipulating the value metric of crypto in an attempt to minimize fraud and fake volumes and this is a major factor as to why we're still trapped in this bear market. Market is in a frozen state until regulation is passed. But the good news is Regulation is inevitable. Also, all crypto market technical analysis is pure speculation which holds zero weight. Which is why the really smart people never attempt to predict a price point. No one can predict the future price with absolute certainty as nothing is for certain.
  16. Banks are a business, not your friend. As long as they hold your money they are happy to help you by making money off your money. The minute you move your money outside of their control it paints a really grim picture. What about attempting to apply for a personal line of credit instead of a loan or remortgaging? Should have lower interest rates and might be easier to get.
  17. What he means is his computer has an infection browser hijacker and he's being redirected. Probably from investing too heavily into the Verge coin & p0rn.
  18. I think the question we should ask ourselves is... can there really be a price value associated to a protocol that's virtually free to use to send money? Something can be still really valuable and cost nothing much like Linux. Does intrinsic value carry much weight in a free open source protocol? How much do people pay to use freeware? And how far do free donations go interms of raising value. We have invested in XRP expecting a return however XRP doesn't owe us anything. It seems more like a speculation game of what speculators are willing to pay rather than a metric of real value. Even with a massive influx of volume we witnessed in the last day the price surged 5 cents only to fall back down. The price isn't even controlled by the success of XRP but by the success of the entire crypto network and most importantly BTC. There shouldn't even be a correlation between BTC and XRP as they are totally separate networks. Volume alone isn't enough to raise the price there needs to be a more substantial metric. What am I missing?
  19. These panels are kind of frustrating, they always rehash the same material. I wonder if Brad ever gets tired of telling the world about the fastest way to send money to another country is to walk it there. The world needs to know why US regulators have a difficult time regulating or applying regulations when it's their job. The US Sec are obviously an incompetent group of over paid people and Ripple should be relocating their head office to Singapore where they are welcomed. Binance picked up and moved from Japan to Malta almost overnight. It's time for Ripple to pack it's bags and head where the technology hubs exist, which is obviously in Asia.
  20. It is time for Ripple to move their head office to Singapore.
  21. A lawyer who focuses on litigation involving securities at the firm Kobre & Kim just issued a big update on the class-action lawsuit against Ripple, which alleges the company violated state and federal laws by selling XRP as an unregistered security. https://dailyhodl.com/2019/03/22/after-meaningful-victory-ripple-will-likely-issue-motion-to-dismiss-xrp-class-action-lawsuit-says-securities-lawyer/
  22. How I found Ripple, XRP & the community. I was searching the internet in early January 2018 for how successful people handle their business and their money. There is a formula to how successful people make money and it's not by accident. They know the in’s and the out’s and they repeat the process. I figured if I could somehow follow in their footsteps, by observing their lives and how they do their business I could put together some of these pieces to at least learn how to save money or spend money more wisely. So my googling began. I typed in a few successful business owner's names from different walks of life and when I came across Bill Gates I read about the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation using XRP to transfer money from the Gates Foundation to third World countries. I thought that was an interesting concept. Since my wife is from overseas, we are constantly sending money using Transfer Wise or Western Union to gift money back home for her family and the transaction fees using the existing system were digging too deep into our pockets. At that point my research began into crypto currency and my introduction to Bitcoin. It only took a few transactions using Bitcoin to realize how expensive and slow it was. Also, I realized Bitcoin was very anti-establishment with regulatory bodies (Governments & Banks). For me that was a red flag because I know banks and governments aren’t going away. I found XRP to be the polar opposite and it seemed to address my concerns I had about crypto and I felt especially comfortable knowing that a US based company was a major driving factor behind its success. After watching countless YouTube videos about Ripple and Brad Garlinghouse I started investing as much as I could afford into the XRP eco system. I know for a fact XRP has a very bright future. I believe in the people who created it and I can see their passion behind the technology. I appreciate the fact Ripple employees have been very transparent in terms of the company direction and they strike me as a bunch of hard working and honest people with good values. Researching into Ripple and XRP has brought me to this forum community, where I frequently catch the latest updates on just about everything Ripple / XRP. So here I am, and I enjoy how welcoming and friendly this community is even when the markets are down and the emotions are high.
  23. Makes sense, the more volume the higher the price, the higher the price the less XRP volume is needed, lowering the price. Which is why we are at .30 cents. Bring on mass adoption so we can sit at .002 cents =P
  24. Thanks for turning my topic into gold. It's so refreshing to hear someone speak that actually understands the technology and not just speculating on how it works. Very much appreciated!
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