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  1. Don't get too excited this isn't an XRP pump. This is a BTC revival boosting everyone. Probably brought on by the institutional investors into BTC. Crazy BTC volumes right now. If XRP ever pumps it will be really obvious.
  2. Well said, I guess time will tell once things really start ramping up to outweigh the speculators. But how do we know that 99% is speculative trading?
  3. Exactly, a flash crash just happened with BTC and XRP drops in value harder. Kinda means this chart doesn't mean much for supporting XRP value. I wouldn't get too excited. Just more propaganda in hopes to drive speculators. Whatever drives the price and value of XRP no one has seen since December 2017.
  4. We are living in the best run of 2019 !!! Almost climbed to .30 cents and falling back to .21 cents! Exciting times! We are approaching the start of a head, shoulders, knees and toes pattern on the double Big Mac 15 day moving chart. Don't forget to S.H.O.R.T immediately after Swell to take even more profits! Now I sound like every crypto trader out there. Anyone hungry for more?
  5. Scout

    SWIFT again

    Do you think anything points to using the XRPL ledger for this settlement process? Doesn't necessarily need to go through Ripple as other companies can leverage XRP independently.
  6. First off, in the last two years anyone trading that has turned a profit I call B.S. There is no profit taking off trades when everything is falling. I buy on the lows and hold. Then I buy more then hold. I've been doing that for nearly two years only to see my money slowly amount to nothing. This crypto has turned into a huge sink hole. Buying at 25 cents to sell at 30 cents is not exactly worth my while. I could turn a better profit from recycling pop cans. By the end of 2020 if things haven't improved i'm calling it quits. The fake news and the speculation are finally getting to me. Maybe if I had a million dollars to start with I could appreciate these 3 cent gains. I've invested 30k and now its worth 8k and that's depressing. I bet by the end of this week we will be back to 25 cents. I've got one final trade into XRP and that is when it hits 14 cents i'll throw another 3.5K which will put me close to the top 1% of XRP holders but that will be my last stand.
  7. Maybe it's because there is not enough utility to demand a higher price while not having enough liquidity in the market to sustain large companies like WU or Swift. MoneyGram hasn't done anything to volume or price and I can't see that really changing but I do see that as foreshadowing for what lies ahead. I'm getting a bit frustrated with these 3 cent bullruns only to pull back 15 or 20 cents. I realize this isn't a short game, but all i've ever seen come out of XRP is losses. TRX even pumps better than XRP and that's just off speculation not use case. I'm getting the feeling that XRP isn't in the cards for Ripple which is why they are sending out incentives to anyone willing to use it in a project. If I could ask Brad Garlinghouse one question it would be: With a staff of over 475 employees how much work do they really accomplish in a day aside from attending seminars and conferences.
  8. If XRP ever reaches a dollar again and stays there i'll be very impressed.
  9. Not all exchanges are in real time sync. I've traded on several exchanges that offset or delay the actual real time price. Coinfield is a good example of that. Time is a manipulated variable by the exchanges to minimize losses. I've seen it first hand. Their excuse is latency. Seems to always work in their favor. They are suppose to be an XRP based exchange. Hmm makes me wonder and their fees are extremely high too.
  10. I love how an XRP surge brought on by a BTC pump gets the XRP community aroused everytime... HAHA! Has anyone ever wondered what the price of XRP would be if BTC actually hit $100 dollars?... Probably a negative number. Personally, I believe when XRP is actually in production it will take off faster than a rocket heading for the moon. None of this one cent, two cent B.S. There will be no mistaking the utility of XRP in full swing. When more gains are being made to TRX than to XRP during a pump you know XRP still doesn't have much going on.
  11. For the record, here is what the volume is right now: 2,316,833,566 & the price is 0.236656 cents. Lowest price I've seen in the last 2 years. Ultimately price appears to be heavily corilated to the success of BTC. Interesting how that works. I've noticed that any Crypto token that identifies as a currency like Bitcoin follows the same price movement as BTC (Tron, XLM, XRP etc) regardless of how successful they are. There must be some distinction between token classifications that influenced the price differently. Which is why tokens we call $hitcoins, that do not opperate as a currency appear to do well when BTC tanks. Like fun coin. In closing someone had to weight the price of these assets against each other in relation to their utility type. These prices aren't just fabricated or unknowns, they are calculated based on a software routine created by a human not a God. The programmers know exactly what messes with the price. I bet they feel pretty special not disclosing their formula. They just remain silent, keeping everyone on the seat of their pants while sitting back and enjoying the ride they digitally fabricated out of nothing. It is now time for BTC to take a back seat and let XRP drive the market.
  12. Actually just today the volume was increasing and the price was going down. Look at XLM for instance lower volume and 30% gains. If volume has any impact its insignificant to price. This might be more obvious when we fall back to .25 cents and the volume will still remain higher than it was during the last .25 cent stint. Don't get me wrong I was really hoping to see a price increase going from volume of 878,264,190 to 2,548,478,917. Not this time I guess. To substantiate my claim, my source: https://cryptoslate.com/former-ripple-employee-speaks-out-xrp-price-doesnt-reflect-xrapid-use/ “Even if every bank used xRapid the price of XRP wouldn’t necessarily increase. The thing that drives the price of XRP is people’s perception of adoption, which would probably increase the price,” the source said. I believe this statement to be true from what I have experienced.
  13. Keep in mind that Volume doesn't do **** for price. What XRP needs to achieve is the Store of Value status so all available 100 Billion coins can be held by holders. When there is absolutely no supply left to use then the price will increase due to scarcity very much like Bitcoin. It's all we can hope for in the next 10 to 15 years.
  14. While these ATM's at this point won't include the option to purchase XRP directly, it is geared more toward the purchase of BTC. But it doesn't mean they can't use ILP with XRP as a bridge currency for fast transfers to BTC to wallets. There is a possibility XRP could be leveraged on this network. But that's nothing more than an educated guess on my part.
  15. Which is interesting because they don't have near the volume of what XRP has and they are recovering a hell of a lot faster. So that takes us back to what drives price? Obviously, not solely by volume, there must be other factors at play. I figure the increase maybe due to a pump by people realizing BTC is a dead and street and they are diverging their portfolio to include more potential ALT coins. Perhaps this has something more to do with the an on ramp of the US Stock Markets. I don't see this pump brought on specifically by XRP. XRP will only experience real utility once commercial adoption is in full swing, until then its just a speculator and a whales game. Until we have proof of global financial businesses adoption we will remain where we are. That goes for India as well. They may never actually switch from X-current to XRP the entire thing is still one big question mark. We can only hope that one day the switch for XRP will get turned on, if it does we are all laughing. In the almost two years i've been invested in XRP I have yet to actually witness a bull run. Can't wait to see what that day looks like.
  16. What people don't realize is BTC is king and can be manipulated very easily. If you can manipulate BTC you can control the value of all ALT Coins. If you want the price to increase for any ALT coin pump BTC and watch the immediate results.
  17. Well that was a kick to the junk. I was hoping XRP was the engine behind the FEDNOW service. Now that brings us back to a No answer or... Future speculation, which sucks. XRP is one of these utilities that has potential but just isn't being rolled out or considered on a large scale. Can it be because US regulation just hasn't caught up? Honestly if I was steering the Ripple ship, I would have packed up ages ago and moved the HQ to a country that provides Digital Asset clarity. I'm surprised how patient Ripple has been with the entire USA. USD should already be tokenized, send it down the ILP using XRP to convert it back to USD. Point to point no middle man. Should be cheaper when sending large sums. The problem with these Digital assets is no one wants to use them. Alone they are fast as lightening but the minute they involve FIAT the entire system reverts to legacy problems. Going from fiat to digital asset or digital asset to fiat. Until Fiat truly becomes tokenized the system is useless.
  18. After watching this video I just double down on XRP.
  19. Has nothing to do with XRP. They are using X-Current.
  20. I'm a fan of XRP, but i don't see the purpose of coil. Couldn't even bring myself to using it for my own domain. Such a grim future, there has to be a better use case for this product that I don't know about. Just can't see this service taking off.
  21. Here's my summary: An approach to valuing crypto assets integrates the two primary functions of money:(i) medium-of-exchange & (ii)store-of-value. We leave aside the use case as a unit of account, which is less relevant. There is a 25% probability for the “XRP Success Case". In Conclusion: XRP succeeds $32.91 / XRP or XRP fails $1.59 / XRP. A fail is still a WIN because XRP is at .30 cents and probably will go down to .15 cents before prices rebound. Some money can still be made even though XRP might fail. Even if XRP is valued at $1 that's still very significant! Thanks Tinyaccount for sharing this well written document in terms of how value can be associated to the price of a digital asset. At least we know now utility plays little to no part in the valuation of price. Which I didn't know.
  22. Has anyone seen the activity around the Ripple office lately? I heard it was like a scene right out of a movie.
  23. Thank you! For some reason I keep forgetting that GPI is still only a messaging platform and not a settlement tool. I appreciate your patience with me as it seems I tend to keep making the same mistakes. I'll just sit tight and shut up! =)
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