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  1. Wqsh trades, fake volume, must only be real in other coins XRP is all real volume, right? Ripple will go down as the greatest hype job in history when it all said and done. No reason for them to dump 40 million a month, but they do no matter the revenue needed Ripple dumps XRP for cash.
  2. People sell BTC or whales or whoever. RIPPLE dumps XRP eveey month increasing supply big difference.
  3. No bull runs FI is involved FI wont FOMO just retail. Jan was your shot.......Ripple can sell 20-40 million dollars worth of XRP for decades this is a win win for them.
  4. Sell Xrp monthly 20-40 million $$$ at current pricing they can do that for a decades endless cash. Sign little banking contracts for a few hundred K, but most of their revenu is selling Xrp!! Ripple smart guys!
  5. Attempt at trying to be obtuse and witty? Increased O/S or O/C supply will always harm price in comparison to a smaller supply. ALWAYS there is never a benefit to having a larger supply in regards to price per coin/share. End of story!!
  6. Really? You believe they will just stop? I'll take that bet! Every month regardless of how many companies use xCurrent you will see the escrow shrink. Ripples dilution is one of the biggest red flags.
  7. The facts are Ripple does dump Xrp to fund that Ripple life. 100% fact 78 million worth $$$ last quarter and they sell every quarter even after private equity sales of stock. All with 225 employees. Where there is amoke there is fire!!
  8. I have never told anyone when to sell. You make XRP $3 I will sell today. It wont be hitting $3, so it wont matter. Dilution dump daily XRP is !
  9. Big boy chess? This is pipe dream missed out on Bitcoin wanna get rich boys playground Im here because Ripple pisses me off! They keep showing their true colors and turning XRP into a investment joke.
  10. Glad some are starting to see the flaws in Ripple....freaking Snoop and Bill C. Laughable. Dumping 20 million a month in XRP to fund their "Ripple big time" life is just sad. Delay after delay hype after hype this wont end well for XRP.
  11. Banks dont use xRapid and until they do you should not post they will.....considering it is not functional yet.
  12. Yep pretty much .42 and Ripple dumps millions of xrp a month.
  13. The gamechanging company sure seems like they are just playing the hype game Snoop and now Clinton gimme a break. Can they try to sell their product any harder? How great is it when they have to hype this much?
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