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  1. Great thread here. Except I don't really understand the part above. The more other cryptos move up, the better off ODL is for market makers?
  2. I agree, that is very interesting. What do you make of that comment he made (about not converting back to fiat)? What are the implications he seems to be pointing out?
  3. So they are making an announcement and a big deal out of expanding to 10 corridors soon, at a time when Ripple is ramping up ODL usage, but they are going to continue to use foreign accounts to settle transactions in these new corridors?
  4. I thought xCurrent no longer exists? If memory serves me correctly, all products have been effectively rolled into 'ODL'. Further, xCurrent 4.0 (if that is still available) does have the ability to leverage XRP.
  5. TL;DR The Alkemi Network is an open finance prime brokerage¹ platform with 3 core applications powered by decentralized liquidity pools Open, transparent finance is the future. By embracing decentralized technologies, Alkemi is rewiring capital markets to make it fundamentally more inclusive and inherently scalable in this increasingly digital world The only way to drive real mainstream adoption, to realize the massive potential of a globally accessible financial system is through institutional adoption on ramps. Bridging the gap, so to speak — Driving efficiency in digital asset markets and, thereby, facilitating the next wave of wealth creation powered programmable assets We are a distributed team of 8 people on 3 continents, 6 countries, and 7 cities with expertise across technology, security, crypto, design, and capital markets Founded in 2018, we count Outlier Ventures, Ripple (Xpring), ConsenSys (Coven.VC), Techstars, and ARC Fund as our backers to date
  6. I've tried setting limit orders on Bitso to "make markets" but didn't have any luck. It was interesting to watch the order books and see see orders flash/fill at .05-.07 cents more than the current market price, yet none of the orders I would place at similar (or slightly lower) prices would get filled.
  7. Well, if new corridors open at this same pace moving forward, then it might be. But with the tokenization of pretty much everything beginning on January 1st as well as R3's rollout plans, I don't think that range is too optimistic. Is XRP going to continue to be one of the worst performing coins for 3-4 years in a row? All investments come with opportunity costs. And if Ripple's partners are going to be moving/settling large amounts of money any time soon, rumor has it that a $1-$10 price isn't going to provide the liquidity needed.
  8. @Eric123 @Plikk My post isn't about $589 hopium, but more about setting realistic expectations. It seems that there is now a consensus that the % gains XRP achieved over the last few years isn't likely to continue over the next 1-3 years. I know this won't sit well with many in here, but I will be concerned if XRP is only $5 in 18 months from now. It is one thing to back a project 'you believe in', but the opportunity cost you would have forgone in this case seem large. I am really hoping for $20-$50 within the next 24 months. And I've seen far crazier things happen in this space many times.
  9. Hey @Eric123 I am interested in your thoughts on these two pieces of information.. 1. 2. Do you think the analysis in the video could be close? Or are we at least 18+ months out from any significant rise from usage (as the post above suggests)?
  10. If this is the case, then why don't these institutions use an XRP based stablecoin to avoid price fluctuations?
  11. After seeing the line-up for this event as well as where it was located, I don't think this thought is very tin foily at all. If there were a "Flip the switch" committee, I imagine that is what it would look like
  12. It is odd to think that xRapid has been live for over a year with dozens of FI's now using it, and yet BTC (with no real trading or use case) is showing to have ~10x the liquidity. This might be a stupid question; do we know how their liquidity metric is being calculated?
  13. "With Christmas approaching, the demand for Coinbase Card will be higher than ever"
  14. "it was announced earlier that Finablr now runs on Ripple and utilizes its ODL (formerly known as xRapid) and XRP, providing extra liquidity for the coin. Last month, Finablr also teamed up with the South Korean electronics behemoth Samsung to get its remittance service delivered to nearly 50 countries through Samsung’s crypto wallet embedded into its new line of smartphones." How is this (and many others) not reflected in the weekly/monthly volume?
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