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  1. Given we are currently still in bull market and xlm is one of the low gainer without the sec dragging it down the MG news should have sent it towards ATH and beyond IMO
  2. If this turns out to be true judge netburn will see the proof of hinman lying under oath. Cant emphasize enough how big this feels to me.
  3. Not sure why you seem so pessimistic on this. This ruling is fantastic news. I was concerned that judge netburn won't order the sec to provide additional documents if the already reviewed docs she received (i assume she already started with reviewing?) didnt provide any meaningful weight to this case in her eyes. But now to me it seems to be the opposite. This ruling potentially brings gold to the fair notice defense and highers the chances of a win at summary judgement (which is within this year) Also as mr hogan laid out that its likely that this case gets split up to xrp in the open market and larson/garlinghous/ripple's sales in a certain period of time. Hogan says he believes the first thing being resolved is most likely the question of if xrp is currently a security in the open markets. Larson and garlinghouse still could need to fight it out in court
  4. This is it! It is now official and the courts view that the sec is clearly acting against xrp holders and court allows them to have a seat on the table. This will bring much much more attention to this case and sec's conflicts of interrests already pointed out on masse by xrp community - and more on, this will get our hero john e deaton in front of main stream media to do more interviews - and for all whom saw him on fox business recently know THATS A GOOD THING. John is made for the big stage!
  5. Awesome interview! Also, fox business is going to cover all this odd "coincidences" re clayten-hinman-eth connections next week
  6. Started to set trustlines -- Is there a easy way to see for what coins/trustlines its too late to receive an airdrop or do I have to google on every project to find out the airdrop already happened? thanks in advance
  7. I sense the case against ripple AND xrp holders is becoming their biggest nightmare
  8. I dont know much about the technicals as to how eth2.0 is getting etablished but this is also a very interesting point - how are existing eth miners going to give up on the massive amounts on cash they make with mining eth?
  9. I found this interview VERY IMPORTANT, even there was not much news added from brad - how could he in this crucial phase of the lawsuit. The important thing is he showed up on foxnews and talked with gasparino on his investigations into this case. I think gasperino is slowly but surely getting it right and he will continue to dig deeper into this mess the sec created. Please watch this video below - gasparino talks about thie interview with brad and that he will continue to ask a lot of questions to clayton and sec...
  10. Lets see if Gasparino gets the facts together the more his digging continues. Looking at the retweet/like ratio on the ripple vs SEC tweets compared to the other stuff he puts out on his twitter feed is quite remarkable. He cant ignore the interest on this topic
  11. Awesome blog - thanks for sharing about the writer: "Jared Whitley is a long-time Washington politico, having worked in the US Senate, the White House, and the defense industry. He writes with a specific eye on how actions in Washington will affect Wall Street and the broader economy. A world-traveler, Jared attended both the Free University of Berlin and Hult International Business School in Dubai, where he earned his MBA."
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