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  1. Lol what kind of ******* **** sources are those? Obvious alt right is obvious
  2. Sureeee Surree it's not about politics,I bet you won't have the same objection if the soon to be deposed russian puppet trump was the speaker
  3. Typical cult like behaviour by the majority of this sub, anything remotely negative about xrp will be met with that childish word
  4. At least it was Clinton,imagine if it was trump that would be a joke, Clinton is way more respected worldwide that trump, if trump was the speaker the only people who would attend the conference will be racist alt right and russia
  5. Not sure if ignorant or don't know the truth but they are other coins who multiplied higher,xrp is not anything special that December and now it has one of the worst decline since ATH, fundamentals!
  6. Sure secret information with no proof at all,the only reason wanna believe is.necsuse they're desperate now!
  7. You are in a zero sum game, if somehow xrp moons and you are going to sell your xrp, who do you think gonna sell your xrp to? Other people who gonna end up holding your bags and lose a lot of money, they will be winners and losers in this game.
  8. Sure sure and I'm also a ripple insider and know that they are "powerful" people who wants xrp to succeed and dominate the world but I won't tell anyone my proof of knowledge, just have to believe me guys!
  9. So no proof really,just another conspiracy theory spread by this sub's misleading people
  10. Unfortunately I wasn't invested in xrp last year but the campaign has nothing to do with xrp, reaching again just like your Amazon link hahaa
  11. Well that's interesting can you link me a source to that? Might as well get paid since I'm already spreading "fud"
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