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  1. Or, I'm doing it wrong. The documentation says So, while it doesn't (seem to) return the destination tags, it is implied that we can filter by destination tag. Querying an address without a filter is successful. I know the address has destination tags of the value I want to filter because they be seen using 'GET /v2/accounts/{address}/transactions'. Specifying the destination_tag=<integer> 'succeeds' with; Has anyone tried this and/or got it to work?
  2. Hi All, I do tech support for Toast Wallet. Importing an account is done from the 'Add Existing Account' screen and requires the Ripple secret and passphrase for that key. Get there by hitting the '+' on the main screen. Do not confuse IMPORTING an account with ADDING an EXISTING account. Existing account refers to restoring from a Toast wallet backup/ Importing is adding an account created elsewhere When creating an account in Toast the user will end up with three pieces of info; The PIN This is, as mentioned above, a privacy feature to keep others from shoulder-surfing The passphrase User-generated requirements specified on input screen recovery words six words, all lower case, separated by a single space with NO characters before after It is a REALLY GOOD IDEA to have Toast running on multiple devices/platforms. This tests the restore process and backup data and should be done ASAP after any account changes. A new backup should be taken when account data is changed or added. Backups are snapshots of the account data when the backup was taken. Always restore the newest version
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