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  1. Just because Binance won't list the Spark token they will still give us the Spark tokens in our wallets? If they won't list it as an exchange pair does that mean we need to transfer SPARK to a different exchange if we want to trade it with other pairs? It appears anyone using a Binance account doesn't have to do anything but hold XRP until after the snapshot date to receive spark? I am correct with these assumptions?
  2. I think I found a trend. When Brad Garlinghouse praises BTC that’s code for XRP is about to launch. Coincidence? I think NOT!
  3. Binance is an ODL partner. Just happens to be the largest exchange in the world. https://bitrss.com/news/160873/binance-us-ceo-catherine-coley-says-becoming-ripple-odl-partner-is-a-perfect-match Http://www.xrparcade.com/news/as-2-new-odl-corridors-appear-could-binance-be-an-odl-exchange/amp/
  4. Personally I don’t think speculators have any influence in this market. SBI Asia is live this year. I’m confident they are pushing the barrel.
  5. Actually, Bitcoin has been treading water the last two days. I've seen Bitcoin lose value and XRP was still rockin'. I can't believe I'm saying this either but this last run kind of proved that XRP can stand on its own legs without any help from BTC. What i've witnessed from this bull run is that XRP's utility has kept XRP from back pedaling. I also noticed the influx of XRP traffic to Japan Exchanges while the flood gates opened and it has since tapered off.
  6. Has nothing to do with Spark or Bitcoin. This has to do with Japan and them running tests on the live XRP network. This was very obvious watching all the XRP traffic in and out of Japan on Fiatleak. https://www.crypto-news-flash.com/ripple-fxcoin-and-sbi-testing-xrp-based-solution-against-remittance-volatility/ https://dailyhodl.com/2020/11/07/financial-giant-sbi-to-test-xrp-in-6-6-trillion-foreign-exchange-market/ Speculators have nothing to do with this movement.
  7. The Flare Network is not even live yet. How can you buy more when you haven't bought any yet.
  8. These people who think TA applies to XRP are the least educated of the bunch. And now for my TA. XRP has the potential to reach $1.00 from .29 cents but there will be some resistance starting at .30, .31, .32, .33, .34, .35 up to $1 and there’s also the possibility of a sharp decline to .28, .27, .26, .25 all the way to .001. Feel free to subscribe to my channel for more in-depth specifics of TA between each cent as there are gains/resistance to be had at the fractional level. If you really want to know how resistance works just watch Alex Cobbs XRP videos. They directly correlate w
  9. I'm pretty sure he means: hadouken literally meaning "wave motion fist" or "fist of surge" We are all waiting for the BIG BANG and yesterday's price action was nothing more than a wet fart!
  10. Jed would dump all his XRP for XLM if he was allowed to. XLM has a much better position to recognize gains since they burnt half their tokens. Jed can’t exchange all his XRP because he is being limited as Ripple has custody of Jed's XRP and the rate of release is subject to a contractual agreement between Ripple and Jed. The details of this are public and he is limited to how much he can dump per month. Otherwise he would tank whatever value is left of XRP.
  11. Aside from speculation, no one knows why XRP went that high. People patiently wait thinking it might happen again. For all we know, it was some computer glitch which was patched. I’ve heard people call XRP a stable coin which is nothing of the sort. People have been relying on a single company called Ripple to positively influence the XRP price. However, over the years of watching their progress, they barely can put a team together to build a Wordpress website. I wouldn’t count on them bringing any value to a digital asset, but they do strike me as a team of great car salesmen.
  12. That would explain why we are all sitting at a loss. Meaning we all need to buy a lot more before we can break even. However the more XRP bought the further you drive the price down and the cycle repeats. XRP is like a black hole.
  13. I think what he meant to say was one step forward, two steps back. Banks aren’t stupid. They will implement a solution to reverse engineer it so they can implement their own in house systems.
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