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  1. No I'm following successful opportunities instead of beating a dead horse. My rule of thumb is if a company can't make a go of it in under 10 years then move on.
  2. Ripple has lost the game. They are out in the cold. Another company is stepping up to the plate and beating them at their own game. Ripple just wasted too much time to launch a product. https://banxa.com/ Let the charts speak for themselves. https://ca.finance.yahoo.com/quote/BNXA.V/
  3. The Ripple Lawyers who aren't treating this case seriously. It's very troubling listening to them rebut when they miss the point.
  4. Personally I think the entire lawsuit has been premeditated. Shame on both SEC and Ripple for playing this game. Unfortunately I don’t even think Ripples juvenile lawyers even understand why Brad and Chris are being sued. They seem to be missing the point by deflection. I’m not sure if this is intended and part of the game or they intentionally have no interest in winning the case.
  5. Yea, I think the nail in the coffin will be when all the Banks go public and say oh by the way we've been using ODL for the last 6 months and the price is still under .50 cents. Ripple will have the last laugh!
  6. It’s interesting how Dogecoin started off as a joke now has a bigger presence and more utility than XRP.
  7. Yea the longer this drags out the more apparent it becomes that the world can function well without XRP. It also appears that anyone involved with XRP in the retail space just gets handed a lawsuit. Looks like my post just tanked the price of XRP. Sorry about that guys.
  8. Sounds very much like a scam to me. Binance was suppose to custody these tokens without needing a wallet. You just couldn't trade with them. I have an account with Binance but not the US Binance exchange and I didn't receive that e-mail.
  9. It's only a good investment if you know how to short and buy back low. Otherwise you'll continue to lose money. It takes work, commitment and patience to force gains.
  10. Ripple is very bullish on helping central banks leverage a bridge currency like XRP but maybe not XRP. “The solution will be a mixture of open-source technology, maybe some elements from RippleNet down the road – it’s still a little early to say exactly.” https://dailyhodl.com/2021/02/19/ripple-executive-says-company-working-with-central-banks-to-develop-digital-assets/ It doesn’t appear Ripple is too bullish on XRP any more. Could XRP become a nothing burger?
  11. Such a waste of time and money. Hard to believe. In the mean time rack up XRP from BTC rallies and make off like a bandit.
  12. Well before the SEC lawsuit against Brad and Chris were dumping XRP like crazy on the market. Totally destroyed the XRP eco system. So now it looks like it's Jed's turn to dump and i'm happy to buy up all his cheap tokens he's selling. It's like a free air drop for me. Thanks Jed! https://news.bitcoin.com/jed-mccaleb-sells-22-million-worth-of-xrp-ripple-cofounders-stash-could-run-dry-by-may/
  13. No where near as far along as you are. I’ve been holding XRP for 3 years and thanks to dollar cost averaging buying the dips I was able to eventually recover my losses. Now since the US has been out of this market I’ve been able to short XRP on mass and more than double my initial investment. Selling high and buying low. Each sell high and buy low has helped me almost double my tokens. I’m getting ready to remove my initial investment if this keeps going well so I can let the rest ride risk free. My goal is to hold 100000 tokens while recovering my initial investment. I would be happy wit
  14. This is a bad article. Keep in mind XRP isn’t being boosted on its own accord. Nor is Ripple boosting its price. The only thing moving XRP’s value is the value of all other crypto currency tokens like Bitcoin and Ether. Xrp is making small gains but it has nothing to do with XRP. Don’t be fooled when things slow down in the crypto space XRP will be the first to test all time lows. This token is in a lot of trouble along with its creators. I repeat these temporary gains have nothing to do with ODL because there is no ODL volume or financial institutional money in this XRP space. We are witnessi
  15. Smartest person on the xrp chat I’ve seen to date. It refreshing to read such an honest post.
  16. No impact for those who hold their flare on a supported exchange right? All this talk about setting message keys and what not are only for those who use a digital wallet to hold their tokens.
  17. No I think it means it’s a stable coin you can buy and lend to others to gain a 1% return on up to 100,000 tokens. Since the token has no real value at least you can earn other ways. A 1 percent return is a much better return than waiting for xrp price action.
  18. The easiest way to realize a return on your investment is to be an active participant on the network. When I first joined the network I did the same as you. I bought in huge and thought if I sat on my pile I would become rich. This is a pipe dream and it devalued my bags to half of what I paid for. XRP wasn’t designed to be held, it's much too fast for that. So I’ve since changed my strategy of shorting XRP every time the price spikes and buying every time it’s price tanks. Now I’m an active user providing liquidity and transactions on the ledger like a good citizen of Ripplenet. Winning going
  19. Yep, now i've totally de-risked with XRP and it feels great, when I saw resistance at 67 cents I dumped at 64 cents. Recovered all my loses and ready for another reset at 20 cents. Bring it on!
  20. May I have your attention please... .64Cents just was destroyed. We're moving onward! Let the Happy Dance Begin! Thank you Asia and Europe!
  21. Yes, Japan has been active on FiatLeak for ages, means absolutely nothing. This site (FiatLeak) shows all trades not XRP utility. You need to use www.utility-scan.com to actually see usage of the XRP token not just all buy and sells. This bull run is perfect for those who want to reclaim their loses right now. When it reaches a high.... sell, then wait for it to fall back to 25 cents. Then buy in again. XRP will continue to be a $hitcoin until banks actually start using it which won't happen while this lawsuit is in progress. So far, no one is using XRP but speculators. Enjoy the ride and sho
  22. Going from USD to USD doesn’t require a bridge currency. Your dealing with different silos but same currency. Once again FED Now won’t use XRP for that transfer. Something like Xcurrent would be used for that transaction which settles just as fast without the need of a cryptocurrency. Why convert USD to XRP when your already using that currency.
  23. FedNow has nothing to do with XRP. It’s a domestic payment system that uses its own network to settle payments. XRP is not for domestic payments but cross border payments. Two totally different services.
  24. Yes your right, Ripple can still operate out of Alcatraz Island. Dress code will be white and black striped jumpsuits. Very formal.
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