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  1. True, but it's still good to see positive sentiment. Because, that's what it's all about right now isn't it? He may be a crap-head who is always wrong, but he has followers and can influence them.
  2. I've got this odd feeling that the SEC has been stalling in order to take advantage of whatever this is. This is based on nothing other than the suspicious timing.
  3. In case you missed it, JD started a petition to four members of US congress to open an investigation into the SEC. This petition is for non US XRP holders. It literally takes 1 minute - sign the petition!
  4. True for sure. But to be fair in this case, no one really expected the extent to which regulatory clarity would hinder progress (with all the sec related craziness, etc.)
  5. Maybe some day! But currently, BTC and ETH still seem to be kicking around I know what you mean though.
  6. Hi folks, hard to get a straight forward answer from Google, thought I would try here. IN CANADA - if I mine a particular coin, do I have to claim that as income based on the price of the coin at the moment I came into possession of it? I'm considering buying a new device (sorry can't give details about the device right now or the coin) and this device mines coins when you use it. To compensate you, you get a portion of the coins in your personal wallet. My question is not about the above concept and if it's a good or bad idea, etc., but simply - when would those coins be 'taxable': Only when I transfer to an exchange and trade them? Or immediately when I receive the coins in my wallet. Thanks all
  7. Ah, I see, it's an early/archaic spelling for 'Woe'. I was thinking it was an acronym or something... 'warrant officer' maybe
  8. It's a slow news day, so I'll ask: how do you pronounce your name and what does it mean? I wonder this literally every time you've posted.
  9. Perhaps, after leaving, they will be free to give some tell-all no holding back interviews about what's been happening? Just looking for a bright side
  10. Oh boy, another 2 page Ripley-Nuke debate is brewing
  11. Yes, pour it on, keep it coming. I want justice so bad I can taste it between my two cheeks. Can't look at JC's face anymore... he certainly deserves a head-butt. My anger over this did a 10x recently.
  12. Expected just a little bump in price due to Deaton's far reaching tweets re: the crap he unearthed this week. No dice
  13. Wouldn't surprise me. Indeed it's fairly rare to see XLM not echoing XRP action
  14. It's okay, Ripple will still get a slice of the pie. Big market, small slice is still giant.
  15. What does that mean, they gave them and they were bad? Or does that mean the answers due were not given.
  16. Yes fair point. I guess if a Bank was using Ripple products that were dependent on xrpl, there would obviously be support agreements in place. But I see your point now
  17. Today I used my major bank website to send money via global money transfer and received an big nasty error on the screen. faaar from the first time something like that has happened. It happens.
  18. I've learned my lesson about selling xrp to buy the dip. I rarely come out ahead. I'm not like xrp-nuke, I don't have the time and market intelligence to make it work. It's just a whole bunch of stress. What I AM doing right now, is something I swore to myself I wouldn't do - putting in more fiat in case some of these .3-.5 predictions come to pass
  19. Many thanks to anyone who can pluck out some interesting parts - I'm working and can't listen to whole thing
  20. More so because the would clearly have the ability to tell the future
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