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  1. I'm not sure what you're asking. What's the "source account" here?
  2. So, Ripple was the original name of what we today call the XRP Ledger. Back then, the name "Ripple" was used for different parts of the system⁺. You had Ripple Protocol for the underlying concepts and rules of the system, and you had Ripple Protocol Consensus Algorithm for the consensus algorithm used by this system. When Ripple Labs (formerly OpenCoin) rebranded itself as Ripple, in order to avoid further confusion, people started calling the blockchain by different names; slowly most people settled on XRP Ledger. And so, some things that had used the naming Ripple slowly started "migrating" to the new nomenclature. The naming of the consensus algorithm was one such thing. Of course, you can't really change the past; the original paper describing the algorithm, documentation, forum posts etc. are all still there and they use the old names. That's probably a source of confusion to any newcomers to the ecosystem. But that's why you still see references to RPCA. It's the same core algorithm (although the implementation has been refined and will continue to be refined) but we just use a different name for it: XRP Ledger Consensus. ⁺ The legacy of the original naming still remains to this day: we still have ripple-lib for the JavaScript library, and rippled for the daemon.
  3. I’m at a bit of a loss. Nothing obviously stands out from what you’ve shown. And to confirm, you’re saying that without any other changes from your end, 1.7.0 worked but 1.7.2 is giving you the “bad lexical cast” error?
  4. You seem to be resolving the hostname to an IPv6 address, and I’m guessing your connection is IPv4 only. The warning is disconcerting, I’m sure but the code, despite complaining, should be smart enough to fall back to IPv4. Great call out about this, though. I’ll try to open an issue to improve the code logging.
  5. I assume that ${RPCUSER} and ${RPCPASS} are placeholders to avoid revealing your username and password? That looks fine. Can you show more of your configuration file perhaps?
  6. That’s curious. It looks like you may have something unexpected in your config file, potentially in the stanzas that configure the server ports.
  7. The issue has sporadically appeared in various versions; I remember seeing it as far back as 1.5.0. It’s proven difficult to track down (as all good bugs are!).
  8. This issue has not been isolated yet, and there is no fix for it. You should still upgrade to 1.7.2 since it addresses a critical OpenSSL bug and introduces an amendment that corrects a minor technical flaw that could cause order books to become jammed.
  9. I don’t agree with the premise, but even if you’re right, a good question is why aren’t you? P.S.: Don’t worry, you don’t need to answer. It was just a rhetorical question.
  10. We’ve seen a couple of instances of that and it’s an issue that we are tracking. I don’t have any specific steps you can take to avoid this at this time.
  11. Again, I STRONGLY recommend reading xrpl.org which has a wealth of information about this and other topics. It's easy to get to the information you need. The FIRST search result for "xrpl.org destination tag" on Google points to https://xrpl.org/source-and-destination-tags.html.
  12. Your title is "token on ripple blockchain". Please note that there is no "ripple blockchain". You seem to be conflating the XRP Ledger (a network of servers running software that speaks a common protocol and implements a blockchain) with Ripple (a company). I suggest reading up on https://xrpl.org/reserves.html to learn more about reserves and https://xrpl.org/accounts.html#deletion-of-accounts to learn about ways to possibly recover the reserve of accounts that are no longer needed by deleting them. Generally, I recommend reading https://xrpl.org/ as it will undoubtedly have answers to many of your questions.
  13. Both Droplet and Toast Plus appear to be scams, which probably steal secret keys and funds. Stay away from them. If possible, report them to Apple so that they can maybe be removed from the app store. I'll pass this on internally and see if there's anything Ripple can do to highlight this, but honestly I don't know if it would help.
  14. The account you list is receiving XRP from several wallets, but those transactions look legit and the couple I spot-chceked carry valid signatures. There's no bug, as far as I can tell.
  15. As Alloy Networks says, there are several amendments that have been voted on and that are going to be activated in the next few hours. If you’re running version 1.5.0 you need to upgrade (the latest version of the software is 1.7.0 as of this writing) if you want to avoid your server becoming amendment blocked. See https://xrpl.org/blog/2021/three-amendments-expected.html.
  16. Please note that I do not speak ex Cathedra. My opinions are mine and may not necessarily represent Ripple's views. With that said, per ripple.com, Ripple's goal is articulated as making it possible to "Instantly/Easily/Efficiently/Cost-Effectively Move Money to All Corners of the World."
  17. Ripple has set an ambitious and lofty goal for itself and it has been executing towards that. The truth is that we can't (and shouldn't, even if we could) do everything. As they say, "Jack of all trades, Master of none."
  18. Sorry to burst your bubble, but RippleNet Cloud is entirely unrelated to Codius. As far as I know, there hasn't been active development on Codius for years; certainly not by anyone from Ripple.
  19. Can you show us the content of the type /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ripple.list please? It seems like it contains incorrect information (a command intended to execute on the terminal) which is what's causing the error you're encountering.
  20. Ripple certainly isn’t hard-forking the XRPL. It’s not “soft-forking” it either. In fact, it’s not “forking” the XRPL at all. XRP could be used as a bridging asset helping to seamlessly “connect” different ledgers, but I simply don’t have clairvoyance enough to tell you whether it will or not.
  21. I don’t know what question you’re referring to.
  22. Your response on the linked issue suggests things are working for you now, am I misunderstanding? Is this still an issue?
  23. It's always worth my time to discuss topics I find interesting with others who find the same topics interesting.
  24. It should be relatively simple to add such functionality, and I’d welcome someone submitting the PR. The challenge is that asset issuers would have to add support for such channels to ensure that their accounting of outstanding issued assets continues to be valid.
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