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  1. This also depends what country you live in. Some of these exchanges only deal with US residence only. Need to trust and find an Exchange that supports your currency and or country with decent rates. Like finding a needle in a haystack. Good luck! Everyone tries to take your money not give you money.
  2. I think they went bankrupt. Omni was one. Can't make money by offering free services.
  3. One minor detail you are leaving out. While Banks don't need to hold XRP or use it the payments do. This is a key difference. xRapid, for example, doesn't require banks to use XRP. The liquidity just has to be there. - Joel Katz Market makers provide liquidity. Banks provide volume. XRP isn’t marketed to banks. -Tiffany Hayden Guys don't lose hope I have a feeling we are on the verge of something great!
  4. Panda your not alone, you've played your cards just like I have. When I thought XRP bottom was .25 cents I bought another 3.5k worth. Now here is my new plan. Next .25 cent value I will sell 10000 XRP. I'll use that 10k to buy and sell with these price swings in attempt to recover my losses rather than to sit and wait for some moon shot that might not happen for years. I break even at .55 cents. All the best to you!
  5. I'm definitely not trying to start a heated discussion. However, an IOU doesn't exactly burn XRP does it? These transactions were the transfer of value from one account to another which was causing XRP's to be burnt in the process. Doesn't that constitute a buy and sell when the value is transferred to someone else's account?
  6. This was a perfect example of transaction volume having zero impact on price.
  7. I find it interesting how BTC has more influence over XRP value than XRP does.
  8. Can you imagine what mass adoption will bring to XRP now that we have more Corridors open and the price is .21 cents. I'm guessing .08 cents! Hang toit!
  9. Man this is must be making the Moneygram stocks soar to new heights!
  10. There we have it. The digital asset investor did a video indicating that the fair market value for XRP is .72 cents. Now there's a metric for calculating utility value of a token https://www.coinfairvalue.com/coins/ripple/ Stay positive people things are looking up!.
  11. Our precious token is falling. The XRP Army must unite and all pump Bitcoin to save our XRP token from this wrath of destruction!
  12. Now maybe a good time to short and buy back later. We are free falling.
  13. At least he is honest. Everyone just needs to be happy if we see a stable $ 3 token down the road. Most XRP holders are dreamers.
  14. No one is really using XRP to scale, except for speculators. Keep holding your bags! Everyone is banking on the switch being flipped one of these days. Maybe 2020 will be that year.
  15. With any luck, all this utility will drive the price to 20 cents so I can accumulate more. still trying to understand what drives price. Back in 2017 I'm guessing it was a result of Exchanges wash trading amongst themselves which was inflating prices. Regulators have probably put a stop to that which is why it seems like nothing moves price. The next two years should be interesting to see if price actually moves at all from where it is today.
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