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  1. completely agree @Zielonegrabiezawszewmodzie keeps on promoting hysteria
  2. "The bank also said this week that it will be bringing international payments to more countries in Europe — beyond the U.K., Poland, Brazil and Spain — and is looking to bring Ripple on as a preferred settlement choice. The executive added that OnePay FX might see adoption in places like Japan, where XRP has been gaining traction. Per trade reports, Metzger said, “We believe that financial services are moving to a world of open platforms, where companies collaborate to deliver excellent customer service for their customers, and that’s at the core of what we’re doing with OnePay FX.” https://www.pymnts.com/news/b2b-payments/2018/banco-santander-ripple-xrp-crypto-wallex-funding/ EDIT: is pymnts.com credible?
  3. The World Trade Organization says blockchain technology – and specifically Ripple – could have a dramatic and disruptive impact on the world’s financial System. A massive new report called The future of world trade: How digital technologies are transforming global commerce says blockchain has “the potential to profoundly transform the way we trade, who trades and what is traded.” The report singles out Ripple as a company that could radically change how financial institutions move money. “Ripple has ambitions to circumvent the correspondent banking model through its distributed ledger platform. It gives banks the ability to convert funds directly into different currencies in a matter of seconds and at little to no cost, without relying on correspondent banks.” “The company has licenses with more than 100 banks and financial institutions, but it seems that only a limited number of large operations have taken place to date. Banks are still testing the system.”
  4. VanHasen

    LCX and Xpring?

    "Ripple has hired Ethan Beard, formerly director of Facebook’s developer network and an ex-EIR at Greylock Partners, to lead Xpring and more broadly Ripple’s developer program." https://techcrunch.com/2018/05/14/ripple-xpring/?guccounter=1 (“The goal is to support businesses that we believe would see benefit from building upon the XRP ledger,” Eric van Miltenburg, Ripple SVP of business operations, told TechCrunch in an interview. “Support will come in a variety of ways: investment, incubation, and the potential of acquisition or grants. We’re focused on proven entrepreneurs who can use the ledger and XRP to really address their customers’ problems.” Van Miltenburg said Ripple has been approached by entrepreneurs and companies wanting to work with XRP “for years,” but nothing came of discussions because Ripple is focused on financial Services. “There’s been enough interaction to say there’s something here [and] now is the time,” he added. “Over the last four to six months [the idea of Xpring] has really crystallized.”)
  5. VanHasen

    LCX and Xpring?

    https://twitter.com/montymetzger/status/1049125866926690305 https://medium.com/@IcoRating/binance-lcx-exchange-launches-crypto-to-fiat-trading-in-liechtenstein-95b591c2be2f "Binance has partnered with the Liechtenstein Cryptoassets Exchange (LCX) to launch a new fiat-to-crypto exchange called Binance LCX, providing fiat liquidity to European crypto Investors."
  6. "On 13th September, Ripple announced its strategic partnership with the National Commercial Bank (NCB) of the Kingdom Saudi Arabia (KSA), one of the biggest markets for remittance services in the whole world and it will test xRapid as a cross-border payment solution." are there any other sources confirming this? never heard of them testing xrapid https://bitcoinexchangeguide.com/ripples-swell-2018-event-could-spark-xrp-coin-bull-run-with-expected-announcements/
  7. as of now using xcurrent doesn't mean "no xrapid involved" anymore, even if they don't switch from xcurrent to xrapid directly! -> thanks to multi-hop just a few days ago xrapid went out of beta and is now part of the full ripplenet software package! in future xrapid is going to be more and more involved within transactions on ripplenet without having banks directly signed on it and without officially announcing it in public... why this ignorance?
  8. right, you have to build liquidity - then volume comes with time when you want a digital asset to be the bridge between different FIAT or other assets you need to be able to buy/sell the bridge asset (market maker) on the entry and exit points of each corridor! you can circumvent missing asset-pairs (liquidity) by using hops but nevertheless you'll need, on at least both ends, someone who is willing to buy/sell the asset you want to trade for FIAT (in a crosscurrency TX for example) what i love about xrapid compared to IBM's World Wire is that xrapid uses XRP directly via one hop (FIAT/XRP-->XRP/FIAT) as bridge and ripple is way ahead of building liquidity for XRP by using market makers to take the risk and with more FIAT/Pairs to come! So afaik the recently announced multi-hop feature is not built in xrapid directly but more into the whole ripplenet solutions - so you can use xcurrent on one end and xrapid/xvia on the other with the possibility to do multiple hops in one TX - that massively increases xrapids reach without having customers signed on it directly, at least that's how i understood it so far!
  9. i wouldn't put much into "they work closely with..." -- those big software and payment companies all are working very closely with many startups, fintechs etc... no one is going all in one! btw XLM is mainly just used for the transaction fees (on the stellar Network) in IBM's World Wire solution afaik -- with XLM as bridge asset for the whole value of the transaction it would need much much more liquidity than it has now, therefor it's currently not comparable with XRP in the crossborder TX usecase IMO
  10. don't know if i'm allowed to post this here - a little "tin-foil-haty" but interesting IMO
  11. "I said I'm sad that XRP isn't 1 euro is that being impatient?" - Yes it is, kind of "Does that make us impatient? Or desperate?" - Yes you are complaining about the value of one single unit = the value of a can coke in regards to the 3rd most valued digital asset currently in the market -- and we have been number 2 several times the last weeks you have invested in a high supply token that climbed up to number 2 in market cap caused by speculation alone - although it is/was one of the most hated crypto in the market so you thought after the xrapid-out-of-beta-announcement all of the sudden all investors and whales are going to whip their big green dildos over XRP? again? after the massiv price action we've seen the last two weeks? seems you invested your hopes in the speculative but not utility driven future of the market - otherwise you wouldn't complain about the price of an asset that, a few days ago, sat the milestone for now being open/ready to comercial usage + the much wider reach it possibly gets through multi-hop and some sort of convergence with xcurrent and xvia to merge it all in one! It is now part of the full package on ripplenet! Swell was big for XRP this year IMO - but not getting some sort of "amazon-announcement" really seems to let people fall like dominos for desperation! seriously, what did you expect? i think it's a bit of greedy behavior to now start whining about not doubling our position again, like 2 weeks ago! if you don't have the patience to hodl 1, 3, 5 years then you clearly choose the wrong asset to invest in! sry not meant to be rude haha this thread -- holy duck!
  12. VanHasen

    Was that It?

    Reading your posts - regardless on which topic - always makes me smile a bit
  13. Yeah well as i stated above, its interesting that they list those ratings - didnt say they rated by themselves but someone from binance decided which ratings are gonna shown on their hp - and the xrp 5 star one is at top of that list...
  14. important to note is they rated xrp with 10/10 even there was no escrow (AFAIK) and further decentralisation of the conensus protocol (what is now far more decentralised than btc) at that time... XRP should now get a big fat golden extra star on top of this rating - IMO
  15. XRP best digital asset according to binance info page https://info.binance.com/en/rate/list