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  1. @Eric123 another 12 month bullrun would be great. I've been reading galgatrons tweets and blogs and it has me feeling like nothing will affect the price over the next 5 years. Does your estimation (for XRP) resemble what tar posted the other day?
  2. This also seems to operate under the assumption that the asset isn't experiencing any levels of real utility usage as that would directly change the growth pattern in what would otherwise be a completely speculative retail market. Is there a consensus on if this is a good assumption to make at this time, given everything we currently know?
  3. To be honest and fair - if I have the opportunity to meet a most of my long-term goals by cashing out a majority my position(s) in crypto during the next run, there is a strong chance that I will absolutely take it. I would love to avoid being greedy and never have to think about the crypto market again.
  4. There really are a significant number of people today that don't believe climate change is a real, impending issue? Can you point me to something that explains what they believe, and why they believe what they do?
  5. I'm warn out on good news. I want to see this asset actually used and reflect its fundamental value.
  6. You and a few others on here seem convinced that November is the month this takes off. We are already experiencing the longest bear market in crypto history (for alts), and prolonging this to November would nearly double the existing record. I've heard people say "the longer the base, the higher in space" - is there actually merit behind this statement? It would be wild to see a price rise from .30 to $115 and then a hard retrace back down to $12. But I suppose anything is possible.
  7. This seems far more bullish than your last charts. $140 by next June would be incredible
  8. Apparently there has been an acquisition between Ripple & Swift...
  9. https://mobile.twitter.com/TheCryptoFam/status/1151634270903029760
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