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  1. Hm he still seems to be quiet sure Nevermind, great if true - i dont care about official announcements...
  2. Came across HammerToes daily FUD fighting threads. He says SCB uses ODL? I knew they are on ripplenet but do not recall them using ODL. Has this ever been announced?
  3. Would you mind to share what coins you will hold on your anticipated alt run?
  4. And here's galgitrons explanation of flare http://galgitron.net/Post/DeFi-Defined "What is it? Ok, in a nutshell, Flare is a new blockchain (development supported by Ripple's Xpring by the way). It's different than Ethereum, but has a lot of similarities. It has its own native coin, Spark (just like the XRPL has XRP as its native coin). The Flare blockchain is premised on the same EVM (Ethereum Virtual machine) as the Ethereum blockchain, which essentially means that a lot of the same capabilities that Ethereum has, will also be possible on Flare. Why is this so important to XRP
  5. Maybe this helps a bit David Schwartz on that matter https://ripple.com/insights/issuing-stablecoins-on-the-xrp-ledger/?utm_campaign=twitter&utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=organic_social&utm_content=1610752485
  6. Since the sec case, maybe - but before it accounted for 10% of all remittances between mexico and US if I recall correctly... And i think tracking odl transactions is still not easy to comprehend from our pov therefore we can't now for sure... But nevertheless, irrelevant for this topic - it doesnt change the fact that odl belongs to RN
  7. https://ripple.com/insights/tapping-the-power-of-ripplenet-cloud/ https://www.xrparcade.com/news/ripple-makes-ripplenet-onboarding-faster-and-easier/ "RippleNet Cloud To further imporve RippleNet, Ripple has introduced RippleNet Cloud. Ripple’s Vice President of Product, Amir Sarhangi, explained all about RippleNet Cloud in a recent post. With RippleNet Cloud, banks and financial institutions can maximize their business benefits with minimal effort and more flexibility. RippleNet Cloud allows customers to send and receive payments with one integration and a common Ri
  8. lol Also baka, didnt you say more than once after the sec drop that when xrp ever gets past 0.3-0.4 you are out of this coin?
  9. also, xrpage, maybe you`d like to read a bit more on the btc china centralization issue and what could happen with a mining pool attack... http://galgitron.net/Post/How-China-Can-Kill-Bitcoin
  10. We now get informed before the big money flows in? Would be nice but I dont think its that easy tbh
  11. "... all that really matters is what fraction of Bitcoin’s daily buying volume Tether accounts for — and that number is closer to 70%." Also, makes you wonder how much of this bullrun really was due to serious institutions buying into btc
  12. Reading xrpchat, reddit and other forums nowadays it seems btc getting to 400k or even 1mm in the next 1-2 years is almost a sure thing for many people here and elsewhere Yeah i know, no finacial advises etc - but for newcomers, the overall shared sentiment is enough to pull the trigger on a 40k btc Last week some friends and colleagues at work told me they bought at 39-40k while they didnt even bother to think of buying when it was at 5-10k a few months ago. And i have to say after 3+ years in this market its a bit scary seeing them willing to pay a premium of 700-800% at btc (or ot
  13. Have some cash left, what do you guys think of trx and neo? Does anyone hold this coins?
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