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  1. what's going on here with the comma rather than decimal?
  2. Would mainstream media be the least bit interested? None of this is mainstream.. unless the name Facebook is attached, the masses are thoroughly uninterested in the entire space (and even then it's a big stretch)
  3. I've had a fair amount to dink tonight so I apologize for the language, but do stand by the sentiment of my post.
  4. here is what pisses me off. I come on here just once in a while as I've got a busy schedule. I'm looking for some good info - catch up on some pertinent news - but lo and behold, there's you in every thread, turning it into some S$hit conversation pii$sing match.. mounds worth of crap I have to sift through just to catch up. For gods sake you can be skeptical and objective without being a freaking $**** head. Some little twerp smart a$s wasting my time is my measure of you.
  5. I used to be into this stuff until I realized XRP is a sloooow and steady moving beast. It'll be like getting an alert that a steam roller is coming your way when it's still 3 miles away
  6. lol agenda.. I login like twice a month..
  7. WOW you are bitter. So glad I didn't FOMO and over commit like others clearly did.
  8. That they would pay dividends in XRP versus fiat, speaks to their confidence in the value of XRP. One could argue that.. but that how I interpret it. Good stuff!
  9. Give it a rest, you know full well this isn't just a regular video post. It's a mini documentary that had a lot of work put into it. It's 100 percent post worthy.
  10. what with the close-up photo of yourself? what do these hand symbols mean?
  11. Yeah that post definitely needed explaining.. big head scratcher. But you've missed the point, the op'er was surprised not that he found some arbitrary group of people who are passionate about some arbitrary thing in the world. He was intrigued to find a group of people who are passionate - in all the same ways and manners that we are - about a thing that is also a concurrency and also has nearly the same use cases as xrp. I also find it interesting
  12. This kind of reasoning leads to unnecessary worry. Many feel like this is an all or nothing type of thing. One winner and the loser gets nothing. There is PLENTY of cross border action in the world, and room for more than one company. Is Apple out of business because Samsung also has a good product? No - plenty of market share to go around.
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