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  1. Have you guys looked into uranium stocks? I won't post links, because I am sure someone gets mad about promoting stuff.. I'll just throw out a name regarding the uranium situation - Mike Alkin. I missed pot stocks, but won't miss this one..
  2. Great post by @jbjnr2, thank you. The kind of stuff that reminds me, why I still visit this forum. Sorry if the question was already tackled, but how about Ripple's xrp sales these days of bloodbath in crypto prices overall? Is it halted again? May I add another question here, that I'm still unsure about; is Ripple's xrp sales only for market makers, suck as exchanges? Or if I'd be just some hedge fund that wants to hodl xrp, could I buy directly from Ripple?
  3. In Finnish: https://www.kauppalehti.fi/uutiset/lohkoketjut-ja-algoritmit-muuttavat-pian-asuntokaupan-ja-rahaliikenteen-nordean-von-koskull-sanoo-maailma-on-hyvin-herkassa-tilassa-siita-kertoo-nelja-keskeista-paradoksia/a737cd5e-2404-38a8-a61b-eef5b5f7336b -Kauppalehti is the most known financial newspaper in Finland. -interview with Nordea CEO Von Koskull -Nordea will start to use Temenos Model Bank. The new system will enable blockchain technologies. One of these is Ripple etc. My own comment: Nice to read a positive crypto/xrp story in my homecoun
  4. Thanks, I appreciate the many answers. Maybe I should look into paper silver. The physical they put full VAT on in my country unfortunately. Somehow I can rectify my large xrp stack with the fact that my best friend (same life situation, kids and house and stuff) puts the same amount of money into nice fresh cars. I drive a ten year old car with many kilometers on it. At least his cars have like guaranteed -15% yearly "dividend". Crypto might do better!
  5. I'm probably not getting unbiased answers on this forum, but here goes anyway: I sold about one third of my XRP stack last week, after panicking over the Tether debacle. Havent' panicked before. Now it seems to quiet down, although it remains to see, whether BF can keep up its banking, and whether they run out of btc or what. I'm more than 80% in XRP. Now with all Fidelity and other instos' moving towards the space, I feel like I'm soon throwing my euros back in the game. I feel like I should diversify.. and I like the stories of e.g. Novogratz.. but still it's hard for me to throw m
  6. Wow! This was the best stuff around in a while. The confidence.. especially when talking about US regulational environment.. If my xrp bags weren't full already, would buy more straight ahead..
  7. I've been wondering about this question regarding big players, institutions and such.. Can custody solutions somehow be integrated with markets? What I mean is, when it is not secure to keep huge stacks of xrp on the exchanges, what happens to liquidity? Can somebody have their assets safe at the same time as having them on the market? (Thinking about xRapid here). Sure my zerps can't be both on the nano s and exchange x simultaneously, but how about custody and other large scale stuff?
  8. This is exactly my biggest fear with XRP. E.g. the case mentioned in some other thread on this forum, as well as in the film Inside Job, where someone representing the big banks called someone on SEC saying "stop what you are doing" .. I'm sure you know the case, sorry about not being able to memorize it precisely. Having watched Inside Job just like two weeks ago, it was eye opening for me, how strongly the big banks have the U.S. administration in their hand. And how it haven't always been the case. It's so sad, to say the least. But Ripple also have their dream team, and the U.S.
  9. TheAnalyst, I'll borrow your hello-topic, since it for me was the decisive call, to finally register to the forum! So thank you. ? Been into crypto since last September.. I remember about going through different cryptos eagerly.. pretty soon I landed on Ripples webpage and saw The Beard.. I was sold ? The team and everything seemed instantly so professional.. Even with almost zero understanding of crypto back then, I understood "4 seconds" .. Little by little I have moved almost all my cryptos into XRP. Now just have to be patient. I'm also too much on all these forums read
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