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  1. Honestly I really thought there would be a bit more behind Facebooks libra coin - they don't even managed to bring their coin on the technical level xrp is (currently 1400 tps and 3 to 5 secs settlement time until cobalt goes live) and not to forget, xrp has no counterpart risk and is worldwide tradeable, therefore it don't needs to be backed by anything For a centralized stable coin (libra) this is indeed a bit underwhelming BTW xrp is production ready since years, and xrapid since last October - no prototype-phase
  2. With toast wallet your passphrase (what encrypts your secret key) is only stored on your device where you've set up your toast wallet - it is never sent to any external servers... And it's open source, everyone can look into their source code When you keep your device where toast is set up offline it's as secure as the ledger nano s imo Important when setting up, write down your wallet address and secret key on paper and store it in a safe place - when your device gets lost or doesn't work any more you still have access to your xrp with your paper wallet
  3. Exactly! And it again confirms xrp's main use case as settlement tool is very real. They are trying to build what ripple started years ago, but they don't have the time to create liquidity for an asset to be worldwide tradable without counterparty risks like xrp - therefor they are creating another walled garden where fiat-liquidity-pools are still required! Regardless of settlement times and low fees, this doesn't solve all the problems xrp can solve IMO
  4. and here we go -- just produce some ****** rumors and generate hype around it to let more and more crypto outlets pick up this BS and force ripple and/or (insert company here) to comment on it -- and when they do they of course will deny any of such relationships, even if the rumors where true - they have to deny it!! IMO if one really would have insider knowledge on such matters, making it public for attention and a few more clicks would be the dumbest thing to do - except you want to damage ripple and XRP!
  5. do you have a link or source for that statement? neverthless, while i think this rumors are just another attempt to somehow damage XRP and ripples relationships with companys like moneygram, here's a video with MoneyGram International's Global Head of Product & Innovation talking about ripple (april 2019) -- thanks to leonidas
  6. You know this thread is about money gram, right?
  7. are you sure about that? i am absolutely no TA expert, but XRP broke and holds well above 0,46 the last hours with volume close to 3B -- while it struggled to break 0,44 - 0,45 the last days i have the feeling once XRP breaks 0,50 it could do really well - am I wrong with this assessment? again, no TA expert but i kind of like how XRP's chart looks like at the moment compared to BTC and LTC -- but of course, when BTC tanks so will XRP
  8. I'm not completely disagreeing with you but XLM currently has a problem with decentralizing their nodes which led to a halt of the network recently -- i think they should have put much more efforts in decentralizing the network BEFORE they advertise going on enterprise-scale with IBM WW -- IMO "Update regarding yesterday's network halt from Jed: Over the last months we have worked to get people to *not* depend on the SDF nodes. As of maybe a month or so ago the SDF nodes could safely go down and the network would continue. But this also means that the network can halt even if the SDF nodes are still running. Unfortunately this is what happened. Enough other nodes stopped for various reasons that the network halted. The SDF nodes and in fact the majority of validators in the network were still up. They just couldn't close ledgers safely because they weren't hearing from enough nodes in their quorums so the network halted until it could be restored to a good state. A longer post mortem is coming soon" "Stellar Network has been down for 60 minutes at the time of this post Looks like SDF nodes went down, and the network couldn’t reach consensus. A good reminder about the huge importance of decentralization. https://dashboard.stellar.org/ Edit: as I understand it, most validators on the network, if not all of them, trust SDF nodes. So that means that SDF validators are needed for the network to reach consensus. They went down (reason?) and the network had to stop."
  9. October 21, 2018 https://startupbahrain.com/bahrains-leading-payment-gateway-sadad-adopts-ripples-xrapid-for-cross-border-payments/
  10. What do you think one xrp is worth in 2022?
  11. oh hey, those are big doors soon opened for new money coming into the market -- not that bad for the beginning
  12. was there one before the last bullrun? the general public interest picked up when prices already started to increase - led to bigger up moves what caused more FOMO it wouldnt make sense to invest into the cryptomarket long term when you dont believe new money coming in
  13. i think OP was talking about the sentiment before the price moved up
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