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  1. Maybe the hate is due to his crap attitude, I mean did he quote someone then talk about him like he wasn't in the room "like this guy" ?. I only see it cause you quoted it - I put him on ignore list after his 3 post. This thread is a labor to get through since these weird accounts showed up a week ago.
  2. Good news is always welcome! Love to see them blazing forward despite the sec trial bs
  3. Hopefully it finds support and bounces back out of the 1.60s ! Was hoping it would find support in the 70s but I guess that was an insane pump and this was expected.
  4. Are you really doing that during this rally? I took note that last time you did this, xrp climbed 30 cents and OMG went down 9%. I hold OMG as well, but not sure I would have the testicular fortitude to have traded then, or now.
  5. We bounced off 1.48 a couple times now, seems to be a sticky spot there. I need to stop watching the price with wide unblinking eyes... can't be health.
  6. Speaking of old users, I haven't seen Ripple-Stiltskin around in a while. There was also a very active user who I liked called "Tinyaccount" - JulianWilliams reminds me of him actually.
  7. Holy crap, inching to the 1.5 mark, what a milestone
  8. Well.. what I'm going to try to do is choose a certain price... say, 2 USD. at that point, take a small bit of profit. Next price would be say 3 USD, at that point sell just a bit more. The goal here - 'my' goal - will be to ensure that if the bottom falls out really bad, I AT LEAST have my original investment back, which will take a bit of the sting off (at least it will for my wife)
  9. congrats - feels good, don't it. I hit that point a bit ago and it really put a smile on my face
  10. Thanks. Still hard decision right now because omg and xrp are the same in terms of distance form their ATH.. a day like today makes the decision harder because I've got OMG picking up the slack while the others slump. We'll see, I think I'll give it a bit to see how rock-hard that .90 resistance really is
  11. Thank-you for the continued updates, I come here once per day looking for updates from you, a couple others and Eric123
  12. Not being rude at all, but would this not go better in it's own new thread?
  13. I took mine out around then as well - lucky I put most of them back in after flirting with Ada. Unfortunately I wasn't 100 percent back in for this xrp pump as I still have a stake in OMG (which hasn't seen it's day yet). Conflicted as to if I should keep my stack of OMG or consolidate back into XRP at sub-1-doller levels. I've been burned so bad so many times by having all my eggs in the XRP basket. So conflicted right now.
  14. That I understand - yes we were talking about two different things. Cheers
  15. It literally took two parabolic shots and gained 40 cents directly after you said it likely wont move any further. I was chuckling at this as I sold a bit at 1.35. Thought maybe you would laugh too and say "ya I was a tad off on that! Crazy crypto, right". It's coming down now, who cares, that's how it goes. It went up 40 cents out of nowhere.. lots of juice left in this girl.
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