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  1. FYI, he bailed on the forum because he was tired of fighting trolls. He still very much believes in XRP. Not gonna lie, the general forum is almost completely useless and toxic for your average user. I almost exclusively visit the Zerpening now, and the quality there is also dropping... Everyone stay healthy, stay grounded and stick around. The good times are still ahead.
  2. What type of impact does this have on your overall analysis? Is your wave setup invalidated?
  3. I imagine that regulatory clarity has to be in place in order for the full offering to be available. If any DA is labeled a security, the entire process flow will have to work differently for that particular asset. Also, does this blur into FI activitiy? Etc. etc... But I'm super excited about custody solutions making progress - besides the obvious benefits of enabling institutional-level participants, I'm tired of relying on my dumb human self to protect my zerps.
  4. The link you're using applies only to cold-storage wallets in BitGo's possession, and in the event of an issue, only Celsius Network itself would be covered. Individual depositors on Celsius Network have no protection and would have little to no recourse. I agree, DYOR and do it right. I'm done arguing with shills.
  5. Incorrect. Not trying to be combative, but spreading disinformation like that, knowingly or not, puts people's investments at risk. As always, DYOR. From Celsius Network's own site.
  6. For those that are interested in joining the Zerpening (like @WhtSno), send a DM to @RegalChicken (possibly others but I'm not sure exactly who). They'll take a look at your profile and as long as you have a history of being positive and/or posting in good faith, I'd hope they add you. No guarantees though.
  7. Ha! The day I post something truly helpful and insightful will be the first. I'm a student here, learning from y'all. That said, I have a heikin ashi weekly chart I built with some inspiration from @XRPto50dollars, but it would strictly be for comic relief. Maybe one of these days I'll share it.
  8. To follow up on @Truckdriver and @Plikk, the Zerpening is really the best (and some days only) reason to log into xrpchat. The members there believe in XRP but have a healthy skepticism and desire to back up their passion with evidence. Also, they have a great sense of self-effacing humor (you gotta laugh to keep from crying). Oh, and they kicked out Moonraker for being a negative ***** with nothing of value to add. So you know it's legit. So if you've gotten an invite (or want to request one), I recommend it. Even if you just lurk, like I do. That said, much love to the regular posters here, who have the guts to put their own opinions up for group discussion, even when they get endless crap from idiots. @dr_ed, @Eric123, @Molten, and many others. It's appreciated.
  9. Growing up in the US Rocky Mountains, I would spend a lot of time hiking with my family, especially my mom. As a snot-nosed little brat, I would often complain about how long the hike was, and like every kid, ask how many miles were left. She taught me a trick (or rather, she played a trick on me) that has stuck with me my entire life - whenever I asked how many miles were left, she would give me an answer that she knew was longer than the truth. And every time we arrived back at the trailhead "early", I would be thrilled. Now, I pull the same mental trick on myself anytime I'm enduring anything. All that's to say, I can't wait for the bull market to go parabolic in 2023...
  10. Congrats on the avocado tree still hanging in there! My planetree is doing incredibly well, although it's leaves are a nice copper tone right now, so in a few weeks it will look less impressive. The next 4th of July picture is going to beautiful, and will show a tree that's grown like a weed for 2 years. Hopefully it will serve as the perfect metaphor for a certain digital asset by then...
  11. @dr_ed & @baobeiiiii, for what it’s worth, I’ve briefly lived in both Austin and Edinburgh. Both fantastic cities. I will say, however, that the ‘molten’ heat of summer (pun intended) and traffic of Austin were damn near unbearable. Edinburgh was lovely, and the beautiful countryside of Scotland rivals any place I’ve been. Back on topic, I just want to add that I also have seen too many good chartists and traders calling for a major macro move in the next month or two not to be excited. Which is exactly why I’m mentally preparing myself for solid $0.25-$0.28 price action until 2021.
  12. I would agree, @dr_ed, but keep in mind that wave 3 is not the highest wave in a given cycle. The wave 5 top is the one that will be much higher than $80k, according to @eggsarepeas's analysis and elliot wave theory. If I understand correctly, always a risk...
  13. Hey @tar. I've seen mentions of Elliot wave theory countless times in this forum (always noting that some people love it, some people think it's useless, even among TA enthusiasts), and your post motivated me to finally educate myself a bit. So, if my understanding is correct, you mention a ~$60k USD target for the peak of wave 3, which could take over a year. I won't ask about what you think the peak of wave 5 will be, since I believe you've alluded to that before, but I WILL ask - how long do you see wave 4 and 5 playing out? Lastly, if you'll humor me... How well do you believe the 5-wave/ABC structure applied to the 2017 bull cycle? Thanks! For others' reference:
  14. @Caracappa, I'm with @Eric123 completely on this one. I'll preface this by saying I'm as bullish as anyone on the potential of XRP. BUT... If we're in anything but the early, early, EARLY innovators stage, we'd be in deep s#!t as retail investors. Just taking the primary use case (for now) of remittances, there are what, less than 10 financial institutions currently using xRapid? Out of thousands globally? I'll be honest in saying I'm terrible at keeping up with who's using what at any given moment, but when Euro Exim Bank is getting exposure as one of your earliest champions, you're just not there yet. But again, every single successful technology has had some early adopter that no one had heard of. On a very positive note, not many early technologies follow up with the second largest company in the field, globally - in this case, MoneyGram. That IS truly significant. What we need to see, and what is very difficult to parse out at this time, and what many here are trying to find, is evidence of that adoption curve. Because once those network effects kick in... Amigo, the first round will be on me.
  15. That doesn't guarantee anything, of course, but the picture will continue to get clearer.
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