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  1. Lets see if Gasparino gets the facts together the more his digging continues. Looking at the retweet/like ratio on the ripple vs SEC tweets compared to the other stuff he puts out on his twitter feed is quite remarkable. He cant ignore the interest on this topic
  2. Awesome blog - thanks for sharing about the writer: "Jared Whitley is a long-time Washington politico, having worked in the US Senate, the White House, and the defense industry. He writes with a specific eye on how actions in Washington will affect Wall Street and the broader economy. A world-traveler, Jared attended both the Free University of Berlin and Hult International Business School in Dubai, where he earned his MBA."
  3. W-Wow, that is a lot of ad hominem, anger and strawman arguments for a single post. You seem emotionally attached to an extent that is unhealthy. Cool off a bit. Just a mere suggestion that Ripple, not unlike other companies could employ marketing firms, sends you off into a wild frenzy... goodness me... But he is right The bigger the community grows the more yt channels you'll see on the topic. Most of the youtubers want to pump their own bags, often sharing xrp related content to gain followers because of its large community, to then shill their low volume coins to pump them up Well there you have it. The omnipotent BillyOckham hath spoken. My points are invalidated by him and therefor it shall be so. Any company operating in gray areas or employ methods that do not fit the moral standards of BillyOckham, simply would not be able to operate in 2021 and cease to exist. "W-Wow, that is a lot of ad hominem, anger and strawman arguments for a single post. You seem emotionally attached to an extent that is unhealthy. Cool off a bit."
  4. https://www.forbes.com/sites/roslynlayton/2021/09/12/its-time-to-end-the-secs-clarity-charade-on-crypto/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  5. I think they offer this feature since xrp got listed on coinbase 2019 or so
  6. I think jed was involved and I wonder what he has thought would happen with xlm in this bullrun while passing out his competition. I mean xlm even got outperformed by XRP this year and that with having burned away a big junk of supply and probably getting some kind of immunity by the sec. Being a xrp holder is hard, sure, but this lawsuit happens to provide xrp the opportunity to be the first with actual clear reg. in the US - not even eth has this. The price for this opp. is being dragged down temporarily. Xlm on the other hand... Surely not easy to hold but its time will come, I m sure
  7. To answer my own question, I found out that in a previous motion ripple asked the court to deny the sec's motion to compel as moot because they already produced the most part of recordings from staff meetings and will be complete before the motion is fully briefed. Seems that theres not much meat in it for the sec as ripple didnt even fight this request and started to produce promptly
  8. Exit-liquidity today for saylor and friends?
  9. The ongoing sec farce against xrp doesnt matter that much for them it seems, nice to see
  10. Imagine every grown up citizen would be allowed to vote on a verdict in cases like this (SEC v Ripple) - there`s about 14 % of americans holding crypto - most of the non holder still view crypto currencies as dirty money for criminals which would give the majority of the voters a much more biased view towards the SEC Even out of the 14% of crypto enthusiasts, the majority (BTC, ETH) still hates XRP and ripple and would love to see the SEC win this case I don`t know but I sure as hell am happy to have a judge like netburn (and torres) ruling on this partially very complex issues. Yes, judges are a single point of failure but they have to justify their decisions all well documented for reviewing any time - Jurys don`t have to and a decentralised voting system surely wouldn`t neither
  11. nice update on XRP from CredibleCrypto for those who are interested
  12. SEC writes in this motion that ripple already provided some slack conversations before the case was filed, but stopped doing so after they knew that the SEC is going to sue them exactly my thoughts too -- 3 weeks before end of fact discovery they hurry to gather facts from ripple staff`s slack convos to support their lawsuit? (or gain a better position on settlement talks?)
  13. As far as I understood the biggest issue is the definition of "brokers" (who are required with tax reporting obligations) is expanded to include non-brokers like software developers, miners, stakers, validators This would mean those non-brokers are required to collect personal information from users of blockchain networks just as centralized exchanges are required to... what technically would be impossible... As explained in the letter to all representatives in the house (see below) There has been a few amendments to this bill which excluded the non-brokers from this tax obligations but failed to receive unanimus consent therefore no amendment made it into the bill - afaik But there`s still hope read the thread
  14. no offence to our american fellows but it sort of makes me proud not being an american -- what are your elected people doing? giving up on the land of the free, out of pure greed and arrogance?
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