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  1. I have the same type of friend. Your friend has been following the price out of curiosity but believes there is no value to hodling or investing in crypto. He just likes to bug you in a subtle way because he believes he knows better. Best to not let his comments get to you because if it happens to balloon you can ask him how his investments are going?
  2. I really hope I am wrong, but from previous experience this is the way I perceive it for now. I’m all in, on XRP and XRP only. At $1.00 I will be derisking my investment and the rest I’ll let ride.
  3. It pains me to say this, but in my opinion the value characteristics for XRP needed to be adjusted so that it doesn’t reflect that of a security. I believe this was fixed as a means to appease regulators for this new type of asset class to not be ruled as a security, also hindering the tokens value metric. This recalculation of perceived value also effects similar ALT coins whose description is similar to a utility token / digital currency. It was shortly after this time when Ripple execs and staff started off loading their XRP as a result of these alterations. The employees of Ripple knew exactly what happened but were silent around the events as to not encur further depreciation of the token. The writing has been on the wall for over a year now and if XRP is ever capable of reaching $1 again plan your exit strategy. in my opinion regulation is killing this industry not helping it.
  4. Tiffany am I correct in saying that holding XRP will not create a substantial amount of return by itself, but how you leverage XRP as a utility is where the benefit really comes from? So rather than being a HODLer, we should be putting our XRP to work for us to generate personal gain by becoming a market maker ourselves? There have also been a lot of Ripple funded Xpring projects that have tried to find utility value in XRP but have all gone bankrupt in the process. :S Im not sure I completely understand what you are saying but I believe there is a lot of merit to what you have to say. Thanks for your patience and chiming In to help us see the light.
  5. What I find interesting is how speculation of 2017 proved to have more impact than utility. Obviously utility volume is extremely low still and very few are leveraging XRP’s real utility. Looks like XRP’s bridge asset is still BTC lol
  6. The US market is no longer a driving force with the adoption of global digital assets. The real influence comes from Asia and their sheer numbers. The US is small potatoes in comparison. This recent court ruling just proves how far behind the US is in a global market. Ripple needs to redirect their focus to lighting up Asia. It’s a losing battle in their homeland.
  7. Let me simplify the problem for these American Lawyers, Politicians, and US SEC members who are struggling to answer a simple question. I own XRP, regardless of their ability to answer a direct question for years (Should XRP be regulated as a security vs commodity) let’s have reality settle in. I am not American, regardless of what classification they decide to label XRP it has absolutely no bearing on me or how I use, hold or trade the asset. The only business they are hurting is their own people. The US Sec has zero influence in a world that is leaving them behind. The US Sec is no longer relevant in this space.
  8. Lawyers are some of the slowest moving people on earth.
  9. Too late, I've moved into XRP very quickly, I appreciate your candor King34Maine and I appreciate your public discussion valuing your opinions. I believe there is merit to what you guys are saying. Ultimately, this is my decision i've made and I have to live with it. I guess I had the "Fear of missing out" but for some reason my gut tells me that when something does happen it will happen fast. I want to try to capitalize on that as we haven't really seen any upwards movement from XRP in a while and I believe there will be something happening real soon. I have faith in Ripple and Team Brad. All the best to everyone!
  10. Guys I can't take the pressure any more i'm selling all my ALT coins to buy XRP right now!
  11. Yea you know things aren't healthy when people are jumping ship left right and center and Tron pumps harder than XRP during these little bumps.
  12. 2015/2017 he was on the Faster Payments Taskforce in the Steering Committee Editorial Board. But he is no longer there.
  13. "It's just like high school sex". didn't hear any time line after that comment. Did you? lol Must be talking about this video:
  14. Would be interested to know what is saving the price of XRP without any speculation but just cold hard facts.
  15. Has any Xpring project been successful so far?
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