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  1. It is funny how this community will go up in arms about anyone suggesting Ripple might be manipulating the price, unless there is a chance that Ripple will stop manipulating it soon to let the price rise again - then everyone is cool about it
  2. IOTA is leading development in this use case. They currently have partnerships with Bosch, Jaguar/Range Rover, and the City of Texas to name a few. They are testing cars with digital currency wallets this year.
  3. From DS himself: "When you're expecting exponential growth, even a small increase in your starting point can pay huge dividends down the line."
  4. Wouldn't hold my breath with SBI going live soon. They've been saying that for quite some time now.
  5. 3 years in crypto is a decade. I'm hoping for another bull run before utility kicks in. Ripple can't be the only project with actual utility in this space - something has to take off sooner or later (decoupling itself from bitcoin with real world use)
  6. she's gotta have one more big run in her before utility takes years to ramp up
  7. Nice. The price went from .005 to 3.34 (668x) over 11 months in 2017. If history rhymes, why not expect a similar run in growth, considering the multitude of new exchanges, potential for actual xRapid use, and greater overall adoption?
  8. I want to make sure I am reading this projection correctly. Does this chart imply that (if history repeats itself), we could see a bullrun begin December 2020 with a price of $36-$50 to be reached over the course of 8-12 months?
  9. Shane provides a detailed explanation as to how this would be sustainable, and it does seem plausible. It is also interesting to think about how some of the information Bob way has provided may tie into this. For anyone interested in reading the Shane Ellis theory as well as his answers to the common questions/criticism, the 3 files are linked below. https://drive.google.com/open?id=13BZ1OktpoFbg2zGD3zOzGL42OVa3iWmX https://drive.google.com/open?id=1qtfEIe-VZ3ydDAWgWOS5fG4B2iYQxQMS https://drive.google.com/open?id=11_BPjW_qqPYRpZuLVQfJLMkeXwkUopRW I'd love to see feedback on these from someone who has the technical understanding and relevant work/trading experience needed to understand it all (instead of just non-technical retail investors driven by emotion).
  10. @BarryPotter $198 @Eric123 nobody seems to know what drove the market in 2017 (or what subsequently crashed it), and everyone is quick to always say "past performance does not guarantee future performance. For all we know, Ripple could have their hands tied or be in a 3-5 year play before "mass adoption" can occur. I'm hoping for much sooner, but I would be amazed if XRP were to cross $50 within the next two years
  11. I'm in this space to make money. And I missed out on life changing money in 2017, despite "utility" not existing in 2017. This being said, I'll welcome another run like 2017/2018, whether it is "utility driven" or not. Ripple will flip their switches when they are ready. But I'd love to profit sooner if possible
  12. For those not wanting to drive in and read everything, these sections stuck out to me.
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