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  1. Wow thats a lot actually. I have been getting the micropayments and running contracts but you must have a TON more than me!
  2. Ok so I ran the status for Moneyd and I only had 1 payment channel open and I am getting the micro payments. I assume it is good at that point because there is no 2nd channel confusing the program, so nothing to clean. That is what I meant by, " on the Codius end". A bad choice of words, but what I meant was I was coming up green on all systems. The payment channel itself I understand on a theoretical level and not a technical one. Thank you for the link, I bookmarked it for future reference. I have also started collecting the bits of instructional pieces I am picking up from here and on the Gitter XRP chat. That is a VERY useful little running chat, - https://gitter.im/codius/codius-chat Bottom line is everything is ok on my end and I really appreciate the open conversation with this topic, so Thank you very much. I am eagerly learning and trying to soak up as much as I can without saturation at the beginning.
  3. I ran the checks as I had the same issue. MoneyD is showing 1 payment channel, no need for cleanup. All systems running and I ran the update of 1.1.3. If the payments are pausing its on the Codius Company end, I'm convinced. I wish they would put out daily updates for this instead of everyone assuming they have issues, it gets me worried for no reason!!!! I am assuming that when you run a MoneyD status check and you have 1 open channel, the address to your wallet is correct, and it is showing the current balance of wallet correctly, we have done our job correctly. Am I wrong here????
  4. I have 2 wallets for 2 servers. I didnt bother trying to add 2 wallets to the 1 server btw. When are the actual payouts? End of the month?
  5. Thanks a ton it does help. But I don't want to end the channel , I want the channel to work on the new server I set up. The server is running and I just checked MoneyD on the system and it is Green and running. If this is the case, I am assuming the payment channel is ok.....right? I will eventually find out when they pay out at the end of the month I would assume. As of now, there are small upticks in the wallet , the .01 additions every other day like other people are referring to. Sorry to ask so many questions and thank you for the help. I am new to this (obviously), but I am in it and want to learn something new like this and take care of it properly. As of right now I am going to bookmark the links I may need in the future but it SEEMS like the channel is open. Does Codius pay out at the end of the month ?? Last night I was running 10 contracts on one machine while they were doing system stress tests, I am assuming I will see something at the end of the month here.....
  6. Ok, so let's say I am installing on a new virtual machine. I installed moneyd. I made a mistake and then I erased the virtual machine and started all over again. The 2nd time I used the new wallet I used on the first install. I still have only one host on the wallet. Is this ok or do I need to follow through with no mistakes and use the same virtual machine for moneyd?
  7. Whoah, I do need to change it. Ill just create another wallet and Install. I can install in about 30 min. Thanks for the heads up though
  8. I have 1 wallet for 2 hosts. Does anyone know for sure if this is ok and I can do this?
  9. I did the same thing and used the same wallet. In fact I have 2 hosts running off the same wallet. It should be fine if you have enough in there to cover it I think. When I put my secret key in during installation, everything installed just fine
  10. I know that Host Gator works fine with this. It's up to you if you want to switch it up
  11. My average load keeps going up and down a bunch. Does this mean someone is using my host for short term contracts? I have only seen 1 contract running in the past 3 days, but the load keeps moving. Thanks in advance
  12. I think its vi /etc/systemd/system...try that. edit the page.------then ----- Esc :wq
  13. The contracts have really jumped in the past 48 hours. The graph for contracts says it all. Love the info graphs they put up on the sidebar. Is that how we get paid? Every few hours? or is it a lump sum at the end of the day/week/month?
  14. Yes. I created a second account in Toast wallet as you will have to give them the secret key. I have 2 hosts running off 1 secondary wallet now, with 100 xrp in it. Not sure if you need a new wallet for every host, but def a 2nd one to start
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