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  1. Bitcoin dropped a lot can you imagine if the value of bitcoin dropped to something crazy like $10 a BTC or even $100 / BTC what would the price of XRP be in that situation? I'm thinking negative value. XRP doesn't really have any value as XRP's value is solely based off the value of BTC. Maybe one day XRP will stand on its own and that's what we are all hoping for.
  2. Notice how the ODL Liquidity ATH just drives the price of XRP down further and further. Kind of an interesting metric to watch.
  3. Personally, I think Tiffany understands the measure for calculating value is no longer what it use to be. Since regulation has impacted the way XRP is valued there is no point holding XRP any longer. In light of this, she is exercising her exit strategy for a token that really holds zero value. David Schwartz has done the same, along with anyone else who really understands what’s going on with XRP. Good for them for being able to leave before this asset really plummets.
  4. Looks like we are on the path to a .10 XRP. This is great news for people who are in the position to buy more to lower their dollar cost average. 0.01 - 0.10 is a great place to be for XRP.
  5. Guys, there is hope! Ripple is paying people to use XRP. That has to drive demand eventually... https://u.today/ripples-partnership-with-moneygram-criticized-by-financial-times
  6. What's confusing is Sporticus brings to the table what I've always feared and it makes the most sense out of anything I've read on these forums. But why is the news reporting all these positive partnerships to expand on XRP's utility if we are on the brink of something that's about to fail? I don't get why there is so much drama behind these dumb tokens, lets just get to the real story and enough with all the lies and exaggerations. Basically Ripple can be slapped with a fine for treating XRP as a security. Great! a slap on the wrist for Ripple the company. Now that's out of the way, XRP cannot be classified as a security in and of itself since it isn't owned and operated by any one company and cannot be labelled as a security offering unless someone positions it as such. Time to start moving forward to utility and beyond!
  7. There is no real value in the XRP token itself except for crazy speculation. The token is nothing more than a digital foot print. The real value comes from the utility offered to the client / customer leveraging the transfer of value. Eventually we will be able to move funds freely without having to pay lots to do it. At the end of the day more money sits in your bank account! You have XRP to thank for this savings! This is very much like how SMTP works for email, except for sending money. There is a cost to sending email but that cost is defined more as a priority bit, but no one talks about that because to send an e-mail is a lot cheaper than using a stamp and postal service. It’s also a lot faster too. All Ripple did as a company was reinvent the wheel of how email works by altering the transfer of data to tokenize any form of value instead of only a .RAW email file.
  8. For a true XRP evaluation of utility I’m hoping XRP will stabilize round 1-2 cents. A lot of progress was made yesterday let’s see if we can keep this ball rolling, need to trim the fat! What we should really do is have everyone who owns XRP sell all around the same time forcing the price to 1 or 2 cents then we can all buy back in at a 1 or 2 cents. Level the playing field for everyone =)
  9. Guys the reality is we all have invested with the thought XRP would boom like BTC. Reality has already set in. We are all here hoping one day we will regain our initial investment. Let’s all be thankful if we can just get our initial investment back out and screw any profits. Lesson learned and time will tell. All the best to all of you.
  10. This is the exact reason why XRP fails. XRP is fast as long as you don’t bridge it to fiat.
  11. Yea, I’m looking forward to a more down to earth value of 0.04 cents before I start to accumulate any more XRP. Don’t disappoint me XRP.
  12. A couple days ago I noticed a new ALT token appear on Binance it was called XRPBull. The price of the token started at $250.00 USD and has been making significant gains. I don't think this is related to XRP because it has insanely pumped and is doing quite well. Just curious if anyone knows what this token is about and how it operates? There doesn't appear to be much online about it.
  13. Just trying to add a touch of reality. People are being dragged along with the promise of seeing returns next week, month, 6 months, next year, next 3-5 years, 10 years. It’s ploy. We all fell for it and I am no better. The reason why I check back is not for price but to see if my exchange wallets have been hacked and I end up here watching the same people hanging on to a lost cause. This is not a stock market.
  14. Over the years of monitoring these coins I’ve realized there is no value to these coins. No one will get their money back the system is rigged to take money not provide money. Look at XLM they burnt 50 billion coins which did nothing to the value of the token. Whenever Ripple dumps or Jed withdrawals it has no bearing. It also seems like any company on the verge of bankruptcy adopts XRP as a last resort thinking it will save the day when in fact any company invested in DLT just seem to be driven under. XRP has yet to assist any industry and comes with its own pain points (exchanges) just like the existing bank rails. XRP isn’t a silver bullet like 99%of the people on these forums believe. XRP is a pyramid scheme and Ripple sits at the top. We were all dreaming when we thought XRP would be an investment vehicle with massive returns. We are all in the same sinking boat.
  15. Ohhh... no I fully understand. I'm not expecting this asset to reach an insane value like some people are. I just would like to see utility prove that XRP can infact sustain a price. Thus far, none of this volume or activity has had any impact or contribution toward its market value. The only value it appears to have is geared toward those leveraging the remittance service as a result of its speed and cost saving measures offered by lower transfer fees. Now I'm starting to question whether ODL\XRP utility plays any part in this tokens price movement. Anyone who speculates on price for any of these digital assets is full of it. You can't predict price and anyone who does just looks like an idiot. IMO the stock market T\A can't be applied to the cryptocurrency markets at least not at this time. If I wanted to invest in a speculative asset I would have put all my money in Bitcoin. But I thought that was pointless, I want a token to serve a purpose other than to just hold it and I want the utility of this token to drive the price. If this isn't the case, then I have wasted my time and money with this XRP investment.
  16. Yes, it is nice to see XRP’s utility boost the entire crypto value eco system. Now what will save XRP’s value?
  17. Common XRP wake up and fight! Prove there is value in utility! Slow and steady we will win the race!
  18. Don't get too excited, the past 3 corridors (USD-MXN, USD-PHP & AUS-USD) haven't had any impact on price. How many corridors does it take to return a positive value, you can have 1000 corridors but if no one is using them to scale there will be no positive correlation on price.
  19. I have the same type of friend. Your friend has been following the price out of curiosity but believes there is no value to hodling or investing in crypto. He just likes to bug you in a subtle way because he believes he knows better. Best to not let his comments get to you because if it happens to balloon you can ask him how his investments are going?
  20. I really hope I am wrong, but from previous experience this is the way I perceive it for now. I’m all in, on XRP and XRP only. At $1.00 I will be derisking my investment and the rest I’ll let ride.
  21. It pains me to say this, but in my opinion the value characteristics for XRP needed to be adjusted so that it doesn’t reflect that of a security. I believe this was fixed as a means to appease regulators for this new type of asset class to not be ruled as a security, also hindering the tokens value metric. This recalculation of perceived value also effects similar ALT coins whose description is similar to a utility token / digital currency. It was shortly after this time when Ripple execs and staff started off loading their XRP as a result of these alterations. The employees of Ripple knew exactly what happened but were silent around the events as to not encur further depreciation of the token. The writing has been on the wall for over a year now and if XRP is ever capable of reaching $1 again plan your exit strategy. in my opinion regulation is killing this industry not helping it.
  22. Tiffany am I correct in saying that holding XRP will not create a substantial amount of return by itself, but how you leverage XRP as a utility is where the benefit really comes from? So rather than being a HODLer, we should be putting our XRP to work for us to generate personal gain by becoming a market maker ourselves? There have also been a lot of Ripple funded Xpring projects that have tried to find utility value in XRP but have all gone bankrupt in the process. :S Im not sure I completely understand what you are saying but I believe there is a lot of merit to what you have to say. Thanks for your patience and chiming In to help us see the light.
  23. What I find interesting is how speculation of 2017 proved to have more impact than utility. Obviously utility volume is extremely low still and very few are leveraging XRP’s real utility. Looks like XRP’s bridge asset is still BTC lol
  24. The US market is no longer a driving force with the adoption of global digital assets. The real influence comes from Asia and their sheer numbers. The US is small potatoes in comparison. This recent court ruling just proves how far behind the US is in a global market. Ripple needs to redirect their focus to lighting up Asia. It’s a losing battle in their homeland.
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