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  1. JoelMcD

    Aussie prices in ripple

    now 4... here we go!!! FYI, I tried my first withdrawal ($5k) from BTC Markets to UBank the other day... worked a treat, no delays and no bank issues.
  2. Plan A... 18% @ $54 = early retirement Plan B... cash out and load up more if there's a boom/bust cycle first
  3. As I understand it, Corda settler is R3s equivalent to xrapid... and can use XRP directly (no xrapid required) as the bridging asset for cross-currency settlement.
  4. Swift integration with R3 Corda Settler... reduces competition + gains exposure to entire Swift customer base. Beautiful!
  5. JoelMcD

    Stablecoins and Banks

    Great topic, and some really insightful responses. My view... central banks will generally move to issue a CBDC in their market and secure participation from domestic banks, small and large. This will take time. XRP is positioned well then as the bridge asset of choice globally. Incumbent players may issue their own coin/token initially, where a central bank is slow moving, in an effort to retain control and relevance, but I see this as a selfish solution that benefits the few, and likely won't survive beyond 3-5 years due to market competition and (typically) government desire to encourage fair markets and improved outcomes for citizens.
  6. They're tax havens - lots of companies and HNW individuals base their operations there for favourable tax treatment
  7. JoelMcD

    How to Disappear Completely (in re Arthur Britto II)

    I don't suppose he introduced himself as Art, Arty or AB?
  8. JoelMcD

    How to Disappear Completely (in re Arthur Britto II)

    What makes you say that? I think the family resemblance with his Dad is pretty clear.
  9. JoelMcD

    How to Disappear Completely (in re Arthur Britto II)

    I was intrigued by yesterday's DAI video 'Who is Arthur Britto?', so did some amateur sleuthing. I left the breadcrumbs and links in a comment on his video. I'm fairly sure Arthur is the guy on the left in this ripple team photo from 2014. https://m.facebook.com/ripplepay/photos/a.565977803515909/567686226678400/?type=3&theater Mystery solved?
  10. I wouldn't be surprised to find Ripple have reached some kind of deal with Swift... much like when Ripple's top lawyer parted ways having stitched up the R3 settlement.
  11. JoelMcD

    Saudi/UAE Digital Currency Goes Live in Q1

    I think the introduction of CBDCs (XRP-based or otherwise) is a great thing, as it will likely lead the IMF to support/endorse XRP as the global bridging asset of choice. I may have it wrong, but wasn't this the exact scenario conservatively suggested by IMF Deputy General Counsel Leckow onstage with Brad Garlinghouse at the Singapore Fintech Festival? #XRPthebridge
  12. Yep, that's my understanding as well. I'm sitting on some capital losses still from last FY. Rather than hodl and wait for gains, I started swing trading on the way down to increase my stack. It's not without risk, but the gains are offset by the carried over losses and I now have more zerps.
  13. I think USDT/USD is a good lead indicator for BTC (and the market) at the moment. Kraken shows it has been cyclical for the past few days, and is again running out of steam. Trouble is, what's to stop the fall now they're not even trying to maintain the peg?