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    horizon reacted to Sharkey in US SEC Schedules Public Forum on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency for March 31, 2019   
    March or May?  2019 or 2029?  LOL
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    horizon reacted to BobWay in Answer: My Dinner with David   
    I just wanted everyone to know that Dinner with David (and four other great guys) was awesome! I really did come away pumped after our long discussions. The fact that everyone at the company is in agreement that David & Arthur's  original (and later my) "long term" vision for XRP acting as a bridge currency has/is/was/will always be the guiding star forward. At least that is the way I heard it in my head. David can make his own public statements.
    But what PUMPED ME UP the most was that it is no longer seen as a "long term" vision. It is a focused activity that the company NEEDS to pursue now. But best of all, they ARE all actively pursuing it, NOW! To David, they all seem unified in the realization that, XRP as a bridge currency, has changed from a “WANT to happen” to become a “NEEDS to happen.” Or else TIME will shift from working with Ripple, to working against Ripple.
    The early Ripplers really, truly BELIEVED in the concept of a cryptocurrency and everything the fine folks on this forum believe. However, Ripple, for all the right reasons, hired the true cream of the crop from the financial services industry. Their experience gave Ripple insight into MANY many ways to improve payments and communication within the financial networks of the world. But they were not intrinsic fans of cryptocurrency. They were open to the idea of course. But still harbored some skepticism.
    For a long time it was fine with everyone if Ripple was seen as an enterprise banking software company. But that silly pipe dream evaporated as everyone realized how much more value could be created by shifting the focus back to XRP. Ripple still makes great enterprise banking and payments software. That will never stop. But Ripple is most definitely a cryptocurrency focused company again!
    Keep in mind, some of what I said above is perhaps owed to my interpretation of what David said and its personal impact on me, colored by my history with the company. I'm not a reporter quoting David's exact words. He speaks for himself. I'm writing my personal impression of what I heard along with my feelings about it. This may not be the official company position.
    But know that nothing we talked about was private. At best it was semi-private. We were all in the middle of a crowded restaurant talking pretty loudly. We were also all talking openly to people at the table neither David nor I had ever met before that moment. So I'm not selling out my friend or saying things whispered to me.
    (David didn’t say this next part.)
    I personally believe that the company is dramatically revisiting every situation where the software licensing cost was seen as a barrier to entry for institutions. I personally believe that was a case of “false economy”. Ripple the company benefits much more from the customers that small and medium size banks bring, then they do from any licensing fees they could charge the banks.
    Hearing what David has to say made me ecstatic…
    (But I want to be clear about why. I don’t want anyone mistaking what I’m saying as, “XRP to the moon, next week.” XRP will go to the moon, absolutely, in my mind. But I have no idea when.)
    … The reason it made me ecstatic, was that a long while back Stefan nicknamed me Cassandra. In Greek mythology, “Cassandra is cursed to utter prophecies that were true but that no one believed.”mI actually got a substantial raise that on my review said, “I have to rate you highly, because your initial ideas always end up being the ones we implement...  wait for it  ...after trying every other possible alternative. So truly believe me when I say me being ecstatic was not financially related or something you should trade on.
    The reason was pure vanity.
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    horizon reacted to ujeffrey in Just for fun: a "sign" from the Grateful Dead channel?   
    Slogging through my daily 90-minute morning commute earlier this week, I got to thinking..."Should I be adding more XRP to my vault?....or put the $$$ towards something more...conservative?".  Moments later, Ripple roared through my car speakers, courtesy of SiriusXM's Grateful Dead Channel. Was it a sign?  Not sure...but I snapped a photo anyways.
    This morning, on the same station, Ripple played again, this time as a cover version by The Persuasions!  That sealed the deal, & warranted another pic.  Now, if only Jerry & the boys had penned a little ditty called XRP... :^) 
    Note: No, I'm not playing a MiniDisc. It's a workaround to put satellite radio into a pre-2008 vehicle!

  5. Haha
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    horizon reacted to BruceWhale in The Ripple Drop – Episode 5   
    0:39 she says " Unique " while she blinks. 
    Unique is a clue. If we keep the letter e and delete the u,q,n,i,u and add p,p,a,l... it forms the word Apple. 
    Coïncidence ? I don't think so
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    horizon got a reaction from eb6x7 in Bitcoin [BTC], Ethereum [ETH] and XRP now accepted as donation by UNICEF France   

    i'm living in Paris?
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    horizon got a reaction from XRPeePee in How many times a day did you check xrp value in last 3 days?   
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    horizon got a reaction from Staigera in How many times a day did you check xrp value in last 3 days?   
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    horizon got a reaction from WillGetThere in How many times a day did you check xrp value in last 3 days?   
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    horizon got a reaction from Lando in How many times a day did you check xrp value in last 3 days?   
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    horizon got a reaction from TheXRPer in How many times a day did you check xrp value in last 3 days?   
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    horizon got a reaction from Plato in How many times a day did you check xrp value in last 3 days?   
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    horizon reacted to RikkiTikki in XRP hikes by 11% in just an hour on the back of xRapid hype; 20 million XRP sent on the ledger   
    I think there is a lot of FOMO going on now with the information coming out yesterday on Xrapid going live soon, it caught a lot of the non believers off guard now the scramble begins!!!
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    horizon reacted to SnoopXRP in IMF hinting / reiterating their positive stance on Crypto and possibly Ripple   
    I don't know, I get the feeling he is taking about bitconnnnneeeeeeecccttttt..
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    horizon got a reaction from PhiGuy in FUD or FED?   
    Stop please stop...
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    horizon got a reaction from Sevarf2 in FUD or FED?   
    Stop please stop...
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    horizon reacted to QuantumOfSolace in Ripple Not Included: New Morgan Creek Fund Excludes Pre-Mined Cryptocurrencies   
    I can understand their concern.  I think the biggest issue might be the possibility of XRP tokens being declared a security and market manipulation.  I don't see Ripple manipulating the market in the original sense of market manipulation but OTC token sales with NDA agreements might be too risky for their taste.  Ripple is doing a lot in secrecy to bring the use case of XRP to realization, Mogran Creek might not feel comfortable speculating on this, we certainly do though ?. These guys are managing pensioners monies afterall, I can imagine they have to take all the necessary precautions not to expose themselves to avoidable risks. Possibly they'll reconsider after Ripple makes headway in the cross-border payments/FX market. 
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    horizon reacted to RDS in According to a study by Stanford University and The University of Stockholm #XRP is the best macroeconomic choice, over all other currencies, to serve as the world standard currency .   
    According to a study by Stanford University and The University of Stockholm #XRP is the best macroeconomic choice, over all other currencies, to serve as the world standard currency . #xrpthestandard souce: http://papers.netrogenic.com/sid/eco-friendly-money.pdf …

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    horizon got a reaction from MrEman in Ripple Release New Advice For XRP Investors   
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    horizon reacted to increasedwisdom in Ripple Release New Advice For XRP Investors   
    This is a perfect example of DOG
    (the opposite of FUD, when you read into something because you're Delusionally Overconfident with Greed)
    Just as dangerous and contagious as FUD, so, STOP IT!  Or go post it on YouTube with all the other DOGs
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    horizon reacted to XRPRJB in NEXT!!   
    So now all the hype about SBI transforming the crypto market 'in the blink of an eye' during July has disappeared like a fart in a Jacuzzi, does anyone know what we are supposed to be waiting for next?
    I am going to go out on a limb and say XRapid is not live (despite several claims otherwise) and nothing will happen until it is. The question is, why is it not live and why is no one using it?
    Or are we going back to the securities definition/SEC thing again?
    And before folk start jumping up and down shouting fudster, I am 100% XRP, long term holder and bought another 1k yesterday. I'm just getting a little tired of the false dawns. The longer we go at this point without actual usage and/or movement the more nervous we should all be imho.
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    horizon got a reaction from Skippy in What chance do you believe, you will reach your own personal goals with xrp.   
    J'en sais rien si mes objectif seront atteint(10 100 1000 $), en tout cas j'espère que dans l'avenir être capable d'envoyer de l'argent d'un point A à B en 3-5 secondes.
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    horizon reacted to zerpdigger in World's First Bank-Backed Crypto Exchange Finally Opens to the Public   
    itll take at LEAST a week for people just to login, set up, then verify their addresses manually by post
    and they might not get thousands signing up right away, but rather a trickle over the following weeks and months
    so be patient, this isnt going to just show up right away with big volume, itll take months
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