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  1. The new, decentralized domain verification mechanism will, hopefully, eliminate the need for all these steps. Coming soon!
  2. No, only that you can’t be bothered to express them cogently. This isn’t about the language evolving—English is a living thing after all. Evolution is fine and new words will enter the common vernacular. This is about you claiming that proper spelling is irrelevant and that “[your] generation […] dsnt giv a fk about spellin”. If that’s true, the only ones suffering are you and your generation.
  3. If true, that says a lot about your generation, doesn’t it? Words offer the means to meaning. So if you can’t be bothered to spell properly, it implies you can’t be bothered to convey your thoughts to others. And if you can’t be bothered why should anyone else?
  4. Please link the exact post that describes the improvement you propose.
  5. Please describe exactly how you would change the canonical order or link the post directly.
  6. Ain’t happening—although that would certainly result in a huge bump in performance. The built-in DEX and trust lines are a key concept of the system. Without them, you don’t really have the same system anymore.
  7. There’s no way, short of using the peer_private and ips_fixed config options, or using your system’s firewall. I am working on a patch which I hope will be included in the 1.4 release which should allow you to do this more easily without having to resort to tricks like those described above.
  8. Please elaborate on how you’d prevent or mitigate frontrunning attempts. Would love to hear your thoughts.
  9. Fiat isn’t infinitely divisible. It’s just that XRP is quantized whereas IOUs aren’t.
  10. I’m confused… what purpose would this serve? Sounds like a whole lot of effort (and associated risk) with no clearly defined benefits. Attempting this in an amendment would be a significant undertaking.
  11. Please note that multiple transactions with the same tx_hash should only happen for pseudo-transactions relating to fees and amendments. It’s possible that a collision in other transaction types is observed and is legitimate but the odds of that are astronomical.
  12. I think that we should consider adding some parameter in the pseudo-transactions for things like fees to “uniquify” them.
  13. LOL... “used to praises and likes”. Nothing like that. I don’t owe you anything. I’m not required to post here. I’m not required to answer any question that comes to your mind. No different than anyone else on here.
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