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  1. For whatever reason, whenever I see Gary's face it reminds me of that alien from the movie Enemy Mine. Looking forward to hearing this interview, although I'm nearly certain it's just going to Pis$ me off.
  2. Some quick newb questions: 1) I did my xrp snap-shot for the flare distribution using Binance.com. When I login to Binance, I don't see any sign of anything related to FLR. Should I? Or has that all been delayed due to getting song bird off the ground. 2) How will I receive my FLR? If Binance.com decided to participate in the air drop, will SGB tokens just appear in my Binance wallet? 3) If Binance.com does not participate in the air drop, does that basically mean I'll be forced to go the Ledger route, as is being discussed in this thread?
  3. Hm, I see Binance is 'Considering' rather than 'Confirmed'. I did my xrp snap-shot for the Flare airdrop using Binance.com. Does this mean I must use Binance as well for the songbird airdrop? Sorry, I know absolutely nothing about this songbird stuff, and maybe I should go read another thread to get my answers
  4. 1) Remove graffiti downtown (a side-gig to my project management day job) 2) Attend a harvest jazz & blues festival 3) Fix a small 4 wheeler for a gift to my 8 year old boy And, as always, keep an eye on crypto. I check this site twice a day now... the SEC has created an absolute soap opera for us. I can't turn away from the train wreak.
  5. Not a whole lot, just settling down with a couple peanut butter toast, my usual bedtime snack. Returned today from a trip to London ON (Canada) with the family. Good trip, terrible traffic though. You?
  6. LOL @ someone using a condescending phrase to call out someone being passive aggressive. Funny thing is, he wasn't being passive aggressive. Aaaa well, xrp-nuke will be xrp-nuke!
  7. Line 1: "you cannot predict a crypto market" Line 2: you predict a crypto market
  8. You said you are 100% - why the need for bots? This must be an easy game for you with that level of confidence.
  9. Oh my lord, you actually think that's why people think you are arrogant? Nothing to do with it. Notice how he voiced his opinion (i.e. in a non-arrogant way)? Take note, my fine feathered friend.
  10. That was a pretty disgusting free fall. Let hope it bounces hard off 80. Not sure what would have caused that...
  11. I wonder if this will create a little pump. Anyone care to speculate?
  12. I mean... you are a pretty confusing person, lol. But thanks for explaining why you are bullish, that's the bit I was looking for. Much appreciated.
  13. You think we're going to see some major gains coming up? Or are you joking around (I can't usually tell)
  14. I give up. good luck with your relationships in life
  15. Could you please please just let Seoulite do his/her thing and you do yours? Lots of people here like your analysis (including ME!!), and lots of people also like Seoulite's analysis and others. I mean it's one thing to have a civil discussion about the differences between your analysis and theirs - but to 'correct' them? This assumes that your way is the ONLY way, and others are simply wrong. Can you see how that approach isn't conducive to a good conversation? And isn't that why we are here - for a good conversation around this space? When you take this hard approach "I'm right and your wrong", it kills the conversation and/or take it to bad places. That specifically is my only issue. Please keep posting your analysis, I love it.
  16. I bought them on the first exchange it was listed on
  17. I had a couple thousand hnt and sold at about 2 bucks. LOL... where is that crystal ball I ordered!
  18. I agree! if we get a favorable outcome from the SEC case, I think the positive sentiments around xrp and Ripple will be 10 fold what it was - for both longtime crypto folks and new comers. Exciting to think about!
  19. True but 2021 is not over yet, you can't compare the whole of 2017 to the partial year of 2021. We may still be in the middle of something here, lets wait and see.
  20. what an interesting way to ask "I'm not sure how you arrived at .85, could you explain it to me?" 🤣
  21. This stuff is bitter sweet to me. Sweet because I obviously want SEC held accountable. Bitter because, the closer these accusations of corruption and conflicts of interest get to becoming reality, the more I'm realizing that YES, I actually was screwed out of a bull run (potential life changing amount of money) by some corrupt ass-hats at the SEC. TBH I'm pretty much over it - water under the bridge - but it still burns every once in a while.
  22. So far looking like our support at ~1.22 is holding up
  23. I was going to sell a few xrp, anticipating a cool down period where I could buy back lower, but now I'm not sure. So risky as I see xrp moving similarly to ADA when it had it's powerful rise. You would think we'll see a sizable correction soon... but then again, maybe not. I just need to slap my wrist and leave it alone until my first price point comes up.
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