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  1. The funny part of that link was the video content on that page where the guy says the price of XRP will go from .25 cents each to $2500 each. I want whatever he's smokin'!
  2. I’m going to take a wild guess that Polysign is the smart contract system associated with Xpool and the ability for Banks to borrow or lease XRP but not custody the token for the use of cross border solutions.
  3. Man I reread that article on my cell phone about half a dozen times and not once did I see that word. So thank you, once I got onto a computer I used the "find word"to point it out. LOL my bad! I must be getting old, my eyes aren't what they use to be... or I have developed some pretty good eye filtering.
  4. I didn’t see anywhere where Chris Larsen says the word “currently” in his quote. Again maybe I did skim over that word for which would definitely change the tone of the article. What makes this article poorly written? Is it Chris Larsens reply or the grammar and spelling?
  5. There you have it, right from the leaders mouth. Chris Larsen says: “Investors should not expect ODL to influence the price of XRP” According to Chris Larsen. XRP is much more strongly correlated with Bitcoin and Ethereum, rather than Ripple’s ODL. Obviously, what we have been witnessing over the past 3 years. Took him this long to go public with the truth. But, this has been exactly what I’ve been saying all along, only difference is I was a single voice. So I’ll say it again, if we want XRP to pump hard, keep buying BTC and pump it hard! We need to CONNECT the BITS
  6. I've seen this restructuring with companies all the time. Initially they hire an elite dream team to create the foundation of the company. Once the foundation has been set in stone, it doesn't make sense to keep these qualified people on board as they are too much overhead. So they dissolve their dream team and hire a whole bunch of less qualified people to carry the torch. Next person to leave the Company will probably be David Schwartz if he hasn't left already. Their product support, will then relocate to India and you won't be able to find a native English speaking person to answer simple
  7. I remember suggesting they do this 2 years ago.... Ripple the Company has more patience than I do.
  8. I think Brad and Company have done a stellar job proving that no matter what they contribute to XRP or ILP it has ZERO impact on the value of the digital asset. Case closed and so should all the lawsuits! Here’s hoping anyone behind these lawsuits get their funds sucked dry by the legal process.
  9. I love Technical Analysis in an irrational crypto market with irrational prices and irrational behaviour. It always makes people look... strange. The price points can always be high or maybe low but mostly low these last few years. The support level will always be whatever the current price is and then you realize a support level never really existed. Easy come easy go, little high, little low. Any way the XRP blows doesn't really matter to me, tooo me. On a more serious note, we are talking about a virtual asset which was created out of thin air, which people may or may not use an
  10. ODL isn't dead! Today marks the day of all the predictions out there that XRP is going to $10, $1500 & $10,000 today! What an exciting day to know we will all be rich by the end of day!
  11. What are you talking about it looks like the massive movement has just started! This is exciting times, such a rollercoaster ride. Can’t wait for another 10 cent XRP so I can afford to buy more! A 10 cent XRP is a great price point for this token.
  12. I’m not moving my tokens around to an exchange which places limits on how I move my tokens. If spark gets more support by exchanges then maybe I might reconsider. But I’m not moving my stash for the sake of an exchange I don’t trust. At this point none of the major exchanges support this drop and that raises some pretty big flags. Maybe in the next few months things will change.
  13. The fact that only one exchange is participating in the free spark token give-away speaks volumes. If this was a trusted coin drop, there would be a whole lot more support and for this reason I am out.
  14. Well most people who hold XRP a $50 savings is a hell of a lot more money saved than what XRP has provided over 3 years. So I can see why someone might be lured into a $50 savings.
  15. I believe the decision has already been determined, just not publicly. We are witnessing a long game of XRP chess. The delays in this ruling are calculated & intentional. The future of XRP is in great shape and the truth will set us free.
  16. Game over man, Game Over! Please insert more zerps to continue... For the visual impaired.
  17. Too bad ZAP isn’t on Binance. I need to find myself an ALT XRP exit strategy too. My original hand was XRP/XLM/TRX. All of which have been really disappointing. I must be a sh!tcoin magnet.
  18. I made the mistake of moving my life savings into XRP. Too easy to get caught up in a single digital asset.
  19. Well, Brad Garlinghouse also said that 99 percent of all cryptocurrencies will go to zero. Perhaps you got the wrong signal? Lol
  20. Thanks again Julian, that video is gold. Best discussion I’ve seen yet about what drives value and connects people to block chains. Those guys are so knowledgeable.
  21. XLM and XRP are very similar in nature. From what I have witnessed over the years with XLM having 100 billion market cap and very little exposure burning half the supply never really changes the value of the token at all. So in light of this, anyone who says Ripple dumping 1 Billion tokens a month impacts price of the token is absolutely incorrect. It has been proven in many different digital assets such as Tron, XLM and I can't remember the others, that burning or dumping tokens has absolutely zero impact on the current value of the token. It's just an excuse for people to complain and poi
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