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  1. I remember on the run up to 2 dollar last April a lot of chartists saying XRP needs to retest its breakout zone in the 0,50-0,70 range before going to ATH -- well we retested this area now for the second time. This has to mean something, right -- Lets see... After falling down the 2017/2018 top xrp didnt manage to break through/stay above the level (which got retested now twice) for more than 3 years (mainly hovering in the 0,30 cents range) -- ironically, few months after the SEC bomb fell on us XRP broke out of this range (and stayed above for almost a year now) and launched to 2 dollar within weeks -- XRP falling back down to 0,27 would be very bad technically IMO (at least short- midterm) As for BTC I believe BCBacker is right and the top is already in. Generally I think BCBacker is very reasonable in his assertions and he called the top of BTC a while ago. I think he`s right on Bitcoin and we will see a relief rally now after the recent drop and I hope he is right on the altcoins and we will see altseason soon. BCBacker has a way of explaining how price movements effects our minds and why most retail investors buy into green candles and hype instead low prices.
  2. for me 3 things are going to be significant before I`m going to rethink my position in XRP until this mess see`s an end 1) ruling on DPP 2) ruling on Fair Notice defense 3) XRP Market report Q4/21 (ODL growth)
  3. Very interesting thoughts on ODL, Tranglo, Finastra and how mass adoption may already happening in front of us. Both threads are worth reading IMO, although speculative
  4. I have watched the whole thing -- by far the best talk re SEC/Ripple/ETH/Lubin/Hinman/Clayton corruption I´ve seen! Gave me goosebumps when John lays out the whole timeline of SEC/ETH corruption within a few minutes, wow Its been said that patrickbetdavid has a 3 Million audience - don`t know where the numbers come from, but seems big At least the first hour of this podcast is a must watch IMO
  5. So after setting a trustline with XUMM, am I able to buy SOLO (for exampel on bitrue) and store it also in XUMM? Do I have to send my Solo from Bitrue to my XUMM-XRP adress which was used to set the trustline?
  6. Thanks a lot for your explaining @Ripley -- this goes far beyond my technical knowledge on blockchain and specifically XRPL Do you think all this issues happened on the XRPL the last days are somehow related with each other or is it just a coincidence that all this is happening at once now (after many years of XRPL running smooth and resilient - like a clock)?
  7. Yep, already wasted too much time on this nonsense Possibly thats all she wanted to archive with this - folks discussing if she could hurt the case in anyway gives her some weird kind of satisfaction I wont engage with this topic anymore
  8. The funny thing is she`s acting like she`s on a mission for the SEC Saying she will only answer the agency`s questions truthfully whilst she`s clearly seeking information from the community for them (asking for a specific XRPLF adress)... SEC must be really desperate I mean... lol
  9. She claims she has a meeting with SEC today regarding ripple lawsuit (not her first) - specifically claiming someone from the XRPL-Foundation told her they`ve received funds from ripple IMO she may is a smart person but she definitly has a axe to grind with the XRP community and ripple I mean, why even talk publicly about the SEC meeting other than to try and create uncertainty in the community? she seems to be an attention seeker but no one is much interested in her tweets it seems
  10. I remember reading somewhere on twitter yesterday that "today marks the longest time period between motions and actions since the beginning of the case." But I also think that settlement discussions between ripple and SEC have already started long time ago and just didnt get to a point on which both can agree with yet, so I won`t put too much hope into these quiet periods I`ve stated a few times that i believe the next decision on ripples motion to rule over the deliberative process privilege the SEC claims on every doc they handed over is one of the most important rulings. If court rules DPP is not appropriate and ripple gets to see the docs things could go fast IMO Besides that there`s the SEC`s motion to strike Ripples fair notice defense still to be decided on - but somehow I have the feeling that If ripple gets access to the documents the SEC`s motion to strike fair notice will be dismissed -- that would mean (incase they didn`t settle already) that ripple is allowed to argue their fair notice defense at summary judgement AFAIK (But also - a dismissal on SEC`s motion to strike fair notice would already be very bad for the SEC) Let`s wait and see - I think most rulings happened on Fridays if I recall correctly?
  11. Unfortunately this gets often dismissed as conspiracy theory but is most probably the exact reasoning behind all the actions against ripple and XRP.
  12. SABB is privileged not only to be the 1stSaudi Bank to join Ripple’s network for Blockchain technology, but also takes pride in announcing to be the 1st bank in the region to offer near real-time USD settlement for their corporate clients. This expansion of the solution to cover the US corridor is the 3rd one through Ripple, post the successful activation of this technology with the Indian Rupee & Lankan Rupee in early 2019
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