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  1. Will they adopt it? who will win? Time will tell. Ripples first mover advantage is getting eroded fast though. Very true. If only your first few posts were more like this, and not mostly fud. With your first few posts you're guilty of the exact same thing you constantly accuse 'xrp cult' members of. So very annoying.
  2. "“XUMM is a client (wallet) for the XRP Ledger, with superpowers. XUMM allows you to interact with the XRP Ledger and 3rd party tools while keeping your secrets super safe.”" I don't dislike this nearly as much as you do, I think. I like the 'superpowers' phrase... I find it's a bit intriguing and tells me the devs are 'super' confident in the products ability - a 'keep it simple and let the app do the talking' approach. The 'super safe' is a reference to the early 'superpowers' phrase... which I can see how one would find lame, but again I don't find it nearly as lame as you
  3. This stuff comes later. Marketing stuff can be now, yes, but with any modern software development life cycle, UI polish comes later.
  4. This seems like a hugely exciting development, but I've read a couple pages now and am struggling to understand exactly how this will all work. Could anyone try explaining to a thick fella like me - from a birds-eye-view - how payid works and just how xrp could fit into it?
  5. Big wheels keep on turnin', Proud Mary keep on burnin', Rollin', rollin', rollin' on the river.
  6. Do you mean that the xrp price fluctuations didn't have an impact of the functioning of ODL, or are you saying that - due to ODL - the xrp price didn't fluctuate like the rest of the market
  7. For god's sake, don't **** off one of the only active members in this forum. If it wasn't for his posts this place would be dead and I'd likely just stop coming.
  8. what's going on here with the comma rather than decimal?
  9. Would mainstream media be the least bit interested? None of this is mainstream.. unless the name Facebook is attached, the masses are thoroughly uninterested in the entire space (and even then it's a big stretch)
  10. I've had a fair amount to dink tonight so I apologize for the language, but do stand by the sentiment of my post.
  11. here is what pisses me off. I come on here just once in a while as I've got a busy schedule. I'm looking for some good info - catch up on some pertinent news - but lo and behold, there's you in every thread, turning it into some S$hit conversation pii$sing match.. mounds worth of crap I have to sift through just to catch up. For gods sake you can be skeptical and objective without being a freaking $**** head. Some little twerp smart a$s wasting my time is my measure of you.
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