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  1. No, there is no truth to that. It's garbage and an obvious attempt to scam people, and everyone here should know better.
  2. Which key are you referring to? The key for packages? If so, it's being worked on.
  3. Hmm. We need to double-check whether we detach from the controlling tty and become a session leader; it’s probably best to do even if we assume that systemd will do that for us.
  4. The error is telling you that you received a validator list with an unsupported version and it’s harmless; it’s caused by a bug in the code.
  5. This type of error can occur when your server is out of sync. It basically explains that after consensus determined the set of transactions, your server built a ledger which included no transactions while the network built one that included 4. The “noCurrent” error is a side effect: the server realizes it’s out of sync and reports a “sorry, I have no current ledger to use in answering your question” error. You suggest that the errors picked up lately, which may indicate connectivity problems. What does your server_info look like?
  6. Do you want to create a validator list or a validator token? You’re saying you want to the former, but you seem to be executing steps to do the latter.
  7. It’s an account likely belonging ing to a Simpsons fan. Likely as a joke. The IOU is probably issued by that account. Keep in mind that anyone can issue IOUs on the XRPL. Learn more at https://xrpl.org/issued-currencies-overview.html Nothing weird here. Please stop looking for “connections” and hidden signals. Enough with the gematria nonsense and the cartoon bears and the crazy people who analyze crude MS Paint drawings for clues. This conspiratorial mindset—these attempts to read tea leaves from coffee cups—are deleterious to the community and the ecosystem. Please stop.
  8. I don’t know why you couldn’t sign but it’s exceedingly unlikely that deletable accounts have anything to do with this. How are you signing and what, if any, errors are you getting?
  9. You don’t need to look at tickets—not active yet. What exactly is the issue? The deletable accounts amendment did not change how sequence numbers work. The only thing that changed is what the initial sequence number of a newly created account is, which should not affect your existing account in any way, shape or form.
  10. Your (old) wallet is unaffected. To find an account’s sequence number, retrieve its account root: https://xrpl.org/account_info.html Note that the sequence number changes (i.e. is incremented by 1) with every transaction that executes, unless tickets are being used.
  11. It's important that we keep scalability in mind, but scalability (like decentralization) isn't a scalar; it's a multi-dimensional value. The TPS figure is one of many relevant metrics and it depends on a number of factors, including things like the network's topology, the bandwidth between different peers and more. I don't know much about it, so I can't really say, but "precomputation" suggests that we're dealing with something that's CPU-bound, but I don't think that compute time is the limiting factor most of the time. The dashboard is really neat though!
  12. Re: transactions not showing up on xrpcharts.ripple.com: Forget about xrpcharts.ripple.com. It's old and crusty and just not that great. There are a number of alternatives, including livenet.xrpl.org which you should definitely check out! It also comes in testnet and devnet variants, for all your testnet and devnet needs!
  13. You certainly can. In addition to the above link, also read this article by Wietse Wind: https://medium.com/@WietseWind/how-to-run-a-ripple-validator-digitalocean-7e5fca1c3d77
  14. I don’t know what plans you’re looking at there… And I don’t think you understand how payment channels work and what they are good for.
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