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  1. Add to the list - Jed ! Can't wait for that drag-net to fizzle away
  2. Ya.. so hard to know. Got rid of a portion, I'll likely give the rest 24 more hours I guess. Saw some violent drops to 50 last night, which makes me wonder if they are triggering peoples orders before one more blast up. Who know, just straight gambling here All so I can have more money to buy xrp dips!
  3. Nice. I'm slowly rotating doge into dash, eos and xrp. doge had it's go, now it's others turn. The last Doge I'll hand on to till Sat. morning at latest (be watching it all Fri. night I think)
  4. looks like we are giving it another go!
  5. I heard Blockchain Backer say today that significant resistance exists for xrp all the way up to 1.75, and I noticed we hit our head off that pretty hard just now - be nice to see it break through that!
  6. Yeah, xrp has been having one HEC of a time with those 1.60s. There must be a tremendous about of sell orders around 1.65. We'll overcome them soon enough I'm sure
  7. looks fine to me sold half at .65, letting the rest ride.
  8. XRP frequently seems to behave like an elastic when moving up... a delayed reaction
  9. Not yet! still got a bit of steam it seems. I bought at .22, knowing the Elon wasn't done with it yet. I'd like to sell at .65 tomorrow ideally, buy a dip prior to his SNL appearance. All proceeds going into xrp
  10. Soon as I heard he will possible talk about Doge on SNL this weekend I bought some up... wasn't going to let that pump slip by me again.
  11. Hm, coinmarketcap only showing daily high of 1.62usd. Maybe I should stop using coinmarketcap...
  12. Tricky is right.. so very easy to get burned if you aren't good at it
  13. Ah, it's you again, the guy who condescendingly talks about people like they aren't in the room. Seoulite isn't going to change their style of TA because you don't like it, and nor should they have to. If you don't agree with it just ignore them, or maybe simply counter it without being snarky?
  14. Ooooh yes... that's an intense pump of hopium right there brother. Hearts pounding a bit fast - slightly concerning tbh - but I think I'll be good !!
  15. Opps.. sorry I messed up. You're right I guess the 80s did rock.
  16. Hate to rain on your "new music sucks" parade folks, but here is a sample of some new music that will completely captivate you. Listen, if you will, to three examples of what I consider unparalleled musical masterpieces. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4QA30qkRYy8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7X_3yOUKSOc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X841QX9iAJ0
  17. Obviously someone now needs to write an algo. to chart forum hostility.
  18. That's fine I'm definitely not asking to be convinced. Just giving him my take on the phenomenon.
  19. Interesting... let see how many people 'buy the rumour'
  20. Back in the bear market, some guy - amazed at the lengths dot-connectors would go - decided to start making riddles about xrp as if he was some kind of xrp profit. He likely just wanted to see how many people, in the desperate depths of a hopium addiction, would get sucked into the strange rabbit hole. The answer was... quite a few. For many of us, the whole thing was just an embarrassment.
  21. So much easier said than done - but I agree and it's what I plan to do as well
  22. Curious to get your outlook @Seoulite , are you surprised to see BTC slouching closer to 45k? You still thinking along the lines of Eric and that this is a regular correction to shake out new money before a strong bounce ?
  23. getting ready to buy this dip, 95cents now
  24. Did he say he is a big fan or that he is bullish? I really don't like BTC and I also think we need to be conserving energy, AND I'm also bullish on BTC. I don't see a conflict there. You can hate something but also think it's going to succeed in some aspect.
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