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  1. @tulo: the issue you're seeing is likely caused by the fact that the certificate can't be verified. I've confirmed that https connectivity works. Once this fix is deployed across the network, things should work fine. Depending on how you're testing, you may be able to set process.env.NODE_TLS_REJECT_UNAUTHORIZED = "0" in JS/Node to ignore the certificate issue and connect to wss:// IF YOU DO USE THIS, ONLY USE IT FOR TESTING!
  2. I'm not following. You can't connect using wss? Can you connect using ws?
  3. I have the utmost respect for @Vinnie. From a technical perspective, he's not only a highly talented software engineer, but an amazing software architect as well. And on a more personal note, he's one of the smartest, most self-consistent, honest, direct and ethical people I know. I count myself lucky for having worked under him because he taught me a lot and made me a better software engineer. I consider him, truly, to be more than a friend: he's my brother in digital arms. I won't lie: his loss was keenly felt at Ripple. Part of me me wishes he'd come back. But I firmly believe that people should look forward; not back. Vinnie chose to move on—and it was a decision I'm sure he didn't make lightly. I don't speak for him, but I don't think he'd want to come back. But I hope that he will remain involved in the Ripple and XRP community and will continue to hold our feet to the fire. Ben Kenobi became more powerful in death than Darth Vader and the Emperor could have possibly imagined. Vinnie, in leaving Ripple, has become more powerful than he ever was while an employee: Today, a number of people at Ripple, across all levels of the company, are channeling Vinnie's spirit every day—from working to uphold and expand on his legacy of technical excellence to picking up the torch on his passionate advocacy for XRP and less meetings! Again, I don't speak for Vinnie, but I think he's not coming back. But I'm not sad. Instead I'm excited and curious to see how he will channel the amazing energy, drive and skills he brought to Ripple every day.
  4. For anyone that encountered this issue, can you please check against and see if the issue is fixed? Thanks.
  5. People can choose to trust (or not trust) WF. Nobody can force you to accept a WF IOU. But you can agree to hold it. If you agree to hold 1 USD from WF, all that means is you believe that in the future you can turn that 1 USD back to WF and get a crisp dollar back in return. If WF issues 1 USD, someone must be willing to hold it.
  6. DB has to explicitly choose to accept the WF issuance. WF can't just send it to them. A third party can't make you hold an asset you don't want to hold. Also, UNLs have nothing to do with this.
  7. Little fun fact: if you are below the reserve, you can still buy XRP, on ledger, by selling IOU that you hold at the current market rate (that is, by placing an offer at a price that's guaranteed to immediately cross instead of ending up on the books).
  8. I understand all the individual terms in the phrase "XRP price is getting too high" but that sentence fragment just doesn't make any sense to me.
  9. We will be more active there. Also post here, if needed, linking to the GitHub issue.
  10. Thanks for the report @tulo! We will look into this and I will try posting an update as soon as we have something; it will probably take a couple of days. On a more technical note, we are planning on keeping ripple-lib up-to-date with features in rippled which will mean more frequent releases and bug fixes. I can't give you a firm time-frame for when this will start, but it's a high priority item for us. In the meantime, if you discover any issues, please consider opening up issues directly on GitHub ( as that will make it a little easier to track things from our end.
  11. You don't even need cryptoconditions for that - Escrow can timelock funds, so you can create a transaction that sequesters XRP until some time in the future. I think doing this would be a great idea for the company. We now return you to your regularly scheduled @miguel programming.
  12. I think the answers here are correct, but I'm happy to connect you with our marketing team if you still need.