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  1. Recommending hardware for production use is always tricky and one needs to balance a number of factors. Let’s say that 8 GB of RAM is enough today. How long will it be enough for? Will it be enough if there’s a sudden spike of volume? Will boxes be under memory pressure 3 or 6 months from now? The cost of RAM is cheap and it’s better to be conservative and allow a big buffer, than to end up under memory pressure at an inopportune time. To be clear, I’m not opposed to your comments about defining a target re: resources and then trying to hit it. But I also don’t think it’s realistic to target a Raspberry Pi or to recommend hardware that has enough capacity for “today” but not for “tomorrow”.
  2. The ship has most certainly not sailed. Don’t be discouraged by the work that Xpring is doing. There is no good reason to have only one library by Xpring and nothing more. In fact, the more high quality libraries we have the better. Some will be higher-level and abstract a lot away and some will be lower-level and allow the user more control. I strongly urge you to continue building your library; if you want, I’m happy to connect you with the developers on the Xpring side so that you can see if there are opportunities for collaboration or sharing and reuse of common code.
  3. I appreciate the kind words, but most of the "deep 'scenario' thinking" is by my coworker, Scott Schurr.
  4. Yes, there are "creative" ways to prevent an account from being deleted—at a cost. It's an unfortunate reality. There are potential workarounds, but it's a cat-and-mouse game which, ultimately, affects usability.
  5. The amendment has reached majority and will be activated in a little under two weeks for now.
  6. That’s a reasonable viewpoint and I’m not opposed to it. One counterargument is that it’s better to start with the tx being expensive and introducing an amendment to lower its fee, instead of the opposite.
  7. We hope that we can propose this for inclusion in the 1.4 release.
  8. Validator servers will, for the most part, not benefit from clustering. You can do it, but it’s unclear what you hope to achieve.
  9. The new, decentralized domain verification mechanism will, hopefully, eliminate the need for all these steps. Coming soon!
  10. No, only that you can’t be bothered to express them cogently. This isn’t about the language evolving—English is a living thing after all. Evolution is fine and new words will enter the common vernacular. This is about you claiming that proper spelling is irrelevant and that “[your] generation […] dsnt giv a fk about spellin”. If that’s true, the only ones suffering are you and your generation.
  11. If true, that says a lot about your generation, doesn’t it? Words offer the means to meaning. So if you can’t be bothered to spell properly, it implies you can’t be bothered to convey your thoughts to others. And if you can’t be bothered why should anyone else?
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