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  1. Dash is on the list of Alts that really didn't have any kind of run at all this bull market, so interesting to see it taking off. Glad I kept a stack of it.
  2. In my opinion, if good news came from the case right now - settlement or better - it would result in a small pump prior to it beginning to stagnate again. However, at that point if BTC starts to move, even a bit, I could see xrp making big gains. What is the next significant date in the case, I wonder ?
  3. As a judge, there must be a degree of anxiety that comes when you know your ruling will set a significant precedence, which may be leveraged by many-a-lawyer in the years to come, affecting many other cases. I know it would stress me out!
  4. Yup, seems about once per year it crops up and someone is convinced it's about to blow everything up. Nothing every happens. Maybe one year something will... but until then I seem to have become immune to Tether-based-fear.
  5. thanks for the posts Molten, you've really got me thinking about my own position
  6. Yes exactly, which is why I'm not too worried about that. Also, if talking about electronic documents - it's not necessarily as easy as you think to just doctor-up a file with a fake age - especially if they are using any document storage software and/or have a records management branch in charge of electronic storage (many places do).
  7. Just so I get it straight - you are laughing at the holders who are losing their profits (because they didn't listen to you), is that correct?
  8. You think bitcoin is going to zero? Or are you just typing words.
  9. Hi xrp-nuke. This is a TA thread. We are here to glean an understanding of what may happen in the future, using TA techniques. If you don't like it then please leave.
  10. That was quite a wordy war declaration. But I'm sure as heck interested!
  11. I hope you reconsider... maybe just use the ignore function on a few accounts (they are likely the same person)? I've enjoyed your TA and hope you keep posting
  12. Sorry Troote, I took a portion of what you said and twisted it to match what I think is actually happening (in the case of that one person who I will no longer engage with). I didn't mean it to be in conflict with you but can understand why it is. Critique is very important and I have no issue with it. It is, I feel, a shame when it's done in a patronizing way that brings the person down rather than nudging them in a different direction.
  13. This thread is great right now. We've got 3 to 4 TA folks - who each seem quite good at it - comparing, critiquing, and learning from each other. Quite respectful, not too much ego in the way - I love it!
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