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  1. I am not saying that histroy will repead itself but I just want to show how xrp moves when its in a bull run and after massive price surges like we had 2-3 weeks ago XRP always corrected more than 50% from the top till the nex move up below is an example of XRP`s move from april to june 2017 (charts are from livecoinwatch) end of march 2017 xrp moved from 0.01 to 0.06+ and corrected down to 0.03 (i think thats where we could be now) XRP then moved more or less sideways for about 3 to 4 weeks till the beginning of may 2017, then the next move up from about 0
  2. Also, instead of lightning they could easily use the xrpl as second layer
  3. What is this fear mongering all about? We've seen this price swings in may/june 2017 also as in the runup to 3.80 As eric keeps saying - bull markets are much more stressfull I advise to take a break from looking at charts, btc could correct down to 58k at least IMO Its weekend enjoy your life lol 😁
  4. I think a lot people are really not amused by xrp's sudden spike up to 2 dollar and the overall change in sentiment. A few months ago no one thought that this sec mess turns out to be publicity for xrp and i've read a lot of comments from members here having sold all or most of their xrp with the anticipation that this case will hold it down for very long time. My biggest fear was not missing out on this bullrun, it was missing out on xrp after 3 years of researching and accumulating. (also i have to say i too sold a bit of my stack and diversified more into other coins, but have t
  5. "Live now, Novatti expects to process several thousand transactions a month through RippleNet and is planning to quickly scale the service to more fintech customers and other countries in Southeast Asia. ODL allows Novatti and its fintech customers to deliver on this promise because it enables instant cross-border payments without the need for pre-funding. Before ODL, remittance providers would need to hold pre-funded accounts on each side of a transaction in that country’s local currency. Those accounts tie up capital all over the world, adding expense to every transaction. And ev
  6. Jop, honestly I hope it goes to at least 1.50 and consolidates a few days/weeks But on the other hand its xrp, we know it can move violently when its on
  7. Long awaited correction happening - very very important!! We kissed 2$ at livecoinwatch today (I never use coinmarketcap), about 10 days ago we were at around 0.60 IMO no news can move the price that much than a potential win in a market defining lawsuit XRP's situation is unprecedented - I dont see any reason why it could not gain to and beyond its ATH in sats (wherever BTC then will be) if the case goes in our favour It just doesnt go straight - corrections are very much needed on the way
  8. It seems jay clayton has already been in the spotlight for giving a pass on regulating some of his "wallstreet-friends" (as he did with eth-btc friends?)
  9. I could imagine he sells XRP to pump up XLM... Who knows but nevermind he will be running out of xrp soon enough
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