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  1. I don't think you said anything wrong @ObservantOne. I just wanted to make very clear that I was addressing that one question only and choosing to not address anything else from your post because I had nothing insightful or relevant to add.
  2. @ObservantOne asks: No. If people choose to trade their XRP on some exchange, there's nothing that Ripple could do. Beyond stating that simple fact, I have no further insights to offer on the topic.
  3. We are constantly working on improving the Ripple protocol and RCL.
  4. Hooray for blanket statements. I'm guessing you're living in the most idyllic of democracies, and you don't use encryption because "it would be illegal for someone to look and besides, I've got nothing to hide!"
  5. The ledger is the distributed database on which the state of the network and the transitions it underwent are recorded in a chain. Although each ledger contains the full state of the network, you can also visualize it somewhat differently: a ledger X is "the instructions the network agreed to execute on top of ledger X-1 to move forward."
  6. For whatever it's worth, I seamlessly weaved "Airplane!" quotes throughout Consensus. Over.
  7. It amuses me that people worry that Ripple will have access to a billion XRP a month and "ZOMG, they'll sell it and tank the price." Think about this rationally for a second: Ripple has access to way more than that right now and has had for years. And throughout that time, it has acted rationally, choosing to sell strategically with an eye to the long-term health of the ecosystem instead of a quick buck. Past behavior is a good predictor of future behavior. My personal opinion is that we will see Ripple continue to act as it always has: in careful but bold steps, mindful of being good stewards of the network. I expect that, month to month, the majority of the released funds will be returned into escrow, and Ripple will continue to focus on building up the Internet of Value.
  8. I asked Ryan Selkis (@twobitidiot) to come have a beer with us, but he didn't take me up on the offer.
  9. I didn't delete any tweets... not sure why it's not showing up.
  10. Two comments: first, XRP was not pre-mined, since there is no mining in Ripple. All the XRP to ever exist was created when the ledger was initialized. Now, the market cap is calculated as you suggest, but you can arrive at different numbers based on what you consider to be the "amount of coins in circulation": sites like do not count the amount of XRP under the control of Ripple (the company) which is currently around 63 billion XRP, but some other sites (or calculations) include those XRP as well, and arrive at a number of coins closer to 99.99 billion. So depending on how you calculate the total number of available coins, you will find that either the "in circulation" number will continue to increase (as Ripple sells or distributes XRP), or decrease (as XRP is used to pay fees is destroyed).
  11. How about we setup a Slack or IRC channel? Random factoid: David and I are both old hands at IRC. In a previous life, we were behind the world's most capable/performant chat server (on multiple platforms: Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris and IRIX) and our code routinely handled 10,000 client connections per server.
  12. You have repeatedly been asked to file a report with Ripple and your local police agency. You may not like this answer, but this is the process. Simply complaining on this forum and pasting the same information again and again is unlikely to help you or anyone else. Ultimately, neither Ripple, nor David, nor I can magically recover stolen funds. But if you file the appropriate reports with Ripple and police agencies, it may still be possible to work with gateways to prevent the funds from being withdrawn by the perpetrator. Again, please file a report with Ripple and your local police agency, if you haven't already done so.
  13. I agree with your assessment, and I think that going forward you will see changes implemented by the exchanges to rely less on the company's infrastructure and more on their own internal one as they seek to improve the quality of service they offer their customers.
  14. David is an amazingly talented guy. I've been lucky to work with and learn from him for almost 20 years, and I hope I get to do it for another 20. I honestly consider him my brother in digital arms. There's only two others for which I'd say the same. I'm not worried, in the slightest, by what he said: first, we have built an amazing team of talented developers who really understand the protocol and the codebase. The evidence of that is that David has had to do less and the number of commits that he is making has tapered off. But even if we needed him, he'd still be around and ready to give us a hand. Second, if you trust David's technical acumen (and everyone I know does) and respect him for his honesty and upfront, no-nonsense approach (again, everyone I know does) then you should trust that this is the right decision—certainly for him, but also for Ripple and for us.
  15. I'm not sure how we can "force" anyone to not use a "publicly available service." We can (and do) recommend that people operate their own rippled instances and any data services they need for their own internal operations. Again, I share the concerns voiced by @Professor Hantzen in his reply immediately after your post. I'm sure everyone here shares them too. The spike in interest and price attracted a lot of attention. It, in turn, exposed some weaknesses across the entire ecosystem, all of which are easy to address. This isn't an official statement from Ripple (the Company) but we are moving fast, and also deliberately and carefully, to address the weaknesses that we identified on our end, and working closely with our partners as well. Speaking of partners: I can't and won't speak for them. But purely as a Ripple user and fan, I will say that I am sure that they are also working hard to improve the quality of service they offer their customers.