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  1. Great points, but all of the companies you listed serve as central authorities of each network; none are open source. What ever happened to the founder's original plan to distribute 50%+ of the token supply to the user community/as widely as possible? 2013: "Of those, around 55 billion will be given away in some form or other." 2013: "To give the new currency momentum, OpenCoin plans eventually to give away 75% of the supply." 2013: "Ripple CEO Chris Larsen says in a phone interview. OpenCoin intends to give away over 55 billion XRP through their various giveaways, and the rest of the Ripple credits the company will use to fund development and promotion of the Ripple system." 2014: "Ripple has said that it plans to give away 50 percent of XRPs to the user community."
  2. If this is accurate, shouldn't liftoff have occured already?
  3. When creating an IOU like this, how do you back them with local currency?
  4. Seems noteworthy that "Ripple On-Demand Liquidity" does not have a 'First Use" date listed.
  5. The wallets of the escrow releases can change ownership at any time without funds needing to be moved. I think the large escrow could be set up to give citizens some type of UBI for the foreseeable future, directly into their new digital Fed wallet. The 'Digital Dollar' won't be XRP - it will likely be an issued currency on the XRPL. Businesses and individuals generate utility for the asset, which raises the long-term value, which benefits the people directly each month through a "Freedom Dividend" that is funded through the consistent escrow release. Just a thought
  6. Who/what exactly are you referring to here?
  7. https://www.coindesk.com/the-us-should-use-stablecoins-for-emergency-coronavirus-payments Catherine Coley seems to agree 🤔
  8. Hey @Eric123 I have been off the forum for a while. I guess we were off quite a bit with our BTC and XRP calls in November and December, eh?
  9. I have the app (updated) and I don't see XRP available on any of the pages..
  10. Didn't BTC hit $10k+ and ETH hit $1,200+ without any 'regulatory clarity' of any sort? Neither of them have a team of 300+ and a full legal staff from Washington on payroll. These are the things that confuse me in this space..
  11. I see he outlined everything he'd like to expand on. Has all of this been elaborated on in the meantime (outside of what is listed in that thread)? I'd love to read more about all of that
  12. I completely agree - it wouldn't be the first time we've heard empty promises (caused by real delays or not). I suppose you don't agree much with the following posts? Lastly, Ben Sharafian recently posted a blog detailing how Interledger will be 'Open' sometime in 2020 for access (for companies, wallets, etc.). https://coil.com/p/sharafian/Interledger-2020-Access/ddUXfDobj I try to separate hype from reality, but I think it is also beneficial to set accurate expectations of the next 12-24 months ahead. I am interested in hearing your take on all of this.
  13. I see. Below are the links for reference: https://www.theblockcrypto.com/linked/48738/with-parliament-approval-german-banks-to-sell-and-custody-crypto-in-2020 https://ripple.com/insights/2020-the-year-of-the-digital-asset/ ^Those are also some pretty bold claims from Ripple employees for 2020.
  14. Interesting. Dilip made a post on Twitter earlier this month mentioning an "all hands on deck" at Ripple. They have been working with the W3C on this for 5+ years now. I know the theme of 2020 for ILP is 'Access'. But I wonder when the new web monetization standards/checkout options will actually be mainstream. Any thoughts on this?
  15. I'll watch the presentation. Thanks for sharing. Does it cover how they intend to achieve replacing TCP/IP's current stronghold as a protocol? I'm sure that is no small undertaking. Is this ultimately decided by the W3C? And if so, does this fall under Web Monetization, or another group/committee they are working on?
  16. @King34Maine Thanks for sharing. With TPS anywhere near the millions, transaction fees would trend much higher than they are typically (now). While this won't likely be an issue for value transfers, I can imagine it being an obstacle in building a worldwide informational transfer system on top of. Unless the costs of such are built in as a monthly service fee similarly to how ISP's charge customers today?
  17. @CaligulazBaby Thanks for elaborating. I can only imagine all the use cases. And with XRPL/ILP being the standard protocol for international value transfer moving forward, I'd imagine that the corridors may open and build much quicker at some point? I am surprised to hear that XRP at $20 would supply enough liquidity to support $5T a day. I've seen that banks will be able to hold crypto starting January 1, 2020. Perhaps this may add a multiplier to that $20 value sooner or later? I see people on Twitter calling for $2k per Zerp in January. What is your outlook for the next 6-12 months, using current knowledge and mathematical valuations?
  18. I would love to see your mathematical valuations based on velocity, as well as any associated timelines that might accompany such.
  19. I recall seeing some of your comments in previous threads regarding tests in Japan on velocity and mathematical valuations. Are you able to provide an update on any of that?
  20. It would require XRP to have a 'stable' value to fulfill that role. Not sure if that is accomplished by XRP based stablecoins, or pegging XRP to a certain price/thing (i.e price of gold, or backing the USD with XRP)
  21. Do you think XRP will be the SHC Carney talked about? Or an XRP-backed stablecoin/CBDC?
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