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  1. Go frolick on Facebook if you get your kicks arguing with people over internet posts. There's an endless supply of trolls there who love that. You guys can chase each other's tails all day long. Maybe they can understand your gibberish.
  2. You were arguing against a point, I just asked if you care to support it. You don't, that's fine. I'm not arguing for or against anyone so there's nothing for me to support. I posted facts about what is happening .....that's just commentary, not an argument or rebuttal.
  3. Most likely not the SDR, but some other reserve/world currency is more likely. Maybe not to replace something, but as a back up or alternative.
  4. What is being said sound similar to what people were saying before the 2008 crash. "It can never happen." "Real estate prices can never go down." "Everyone can keep getting no doc mortgages forever, even if you can't afford it." And other equally ridiculous statements. I'm a contrarian investor so I saved my money because I did say the real estate market would crash....and it did. Then I bought as much real estate from 2009-2011 as the credit union would give me investor mortgages for...from investors who became underwater. I fixed up the properties, rented them out to good tenants, and quit my job in 2013. Financial freedom for life. Now, people say the USD will always be the world reserve currency, even as countries drop it. The stock market cannot go up forever. The national debt cannot go up for ever. Government social programs cannot go up forever. The worlds' global financial landscape is changing and will continue to change. Where XRP and other digital assets play into that remains to be seen. But Ripple is in these IMF and other global financial organizations task forces and think tank type groups for a reason. It's not so Jose can send his paycheck to his family in Mexico. It's much larger than remittance companies.
  5. Can you support what you posted? I am open to all sides of a story, but since Rachel Lee backed up her position, I'm open to hearing you back up yours? Otherwise, you're just posting the exact same thing you accuse her of. We all know the global financial landscape is going to change. We see many countries moving away from the USD in various stages as well. The US was willing to kill Saddam and Ghadaffi over this. They won't mess with China and Russia with their military but they are using sanctions (SWIFT) and trade wars. The SDR has the USD in it so if the USD is changing, it's not a huge leap to think the SDR might change too. Plus, the IMF has been talking about digital assets and Chris Larsen in on the board with the IMF. There are many more connections with Ripple, SWIFT, the IMF, other global financial organizations, etc. In summary, this isn't total proof of anything in detail but it is proof that all this effort is happening for a reason. I don't think Ripple is on all these boards/organizations just so remittance companies can transfer money faster and cheaper from the US to Mexico. It's much, much bigger than that.
  6. The new Ripple XRP soccer style jersey (private designer)....
  7. Some pics of the new Ripple XRP soccer style jersey....made by a cycling/soccer jersey manufacturer.
  8. I'm sure Clinton doesn't know squat about cryptos. But he does know heads of state/governments and higher up people in the financial industry. I HATE the guy, but putting emotions aside like a successful business person should do, he brings a lot to the business table for a company that is breaking down barriers in a very conservative, risk adverse industry. He can open doors that Ripple can't do on its own. And if anyone crosses Ripple, or if we really want to get listed on Coinbase, Bill can send his wet works team to get the job done. I bet Assef from Coinbase won't be laughing off XRP after Clinton's boys pay him a visit!
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