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  1. I'm a fan of XRP, but i don't see the purpose of coil. Couldn't even bring myself to using it for my own domain. Such a grim future, there has to be a better use case for this product that I don't know about. Just can't see this service taking off.
  2. Here's my summary: An approach to valuing crypto assets integrates the two primary functions of money:(i) medium-of-exchange & (ii)store-of-value. We leave aside the use case as a unit of account, which is less relevant. There is a 25% probability for the “XRP Success Case". In Conclusion: XRP succeeds $32.91 / XRP or XRP fails $1.59 / XRP. A fail is still a WIN because XRP is at .30 cents and probably will go down to .15 cents before prices rebound. Some money can still be made even though XRP might fail. Even if XRP is valued at $1 that's still very significant! Thanks Tinyaccount for sharing this well written document in terms of how value can be associated to the price of a digital asset. At least we know now utility plays little to no part in the valuation of price. Which I didn't know.
  3. Has anyone seen the activity around the Ripple office lately? I heard it was like a scene right out of a movie.
  4. Thank you! For some reason I keep forgetting that GPI is still only a messaging platform and not a settlement tool. I appreciate your patience with me as it seems I tend to keep making the same mistakes. I'll just sit tight and shut up! =)
  5. Swift GPI 13 seconds to transfer money cross border I don't mean to be pessimistic but the writing is on the wall. =( I'm sure Ripple has a fantastic software solution but I don't get the impression any banks will make use of a cryptocurrency to handle transactions. Why would they use a service that would make everyone else rich at their expense? Ripple just couldn't close a deal with any of the leading banks and they had to buy their way into the Remittance service by paying Money Gram to use XRP. This just feels like they are trying to force their way into a market and the market is not moving in their favor. This is so disappointing.
  6. “Even if every bank used xRapid the price of XRP wouldn’t necessarily increase. The thing that drives the price of XRP is people’s perception of adoption, which would probably increase the price,” the source said. https://cryptoslate.com/former-ripple-employee-speaks-out-xrp-price-doesnt-reflect-xrapid-use/amp/ Looks like XRP's price is whatever we want it to be. I'm selling my XRP for 1000 per XRP any takers?
  7. Maybe these UK regulators should move to the US to help them figure out regulation since they appear to be struggling.
  8. This pretty much solves the mystery about solving XRP to FIAT payments rails being slow. Way to go Ripple & Wietse Wind! Give the banks a run for their money!
  9. Actually, I recall David Swartz talking about XRapid a while back and referencing how the XRP system works and can settle really fast amongst itself and other digital assets. But when transactions need to be delivered to a Bank account in FIAT it falls short because XRP needs to be converted into FIAT at the Exchange doing the settlement where it can be wire transferred to a Bank and the entire process comes to a crawl. This is probably why all banks will slowly adopt XRP or their own digital token, so the process doesn't have to be slowed down by the FIAT payment rails but XRP can bridge to the Banks digital token using ILP and the Bank can perform an in house conversion directly to FIAT. That would be the time settlements could be instantaneous. So in order for XRP to truely be successful we need the entire industry to mature and adopt their own digital assets or trust an existing asset in house to make direct conversions from digital to physical cash. It kind of makes me wonder if this is the function that Swift is setting out to achieve with GPI so all banks can trust GPI and XRP can be the bridge for cross border transactions.
  10. Corda is the bridge between FIAT and any payment rail including digital assets. Now that Swift has GPI and Corda can settle with GPI they don't need XRP at all. Anyone who is fed up with the Swift network can choose to settle with XRP instead of GPI as they are direct competitors. But at the moment GPI doesn't settle with crypto as it mimics XCurrent using a messaging service with Nostro / Vostro accounts. Where as XRapid will handle everything without the need to pool different currencies. So it will all come down to choice (functionality, security, speed & price). I suspect XRP will be the cheapest and fastest once XRP's liquidity is high enough to handle large transactions. But Ripple will have to win over their clients one at a time. If GPI integrates a comparable Xrapid service for GPI then it's game over for XRP. The clock is ticking!
  11. Here's my wild prediction: By the end of August XRP will have experienced a bull run to .59 cents where it will settle back down to .42 cents.
  12. Well there's two schools of thought. One Joel Katz's view which XRP has no value or BearableGuy123 where the value = 589+. If we use a shitcoin like BTC as an example for some insane reason it manages to have an imaginary value associated with it which climbs even though BTC has no real purpose or value except for the fact it's supply is scarce. Eventually XRP through adoption will be the same, hence it too will have speculative value which people will say the value is driven by utility as the big exchanges will need to hoard large amounts for transferring value. Definitely this won't happen over night and this will be an investment of wits. Should XRP ever get superceided by a newer tech that could be devastating for the long term holders expecting to see a great imaginary value associated with XRP which seems to have an infinite supply. But there is hope, the more volume the more burning and eventually the supply will dwindle making it a rare commodity like BTC and the value will Increase.
  13. So what this boils down to: Bitcoin is the utility and XRP becomes the store of value. I totally didn't see this coming. Haha! No wonder Brad Garlinghouse took a different stance towards BTC.
  14. When no one wants to use your product, pay $50 million and force them to use it! A moonshot indeed and what an explosion for Moneygram! At least their stock doubled and XRP sits 2 cents higher.... It's progress people! A few more $50 million stimulus packages to companies on the verge of bankruptcy and we will reach that 50 cent milestone! "Slow dough is better than no dough. (fa sho)".
  15. Who has the most to gain using Ripple net? Smaller Banks and payment providers. You can tell this rather sets the tone for what to expect, no mention of Central Banks, IMF, BIS or anything of scale and it is still just speculation at this point. You can see most people interviewed look as though the wind has been taken out of their sails. This looks like a much longer road then initially projected. Let us give it another 2 years to see where we are. If in 2 years we are still in a similar position then we need to re-evaluate our decision to hodl.
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