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  1. Sentiment is way high, no negative comments yet. Good to see! Im not going anywhere till $50 xrp. no matter how long it takes. then I will borrow my own xrp from nexo or something and never really sell my xrp. so what xrp space Jesus said.
  2. Is there anywhere people go to have live chats or discussions on XRP?
  3. What could spark it?! I ask everyone here to watch the financial news. Stocks and markets are taking a beating. Interest rates are going up again. Goldman Sachs, Apple...beating....I adjusted my 401k to very conservative 2 weeks ago. GE Cancelled dividends, "evidence shows" the hedge funds are dropping it. Thinking positive, this money is going to go somewhere else, one thing I don't see at all on any channel is not one comment on crypto....bell closed...
  4. DCEX is holding a nice price on XRP. Would like to send some funds there and get that XRP. but looks like I would be in the room by myself.
  5. Would like to know the answer as well. Always high emotions and then a let down, but I just saw 2 million sell orders get chewed up on bitstamp and still go up. I dont want FOMO, I want utility! Going to bed now.....Would like to wake up to another 15%....
  6. Never thought of a pump and dump group.... would be the avengers of pump and dump, lol.
  7. Forgot who said it but it was exactly as its going down. Coinbase will add xrp, but throw it in between 50 other coins.
  8. Its like anything else. When times are down, people get testy. Everyone will be best buds when the zerps go up.
  9. Just go and get your card verified by visa and you are set........verified by visa(usa) = 3d visa(euro ppl). some playa hater banks dont use it. like BOA. get a new bank account if you have them. go to bitstamp and buy your zerps on your debit card instant. Done it on my app waiting at a red light. its fast.
  10. What are we considered? Pre-retail?. No one knows what XRP is still.
  11. Doesnt look like anything special but more to the market is always better.
  12. I would like to develop an xrp solution to tokenize new companies looking for investors. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thank you.
  13. If Coinbase is currently valued at 8 billion? What is binance valued at? 100 billion?? How can I invest in binance?
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