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  1. Hey @tar. I've seen mentions of Elliot wave theory countless times in this forum (always noting that some people love it, some people think it's useless, even among TA enthusiasts), and your post motivated me to finally educate myself a bit. So, if my understanding is correct, you mention a ~$60k USD target for the peak of wave 3, which could take over a year. I won't ask about what you think the peak of wave 5 will be, since I believe you've alluded to that before, but I WILL ask - how long do you see wave 4 and 5 playing out? Lastly, if you'll humor me... How well do you believe the 5-wave/ABC structure applied to the 2017 bull cycle? Thanks! For others' reference:
  2. @Caracappa, I'm with @Eric123 completely on this one. I'll preface this by saying I'm as bullish as anyone on the potential of XRP. BUT... If we're in anything but the early, early, EARLY innovators stage, we'd be in deep s#!t as retail investors. Just taking the primary use case (for now) of remittances, there are what, less than 10 financial institutions currently using xRapid? Out of thousands globally? I'll be honest in saying I'm terrible at keeping up with who's using what at any given moment, but when Euro Exim Bank is getting exposure as one of your earliest champions, you're just not there yet. But again, every single successful technology has had some early adopter that no one had heard of. On a very positive note, not many early technologies follow up with the second largest company in the field, globally - in this case, MoneyGram. That IS truly significant. What we need to see, and what is very difficult to parse out at this time, and what many here are trying to find, is evidence of that adoption curve. Because once those network effects kick in... Amigo, the first round will be on me.
  3. That doesn't guarantee anything, of course, but the picture will continue to get clearer.
  4. In regards to the success of XRP, keep the S Curve of Adoption in mind. Whatever the market, whatever the new technology, adoption tends to follow this curve. The paradox is that even successful adoption appears sluggish at first. You don't know until you know... The silver lining is that ALL successful adoption looked this crappy at some early stage in its existence.
  5. Use Coinbase Pro (aka GDAX). Same account, still connected to your bank account, but much lower fees.
  6. @dr_ed, can you clarify a bit on the relationship between the movements of USDT and Bitcoin in this example? Trying to learn how to fish here... Thanks
  7. You're not the first person to hit this roadblock. In short, you're correct - you can register there as a US citizen, but with daily withdrawal limits. I signed up, transferred some coins from coinbase, traded for VET and had it on the VeChainThor mobile app, all within 30 minutes. Fun watching the VTHO grow (slowly) throughout the day.
  8. This is just speculation on my part, but my running assumption is that if you hold the VTHO for over a year, the entirety of your sales (whenever you do cash out) would be taxed at the capital gains rate. I'll be talking to a crypto-specific lawyer when the time comes (sweet lord, this is not financial advice! Obviously...). Also, can second Oceanex as a quality exchange for picking up VET. H/T to @dr_ed there.
  9. One of the things that makes this thread great is the better TA analysts here are willing to "show their work" by sharing charts, and also discussing their reasoning. It teaches all of us something each time they do it. It would be appreciated if you tried to do the same with your predictions. Otherwise it's just noise.
  10. My planetree has had an incredible early summer. Next year for my annual update I'll wait till the 4th of July to really show it at it's best. Sorry to hear about the various avocado tree mishaps...
  11. To respond to everyone requesting my post be moved to a new thread, I understand your concerns. Definitely not trying to derail this excellent thread. Simply wishing to hear @Eric123's thoughts on the theory, which he has provided (thanks!). As far as I'm concerned, we can get back on the topic of XRP's TA. Thanks all.
  12. Some of you have already seen this, but this is a really interesting Twitter thread posted by @RegalChicken. If true, it would certainly derail a lot of what @Eric123 & @dr_ed (and others!) have been discussing here. In case you can't click through to the Zerpening, here's the Twitter thread itself: Thoughts? It doesn't make ME feel good...
  13. This is the true million-dollar question, right here. If/when we shoot past the ATH and into new territory, every one of us will have to grapple with our own psychology and human nature to determine what the right time to sell (if at all) will be. It's ironic that after months and years of waiting, the true moment of highest risk is the only moment when we ourselves can make a choice. As @dr_ed correctly pointed out, you don't want to be in a position where you're asking yourself these questions in the middle of a parabolic run, so think about it now. Otherwise you'll regret it. Greed and fear WILL take the wheel. My own personal rule of thumb is that, when the time comes, if the trade is executed correctly, it will feel s**tty at that moment in time. Would love to hear some other rules of thumb people will use when determining their selling strategy.
  14. Realistically no one can expect weekly green candles to last for so long at this stage in the cycle. This is, in my opinion, an unsurprising drop. More green candles are on the horizon. All part of the journey to funtown.
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