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  1. One of the things that makes this thread great is the better TA analysts here are willing to "show their work" by sharing charts, and also discussing their reasoning. It teaches all of us something each time they do it. It would be appreciated if you tried to do the same with your predictions. Otherwise it's just noise.
  2. My planetree has had an incredible early summer. Next year for my annual update I'll wait till the 4th of July to really show it at it's best. Sorry to hear about the various avocado tree mishaps...
  3. To respond to everyone requesting my post be moved to a new thread, I understand your concerns. Definitely not trying to derail this excellent thread. Simply wishing to hear @Eric123's thoughts on the theory, which he has provided (thanks!). As far as I'm concerned, we can get back on the topic of XRP's TA. Thanks all.
  4. Some of you have already seen this, but this is a really interesting Twitter thread posted by @RegalChicken. If true, it would certainly derail a lot of what @Eric123 & @dr_ed (and others!) have been discussing here. In case you can't click through to the Zerpening, here's the Twitter thread itself: Thoughts? It doesn't make ME feel good...
  5. This is the true million-dollar question, right here. If/when we shoot past the ATH and into new territory, every one of us will have to grapple with our own psychology and human nature to determine what the right time to sell (if at all) will be. It's ironic that after months and years of waiting, the true moment of highest risk is the only moment when we ourselves can make a choice. As @dr_ed correctly pointed out, you don't want to be in a position where you're asking yourself these questions in the middle of a parabolic run, so think about it now. Otherwise you'll regret it. Greed and fear WILL take the wheel. My own personal rule of thumb is that, when the time comes, if the trade is executed correctly, it will feel s**tty at that moment in time. Would love to hear some other rules of thumb people will use when determining their selling strategy.
  6. Realistically no one can expect weekly green candles to last for so long at this stage in the cycle. This is, in my opinion, an unsurprising drop. More green candles are on the horizon. All part of the journey to funtown.
  7. Time for my update! Wow! you might say. That's not that impressive for a whole year! But the keen-eyed among us may notice the signs of a strong foundation taking shape. The many small branches slowly growing thicker, reaching ever-further towards new heights; the small leaves budding out, growing broader by the day. Experts say this 8 foot tree will someday be a giant overlooking the neighborhood...
  8. Well, something valuable came out of this thread today after all. Figured out how to block other members and report posts (thanks @Ripple-Stiltskin). @Eric123, another thank you for your continued insight. At this point there are fewer and fewer reasons to come back to this once-excellent thread, so keep the gems coming.
  9. If y'all will allow me to break up the middle school drama for a second (and @Moonraker wonders why people wouldn't want him in the Zerpening club)... I completely agree with @ADingoAteMyXRP here. There's a well-known "s-curve of adoption" that has been shown to pretty accurately map out the adoption of any new trend/technology/idea whatever (theory info here). So such a flat growth pattern, as shown in the table, would be a sign of failure. Of course, the normal s-curve pattern will be obscured by the overall market action, which as we all know does not behave as a rational market. For the record, I'm positive @Chris_Reeves is aware of this s-curve and was just building a table for educational purposes. I only add this to spread the knowledge... TL;DR - I believe the price will follow the typical s-curve of adoption, with deviations from the curve caused by the greater crypto market anarchy we all know and love/hate.
  10. My one-year mark for this London planetree is coming up this weekend! I'm quoting the original photo for reference as a teaser. However, I'm going to cheat a bit and wait for the leaves to bud out before posting my update, which I expect to happen no later than the end of May. Nothing wrong with a little gamesmanship in these sparse times in Cryptoland... Stay tuned!
  11. Still here since August of '17. Looking forward to my Nobel in delayed gratification sometime in 2023... I will not work in a cubicle forever, I will not work in a cubicle forever, I will not...
  12. I love your question because I realize how random my own first exposure was, and I've often laughed to myself about how lucky and serendipitous it was. Anyway, I read a ton of current-events stuff all over the web all the time. One day I came across this article in the New York Times: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/08/03/style/what-is-cryptocurrency.html I'd heard of bitcoin of course, but when I followed up with more research, the description of XRP and its use case CLICKED. Bitcoin and Ethereum didn't make much sense to me then, and still don't.
  13. Also, hat tip to @Hodor for inspiring this post with his latest blog, which included the Kasum Capital message.
  14. As we all know, regulation is a major hurdle holding back the entire crypto industry. Currently, HR 7356 (The Token Taxonomy Act) is "dead", but the US representatives who sponsored it previously have committed to doing so again soon (More info here: https://www.govtrack.us/congress/bills/115/hr7356). To help push this as a legislative priority, I'm sending this letter to my representative. If you are a US citizen, please take a moment to send something similar to your rep. You can find your rep here: https://t.co/iWei0Q1fp1. Don't be fooled - writing your representatives is a proven way to influence policy. This letter is based heavily on a message originally written by Kasum Capital, so all due credit to them. Cheers! Hello Congressman/woman (your rep), My name is (your name), and I'm a resident of (wherever). The reason I'm writing is because there is a bill being proposed by Rep. Warren Davidson called 'The Token Taxonomy Act - H.R. 7356'. I strongly believe that it is in the best long-term interests of both (your state) and the United States to pass this bill, which would support the long-term growth and development of blockchain technology in the US. Countries like China, India, the UK, Switzerland, and Malta are moving quickly and diligently on blockchain regulation, putting the US at risk of falling behind in the race to be a leader in this revolutionary new technology. Currently, the only state that seems to recognize the potential of regulating blockchain is Wyoming, and by so doing, it has already attracted major blockchain companies from outside the US to do business here at home. I hope you will join Reps. Warren Davidson & Darren Soto in moving innovation forward in (your state). Blockchain technology has tremendous potential, and I want (your state) and the US to be pioneers in what will be a a hugely important technology moving forward. Thank you, (Your name)
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