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  1. VanHasen

    Has Corey Johnson left Ripple?

    Miguel is still busy at ripple
  2. VanHasen

    Binance and Xrapid

    I'm in the EU too and purchasing xrp with credit card works just fine now!
  3. VanHasen

    Galgitron’s blog: Fake News

    so true... "There is no community quite like the #xrpcommunity. There's literally a million Twitter followers, unparalleled, and we all have the same fervent religiosity to our beloved XRP. Unfortunately, this love is our Achilles heel. It's virtually effortless for an author to write a FUD piece and drive tens of thousands of hits to that page because of the predictable hostile reaction of the XRP community herd. The authors don't care that they've ****** us off, no, in fact that's what they want to do. Triggering us practically guarantees a massive rush of hits to their web page. All they care about is that they put advertising in front of our eyes, and they collect revenue from that."
  4. i like Craig DeWitt's response to her claiming that nobody except ripple say's nostro accounts are a major problem
  5. VanHasen

    Has Corey Johnson left Ripple?

    The sensible thing is that we simply don't know what the reasons were. Everything else is speculation. totally agree with benchmark - we don't know if ripple did offer cory some other position or not - but honestly, i can't think of any position fitting to cory without degrading him from high level personel and still being somehow effective for ripple without them needing a Chief Market Strategist anymore - this position seemed to be made for him... and now they seem to not need such anymore - so where to put him? cory never was high level on the tech side - he is a talker! i believe the need for educating press and regulators about ripple and xrp (especially without deep tech know-how) is gone now - and for me thats not really a bad sign! ...we do not know the reasons why ripple thinks they don't need a chief market strategist anymore - except of the following only official statement from ripple as of now: "Cory’s last year at Ripple was a success in representing the company to investors, press and regulators. Cory helped Ripple with strategy internally and overall industry education. But due to changes in market conditions, we’ve chosen to eliminate the role of Chief Market Strategist.”
  6. VanHasen

    Binance and Xrapid

    here's their (simplex) second response after asking if it's a technical issue: "Hello *****, It is not a technical issue but in the process of integration. As soon as it goes live you should be able to see it on the site. All the best, Stanley Simplex Support Team For live updates"
  7. VanHasen

    Binance and Xrapid

    i'm on mobile and at work, but see my response above: i quoted the simplex support
  8. VanHasen

    Binance and Xrapid

    it took me one minute to submit a request on simplex support page and another two minutes for them to answer not much infos why it's not available yet but its not binance tricking us or using XRP community for marketing purposes - the issue is on simplex' side, so wasting time for sh*ting on binance and CZ without actually taking the minute and ask them directly is a bit unfair! I'm on mobile so i'll just copy-paste what they wrote: "Hello ******, Thank you for contacting Simplex support. XRP is in the plans to be launched in the nearest future for now, that option is not yet available. All the best, Stanley Simplex Support Team For live updates ------------------------------------------------------------------------- On Thu, 7 Feb at 7:36 PM , ****** <****************@gmx.at> wrote: Hello, when is XRP enabled for credit card purchases on binance.com? According to binance it's an issue on your side and they told me to submit a request on your support page thanks in advance"
  9. VanHasen

    Binance and Xrapid

    Thats weird, few days ago when I checked XRP was there! The must have removed it... i think the issue is on Simplex' side -- according to a tweet from CZ a few days ago simplex is the new payment provider integrated on binance.com and they do have technical issues with XRP it seems
  10. "The Jed account that was selling 1m+ $XRP per day stopped selling on January 11. The other wallets are also inactive, for now." isn't it suspicious that XLM lost ground the last 3 weeks - was jed really pumping up his own coin with his xrp sells? and much more interesting - why did he stop? 2 options comes to my mind 1 - some regulatory authorities asked him to stop "manipulating" the price of XLM!? 2 - he suddenly sees more value in xrp than before!? btw, title is a bit misleading IMO
  11. VanHasen

    Why the hate?

    WOW! OP edited his post with the following absolutely freaking laughable lines: "Edit: in lieu of most comments here, we really should stop including Ripple in cryptocurrency forums, sites, exchanges,... Ripple belongs to r/CompanyRewardsPoints not here. Coin market cap and other sites should remove it from their sites. Also thank you for rewarding me "Reddit Platinum", I value it more than XRP since Reddit is actually producing something productive and people actually use it." but then, reading through the majority of the comments (at least the top ones) i feel they may shot themselves because of the absence of real arguments against XRP especially compared to btc! this thread has about 550 upvotes and a lot of comments despite of OP's irrationial and stupid claims - what is scary in itself - but it partly provided a stage for better articlulated and knowledgeable community members (than myself) pointing out bitcoins pow ongoing centralization and xrp's PoC ongoing decentralization and to bring some facts to this absolute blind puppets of ignorance! its clear to me that more and more crypto ideologists get scared of XRP what gives me reasons to believe that they actually do see PoW's flaws and XRP's ongoing decentralization in it's PoC model, but this deeply contradicts their believes and hopes they have with bitcoin or overall PoW, and that leads them in conflict with themselves - so they start to hate! Man they must really feel hopeless hearing the CEO of SBI talking about their plans with XRP-R3-Corda-Ripple and bringing them all together while simultaneously seeing brad garlinghouse climbing on stage head to head with the CEO of Swift raising ripple up to a higher playing-field no other crypto-project ever will be able to compete with - and on top of that the managing director of IMF Christine Lagarde regularly bringing up ripple as example for massive disruption in the finance world up to a warning attitute towards correspondent banking to move or they may be left behind I for myself started to get interested in ripple and xrp 13+ months ago after seeing such tremendous efforts to talk down a project like in the above linked thread - i questioned myself, why do they hate this coin so much - i started to research - and here I am -- all in XRP!
  12. You missed the SBI 2018 fin. report presentation? SBI owns 60% of R3 and has brought them back on "normal" speaking terms"with Ripple The way that did this was quite smart giving the advantage to R3 for the usage of Corda (over xCurrent), but lured Ripple in the deal with a promise from R3 to run settlements for Xborder remittance over the Corda Settler by using XRP as preferred bridge. They (SBI) also has the power to leverage the XRP usage by creating the needed XRP markets and volume. So actually I read the deal between Swift and R3 as an indirect link to the Corda Settler as wel. With XRP as cheapest bridge to many corridors. Knowing SBI (AND R3?) as large XRP holders, have more than just an incentive to take THAT most affordable bridge, I wouldn't be surprised to see even this year some SWIFT messages ending over the Corda Settler and ... the XRP bridge. JMHO