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  1. This is a great thread, thank you. Personally, my current strategy is muttering curse words under my breath in the general direction of Luxembourg as I wait for Bitstamp to release my SGB. In all seriousness, I'm going with the compounding strategy and holding for the long term. I have the time and the career-based income to make that strategy work.
  2. Well, this is months late, but I've got an update on my tree. Unfortunately, the planetree died at some point over the spring (I noticed every planetree that I knew of in my city did the same, so I wonder about some widespread disease or pest). So after removing it, I replaced it with an Autumn Blaze Maple. As you can see, this was the proper time of year to take the photo. Hope everyone is doing well. I saw @XRPto50dollars poke his head up recently, so I was reminded that my entry was overdue. @Flintstone - I set aside my flare studies for the time being, but once bitstamp has my SGB ready, I'll be jumping back in. Cheers, and see you next year!
  3. It's been awhile since I've spent much time in the main forum, after it got flooded with sewage. But this thread has been exceptional (even the off-topic discussions). Thanks to everyone involved! One of the reasons I've been so taken by crypto (and XRP in particular) is the exposure to people who are extremely intelligent.
  4. I promised an update on the planetree from around the 4th of July, and here it is. (Yes, I gave up on the yard after several years of unsuccessful battles. I'll be xeriscaping it over the next year). Mostly I'm bummed that @dr_ed and @XRPto50dollars are MIA, but I hope they're happy and healthy. Take care, anyone here, and I'll see you next year!
  5. Hi @tar - any worthwhile update on your analysis? Cheers, and hopefully you and yours are safe and doing well.
  6. Awesome, and well done, @Lumpy. My thoughts: First and foremost, some of the larger implications of your topic go untouched. What would the effects of a larger surveillance state be, both good and bad? How do privacy coins counteract those effects? How about the criticisms against privacy coins (enabling illegal activity, undercutting institutional authority, etc.). You did a commendable job of keeping yourself out of the argument. Obviously you probably have your own developed opinions and thoughts, but you allow the reader to weigh your evidence on their own. Makes you more credible. The middle section gets a little loose. I wasn't able to clearly follow your connections between the value of privacy in monetary transactions and the Nick Bostrom paragraphs. I'll leave my comments at that because I don't want to discourage you. There's a good start here, and your efforts are appreciated. Again, well done, and keep it up.
  7. Man, Molten deleted his account. And Dr Ed has been MIA for months now as well... True bummer. But I can understand why. The trolls in here are outrageous. I hope they're getting paid well, just to tear down the well-intentioned work of others. Ed, Molten, hope you're both doing great if you ever read this. And **** the trolls.
  8. FYI, he bailed on the forum because he was tired of fighting trolls. He still very much believes in XRP. Not gonna lie, the general forum is almost completely useless and toxic for your average user. I almost exclusively visit the Zerpening now, and the quality there is also dropping... Everyone stay healthy, stay grounded and stick around. The good times are still ahead.
  9. What type of impact does this have on your overall analysis? Is your wave setup invalidated?
  10. I imagine that regulatory clarity has to be in place in order for the full offering to be available. If any DA is labeled a security, the entire process flow will have to work differently for that particular asset. Also, does this blur into FI activitiy? Etc. etc... But I'm super excited about custody solutions making progress - besides the obvious benefits of enabling institutional-level participants, I'm tired of relying on my dumb human self to protect my zerps.
  11. The link you're using applies only to cold-storage wallets in BitGo's possession, and in the event of an issue, only Celsius Network itself would be covered. Individual depositors on Celsius Network have no protection and would have little to no recourse. I agree, DYOR and do it right. I'm done arguing with shills.
  12. Incorrect. Not trying to be combative, but spreading disinformation like that, knowingly or not, puts people's investments at risk. As always, DYOR. From Celsius Network's own site.
  13. For those that are interested in joining the Zerpening (like @WhtSno), send a DM to @RegalChicken (possibly others but I'm not sure exactly who). They'll take a look at your profile and as long as you have a history of being positive and/or posting in good faith, I'd hope they add you. No guarantees though.
  14. Ha! The day I post something truly helpful and insightful will be the first. I'm a student here, learning from y'all. That said, I have a heikin ashi weekly chart I built with some inspiration from @XRPto50dollars, but it would strictly be for comic relief. Maybe one of these days I'll share it.
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