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  1. You can't sell too much at $3, @BobWay. If Ripple succeeds in its mission, then XRP can't be dirt cheap..
  2. Whether anyone wants to believe it or not makes no difference. It was a response he recently made to a users question on Quora (and has since been deleted since I mentioned it in this thread). The post was a question about why/how banks would want to use XRP/Ripple after the price begins to take off (because "it would be more expensive for new partners to buy XRP"). David's answer was clear and concise, and the only part I was surprised to see (towards the end) was the line about how 'Ripple won't let the price take off (and price potential partners out) before they are ready." I'd go take a screenshot, but like I said, the post has been removed. Maybe I just misinterpreted what he meant (although it seemed pretty straightforward, and very contradictory to what he typically says publicly).
  3. I recall reading a post by David saying that Ripple wouldn't let XRP be a high price (too early on/soon) because this would be a barrier for entry for new partners as well.
  4. That Twitter thread shows them talking about DTCC integrating with CLS (PayPlus), which uses XRP.
  5. It seems DTCC's replatforming launch is set to happen in May, and it seems to have many links to DLT & XRP/Ripple. Is this a big deal for Ripple/XRP, and do you expect this to have an effect on XRP or the crypto market as a whole? @JoelKatz @BobWay
  6. This^. While Bob's technical explanations have been very helpful, nowhere in his posts has he explained or suggested a large price increase in the short term or long term. In fact, it seems he has based the highest chances of an increased price on pure speculation, which is actually more concerning to me than anything.
  7. XRPboi

    Hi! I'm Bob

    If anyone can point me in the direction on where to look for potential answers on this, I'd be very grateful! I was under the impression that the entire market is pretty manipulated (downwards) right now, while governments iron out regulations and corporates get the proper infrastructure built and in place to support everything moving forward.
  8. XRPboi

    Hi! I'm Bob

    I read conservative explanations like this, and then I see previous posts by David mentioning that Ripple needs XRP's price to be much higher to function as intended. Not knowing what to really think, I just cross my fingers and hope that we reach $3 again some day. However, your explanation above and others make me feel that may not happen (at least not for quite some time). I'm willing to wait; just wish I had realistic expectations to base it all on
  9. XRPboi

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Thanks for the clarification, Bob! The information you've provided is phenomenal. Given your intricate understanding of Ripple and XRP, I would be most curious to learn about what you think XRP could/should achieve in terms of price if Ripple is successful with their goals over the next 1-5 years. I understand this is impossible to know for certain; but it seems like there are a herd of people who are certain that $500 is attainable with utility and regulation, and the other group of people who don't see XRP going past $50 any time before 2030. I ask as someone who has been following Ripple and XRP closely for a year and a half now, and someone who is learning about the tech and benefits it's going to have on the underserved. I am also someone that has put a lot of my hard earned money into this, and is perplexed as to how a crypto like ETH can make a run up to $1400 in less than a year, yet many people believe similar price action isn't possible for XRP (even given the 200+ partnerships and global usage beginning to occur). I'm in no way asking "when 589?" - I would just love expert level insight into any expectations one could have moving forward. As a retail investor (speculator), is my hard earned money best placed on a bridge asset like XRP? Or will the need for the price to be "stable" potentially negatively affect any outsized gains that would occur otherwise? I appreciate any insight you can provide on this!
  10. XRPboi

    Hi! I'm Bob

    It seems Bob is advocating against XRP being a "currency" or having large increases in price due to speculation or usage in that forum link.. I'm a bit confused. I found this post concerning as well: 'Speculators would be better off pooling their resources (monetary and otherwise) and investing them in businesses that they think are viable and would help ripple become what it was meant to be"
  11. XRPboi

    Hi! I'm Bob

    I second this question ^
  12. I'm interested. How would we facilitate this bet? A smart contract?
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