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  1. No you didn't read my post correctly, my previous post very clearly said "Out of the top 30 alts on coinmarketcap.com only eth bat doge zil ada have reached their 2017 ATH." How is this statement any different from what you posted >>>> "the top 30 back in 2017 only have so many that hit all time highs today" The main point I was trying make though was YngwieJ said "alt coin season has been in full swing already" no it hasn't .....sure some alts have been performing well .... but people haven't seen nothing yet. When the real alt coin season starts your eyes will be popping out of your head. Also just because a coin has moved up the ranks in the top 30 don't mean it will stay there. Anything can happen in crypto .... Dash was once number #3 ranking it is now rank #43 https://coinmarketcap.com/historical/20170326/
  2. No your wrong, Only eth bat doge zil ada have reached their 2017 ATH. Here is a 2017 snapshot https://coinmarketcap.com/historical/20180107/ Basically your logic is flawed ....what your doing is saying a new project can release their token today with a price of $0.000001 and get listed on coinbase a week later and pump to the moon and in your mind it has broken all time highs. Try comparing the coins to the last major 2017 bull run.
  3. No it hasn't Out of the top 30 alts on coinmarketcap.com only eth bat doge zil ada have reached their 2017 ATH. Sure many alts are flying right now but most of them are newly launched projects that have never been through the 2017 bull run. Many of the alts you see flying now were coins that before oct 2020 was starting from super low values with 5-10 million dollar market caps and never had a 2017 bull run. Thus making them super easy to pump. The real alt season has not arrived yet.
  4. Assuming your American.... Why do you think the rich and wealthy park their money overseas in offshore accounts?
  5. Its very simple to still buy XRP as a American. If if every USA exchange stopped trading XRP you could still get xrp if you really want it. All you have to do is buy a stable coin like DAI, USDT,USDC,PAX (make sure the stable coin you buy is supported at the exchange you intent to use, most support at least USDT and USDC) and send the stable coin to a over seas exchange like bitrue.com, bybit.com, coinex.com, coinmetro.cx KuCoin, BitMart, nominex.io, godex.io and buy XRP. Easy peassy, people always make a mountain out of a mole hill, without doing much critical thinking. Considering Uphold.com is the only USA exchange still supporting XRP, they have earned my business for life, I will be using Uphold.com exclusively. Uphold is now my number 1 go to exchange for the foreseeable future.
  6. I seen it coming, I knew something was gonna come up to delay the launch.
  7. @Eric123 I was joking, usually when btc or xrp decides to go sky diving those post with the suicide hotline number start popping up.
  8. Prepare to be disappointed guys, I want XRP on Coinbase and I think it will eventually happen, but no news about it will be released about Coinbase and XRP listing tomorrow. If news is released about xrp listing on Coinbase then I got first dibbs on Melissa Lee!!!!!
  9. Who is writing these BS articles? ... I love my XRP but never once has XRP reached anywhere near $2.75 CAD. Stop spreading lies!
  10. Explain please what you mean escrow is up an running. Secure block chains is kinda what I am looking for but they appear to be a new startup. I don't want the 3rd party risk. And their fees are low but I like to pay close to nothing to lock my holdings. To me paying several thousand dollars in the long run to lock up a large amount of xrp in escrow is like taxing me.
  11. How can I lock my xrp holdings in escrow? I am thinking about doing this to prevent myself from having weak fingers.
  12. How can I lock my xrp holdings in escrow?
  13. First they laugh at us, then they fight us, then in the long run we win. Bdxrp I knew you was a w.a.n.k.e.r from our private chats. Now the whole xrpchat board knows your a w.a.n.k.e.r too.
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