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  1. Good ideas. I'll pass them on to the right people. I believe so. At least for a subset of { page, language } pairs.
  2. The English version, as mentioned, is after the Japanese version. You can "jump" to it directly with this URL:に関する6つの迷信/#english
  3. You may find the official statement and response by Ripple at The TL;DR is (emphasis mine):
  4. We had an area51 for Ripple in the past. I hope this one fares better. I'll follow.
  5. I like that! Yes. Suspended payments are not enabled on the network yet, but will when the amendment is activated (I don't know when). Yes, do use the altnet for testing! That's what it's there for!
  6. Agreed! She does!
  7. It's a pity. I'd love to subscribe to the "HaydenCast" or the "TiffanyGram" or whatever the show would be called! You have a lot of insight into diverse topics and your opinion & positions are well researched and, I think, make a lot of sense.
  8. RCL will be ILP enabled in 2017.
  9. No worries. I know that linking JIRA tickets (which are private) in the commits doesn't help anyone without access to JIRA. We do try to make the commit messages themselves as thorough as possible, though.
  10. I need to finish support for draft 2 of the crypto-conditions specification.
  11. Not quite correct: we are working on making the consensus code unit-testable. That's the work you're seeing.
  12. Please stop. You're embarassing yourself... The partial payments issue was never a flaw in the Ripple codebase. We did add a new field to payments as part of RIPD-643. The description in the release notes was: It's unclear why you think that you can't even tell the different between a funded and a partial payment on the ledger. That's, to put it bluntly, not true. I'll assume you're confused by this code; if that's the case, please allow me to unconfuse you. This code doesn't means you can't tell the difference. You most certainly can - simply parse the metadata associated with the transaction, and tada... it's just that I didn't think that the server had to go to the extra work of doing this for historical transactions.
  13. Interesting, thank you for explaining, @T8493. I share some of @Sukrim's concerns, but understand where you're coming from as well. As things are, right now, we have no plans to add additional support for curves other than spec256k1 and Ed25519. This could change if a compelling business case presents itself, but we have been presented with such a business case yet.
  14. There's no plan to add support for additional curves at this time; I can't say it'll never happen, but it's not planned. Is there a particular reason why you'd want curves than secp256k1 and Ed25519? I personally am quite happy with Ed25519 and would choose that over secp256k1 and P-256 anytime.
  15. Even if were only insulting Phil, the question is should he? He knows nothing about Phil or what he did at Ripple. And when you say he's not insulting Miguel, well... you're entitled to your opinion but I don't see it that way. He basically said "worse case, he's useless, which is no change at all." That's an insult to both Phil and Miguel. Anyways... I'm out of this thread.