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  1. Go Jed! Eventually you'll find the bottom! =)
  2. This is the secret sauce behind XRP and obviously a mystery still to some. XRP can cater to the entire world while keeping a stable value of sub $1.00. It's pure genius!
  3. We lost that level it went to .60 cents and its bounced up to .70.cents Looks like its trying hard to hold ground. But I have no idea where this pump is coming from, maybe all the people who sold to drop the price are now buying back at a lower price. I caught your original post just before the price was tanking I was tempted to sell at .89 cents but it was dropping so fast I couldn't react fast enough and I just watched it fall dumb founded.
  4. Man this is fun to watch! Exciting times, down 30 cents in less than 30 minutes. What a rush!
  5. Thank you for sharing this! Cant wait to see this guy without a job
  6. Too bad the extremely high load of activity on the XRPL doesn't impact the price positively on behalf of network effects. So if the price isn't affected based on XRP Volume, usage, load and demand that leaves one metric only that can boost it's price... wait for it... Bitcoin gains! Let's all pump BTC to get XRP above a dollar again.
  7. No they settle using USDC to fiat on and off ramps but xlm is the bridge currency used to bridge the different currencies cross border and between digital wallets. Not sure how you don’t see the big picture by now. Not sure why crossborder payments would settle using USDC doesn’t make sense and stablecoins will probably get replaced by CBDCs soon anyway which will still require a bridge asset. Circle is the principal operator of USD Coin (USDC) not stellar. Moneygram must be trialing USDC only in the US without needing XLM. But the fact they partnered with stellar just means stellar has their foot in the door for the next step.
  8. This is totally a false statement. Maybe you should watch the Moneygram interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jHfUrvGC8ZM
  9. Sorry guys, I had accessed this topic from direct Google search link. I was reading the responses not looking at the date they were posted. Had I seen the age of the posts I wouldn't have commented.
  10. Yea, I wouldn't get too far ahead of the game. The only time i've ever made any money from XRP is not by holding it but by shorting it. Banks using XRP at this point in time don't appear to have any influence on price.
  11. Does that mean now that coinfield is owned by an American company they will proceed to remove XRP from their exchanges?
  12. You are absolutely correct. XRP just needs to maintain $1.00 / XRP to be used by the global economy. The real question is how the heck does it surpass $1.00? Technically it should never happen. For speculators XRP is a big $hitcoin. But for the economy it has huge benefits because of it’s utility. If you want massive gains your in the wrong network. $hitcoins will always out perform utility tokens with nice price movements.
  13. Most importantly, even though most companies or Ripple affiliates have pulled out of XRP all together there's one service we all know we can all rely on... PORNHUB for XRP. Go P0RN! Go to the M00N!
  14. Guys the bull run has already happened when BTC reached 60k. Now we are heading for a pullback and XRP will most like be leading this fall as usual. Great time to sell before we're back at 20 cents.
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