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  1. Allow me put this into perspective. You can’t compare Bitcoin price to XRP’s price per token. You aren’t comparing apples to apples. XRP will never reach $1000 / XRP. That is merely a pipe dream, which will lead to massive disappointment. Hope for $100 and maybe you will see that price in your life time. A more reasonable price is $10 - $20 in the next 10 years. Hopefully this helps building a more realistic outlook. Best of luck HODLing.
  2. The fact XRP can sustain a price of 17 cents right now is astonishing. Something has to give. Looking forward to some lower price action.
  3. If it’s only one setting then why not make this setting effective out of the box as default. Sounds to me like nothing more than a careless mistake on the security of the network. This comment kind of reminds me of the mentality in the days of windows 95 when security was never really considered. Now days security should come before anything, especially when dealing with someone else’s money.
  4. First off Brad Garlinghouse is not the problem here. In fact, he is the best guy for the job. Attempting to push Banks into a crypto space is definitely not going to work. The largest problem we are dealing with is American politics and Regulators. Ripple is already very well positioned. Some things just take time and patience. Without team Ripple XRP would never have left the gate. We should all be very grateful for the hard work of those at Ripple for fighting the good fight for us.HODL On!
  5. Ahh crap I invested in the wrong Ripple. LOL! Oh well, here’s to seeing a 10 cent XRP so I can buy more for less, what a deal!
  6. Everyone has been drinking the imaginary Ripple cool-aid for so long. If Ripple had their own blue beverage I’m sure they’d succeed! Maybe time to change gears and mix it up a bit. 2020 is the year to make things real, it’s time to deliver.
  7. Perhaps this has nothing to do with the money grams and the western unions. I think this might have to do with the lawsuit. Ripple turned off the taps to prove XRP can still exist and work without their influence. Be like water my friends! When the taps turn back on brace yourselves!
  8. I doubt the problem is fixed. Sounds like you've just masked the problem by adding more hardware. But there's nothing that can't be fixed without throwing more money at it.
  9. You laugh now, but when BTC uses XRP ledger to settle with a small market cap that will make BTC that much more useful.
  10. Xrp’s value is all about speculation. Never has XRP’s utility had any impact on price. If you want a utility coin to increase in value you buy and hodl BTC. If you want to transfer Fiat quickly you use XRP. But you certainly dont hold it for longer than 3 seconds. The cats out of the zerp bag, XRP is no longer a secret. If you want a gainful investment you invest in Ripple IPO later this year, not XRP the digital asset. I’m spending all my XRP on fitness whole pizza... in my mouth!
  11. Yes i dont trust the CCP either. But i trust CZ. He is very hard working and has been honest & transparent to his followers.
  12. From what I've heard and read XRP can reach above $400 USD but that is only if the value of USD becomes next to worthless.
  13. Binance Exchange is owned by a Canadian and is now located in Malta. https://www.maltatoday.com.mt/business/business_news/93170/why_world_leader_crypto_exchange_binance_moved_to_malta#.XswjOGhKgdU
  14. It may be live but people actually need to use it. There’s no value in a service that’s not being used.
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