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  1. I’ve said all I want to and can say at this time.
  2. I hear you re: pomp and circumstance, but pomp and circumstance can get in the way sometimes. We just started the journey; let’s wait until we get to the destination. Then we can discuss some of the points Sukrim made—which come from a good place. As for the criteria, I think that Ripple ought to publish a blog post explaining them, for all to know and see.
  3. The voting process is about adoption of amendments - proposed changes to the protocol. It's true that most new versions introduce amendments; some are introducing new features, other improve existing features and some fix technical issues with old or out-of-date code. But a new version of the software can be released without needing to be agreed to by a vote; if it has new features, when and if those attain a majority, they'll be activated. And if they don't attain a majority, they won't.
  4. I updated the URL - http://nik.bougalis.net. There was a rogue period at the end; give it another try. I'm not sure what you mean by your question. Finalized? Voted?
  5. I'll keep everyone updated on my blog, http://nik.bougalis.net. I don't know when I'll post more details about it, but I will.
  6. If Ripple is looking to internally promote someone to the role of CTO, there are many others whose skill set is a much better fit for the role.
  7. See the relevant GitHub issue for my answer: https://github.com/ripple/rippled/issues/2524
  8. YES! We will attempt to split several parts out into a library and make rippled use it; other projects will then be able to use the library directly. What bits, specifically, are you interested in and you'd find helpful to have available in a library?
  9. I am saddened to hear that. I am not a trader, but I definitely like that concept and would love to see more people building tooling around the XRP Ledger.
  10. nikb

    Re-keying ripple account

    We think this stuff through, you know... 😀
  11. nikb

    Re-keying ripple account

    That's awesome to hear!
  12. nikb

    seed ------>Account private key.

    This codepath has the derivation for both secp256k1 and Ed25519 keys from a seed: https://github.com/ripple/rippled/blob/develop/src/ripple/protocol/impl/SecretKey.cpp#L266-L283 For secp256k1 keys, there's a bit of extra math needed (that's what the "Generator" does) for the derivation and it isn't exactly straightforward, but the code is all there. Can you explain what you are trying to do? We may be able to help you more.
  13. nikb

    History Sharding & Backfill Speed

    That is not accurate. Your server would grab history and backfill if you had configured it to do that.
  14. My profile is right where I left it. It's nikb, not nickb.