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  1. When no one wants to use your product, pay $50 million and force them to use it! A moonshot indeed and what an explosion for Moneygram! At least their stock doubled and XRP sits 2 cents higher.... It's progress people! A few more $50 million stimulus packages to companies on the verge of bankruptcy and we will reach that 50 cent milestone! "Slow dough is better than no dough. (fa sho)".
  2. Who has the most to gain using Ripple net? Smaller Banks and payment providers. You can tell this rather sets the tone for what to expect, no mention of Central Banks, IMF, BIS or anything of scale and it is still just speculation at this point. You can see most people interviewed look as though the wind has been taken out of their sails. This looks like a much longer road then initially projected. Let us give it another 2 years to see where we are. If in 2 years we are still in a similar position then we need to re-evaluate our decision to hodl.
  3. Here's their official tweet. Rather bullish I may say. In a new tweet that was posted today, SCB said: "We are so sorry for the previous information of the previous post. As of now we have no plan on using XRP." https://mobile.twitter.com/scb_thailand/status/1136909051130814464 Banks seldom tell the truth so this must mean HODL big things are in the works!
  4. Don't get down guys if you want to see XRP surge keep pumping BTC. We will get there!
  5. While Brad has been optimistic in his approach I don't blame him. This is exciting stuff. I wouldn't say that Brad is full of BS because that isn't true. His timing is off because it is impossible to know the exact timing of utility as there are many factors at play. Everything Brad has said will come true it's just a matter of when which obviously even the most tuned in people can't accurately speculate. Which is why most people don't speculate publicly but it's so tough not to when you know and see the potential.
  6. Anyone else care to get in the ring with Tiffany? Haha! Well said Tiffany! You are an amazing person and mom!
  7. It's odd Brad would hype an article which doesn't promote crypto as a means to Bank settlement. The disclaimer directly states: This paper should not be reported as representing the views of the European Central Bank (ECB). The views expressed are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of the ECB. It's also interesting the document refers to the Ripple as the digital asset but not XRP. Perhaps we all purchased the wrong token. How do we trade XRP for the Ripple token? Why would Brad Garlinghouse himself retweet crypto FUD ? Perhaps his account was compromised? I was better off not reading that 40 page anti crypto sediment.
  8. https://dailyhodl.com/2018/09/30/ashton-kutcher-and-vc-sound-ventures-strive-for-social-impact-through-ripple-for-good/
  9. Funny someone should bring this up. I just had the thought today that BearableGuy123 could very well be Ashton. Ashton is a trickster, very computer savy and a very successful investor. If I recall correctly news surfaced that he had invested in Ripple the company through his company Sound Ventures, but I'm not certain about XRP. In any case he would have Ripple inside information that the average person would not be privy to and hiding behind a fictional character just seems to suit his persona.
  10. Guys, he's just trying to be optimistic. If only the author knew that XRP is a stable coin... perhaps he would have withdrawn his statement. Here's to holding to .30 cents! Bring it on! If good news shoots the price down then bad news must do the opposite right?
  11. The US SEC hasn't been able to identify where XRP fits. It will eventually fall under a new asset class but this could happen in the next 3 months or in the next 2 years. People aren't waiting for the SEC to make up their mind so rather than sit idle the industry moves forward. The downfall with this is Financial institutions will not adopt XRP until there is regulation and the regulation will come once the SEC gets their act together. The SEC moves at a snails pace compared to crypto and time is money. i too am of the impression this small pump has nothing to do with Ripple or XRP but BTC's influence over the market. Easy come easy go don't get too excited. XRP is still a sleeping dragon, it will settle back to 31 cents shortly. Presently, we live in a very manipulated crypto market.
  12. Well if Ripple can't drive the price of XRP , bitcoin sure can! As shown by today.
  13. Don't lose hope guys, this is an opportunity of a lifetime. There's way too much interest in XRP for it not to go anywhere. XRP has gotten the attention of just about everyone with a lot of money. I realize things don't move as fast as we would like to see but in reality when it does finally take off you'll be glad you HODLed. I think after July if we don't see any further progress i'll be a bit disappointed but I think this prolonging of the real utility is intended to shake off some of the less serious investors. Don't loose spirit I firmly believe this token will take flight but there is no predicting when that will happen but once it does there will be no turning back. To quote CKJ "That's for sure !" LOL!
  14. 2 weeks past still no significant change. I say wait until end of July. If there is negative movement or no change at all by then jump ship so I can buy more on the cheap! :p Ripple isn't going any where. Can't let emotions influence your investment. A lot of partnerships in the works all waiting on regulation. Once in the clear the true value should be reflected by utility and not by speculation. Patience is a virtue.
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