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  1. Hope Binance.com comes through... That's where all my tokens are, I haven't even looked at my ledger nano since that data breach couple years back. Man that pissed me off, still getting phone calls.
  2. Love seeing progress still being made despite the sec crap. Don't you wish you could just poke your head 5-10 years into the future really quick to see where things are at?
  3. I clicked on the story a few times and shared it - trying to help give it some attention to encourage this and maybe other news outlets to do more stories and keep digging!
  4. What the hec was the point of this thread, herbalist.
  5. Cool, we'll see how it plays out - I'm all eyes
  6. Was seeing green across the board your primary input for turning bullish, or is there something else?
  7. What is your timeline then? Or are you saying xrp will never have the capacity to reach $5?
  8. The Bogdanoff brothers heard that @w1s sold off down to 60% for the weekend bears
  9. I'm also really pissed at all of this, but I'm not sure that's what is happening here. Either way, Ripple is still making great headway, so their 'plan' isn't exactly panning out.
  10. He really didn't put him on the spot at all. Some questions were going in a good direction but he made it really easy for Gary to just answer it any way he wants, then no follow-up questions. I think this was a fantastic interview... for GARY.
  11. For whatever reason, whenever I see Gary's face it reminds me of that alien from the movie Enemy Mine. Looking forward to hearing this interview, although I'm nearly certain it's just going to Pis$ me off.
  12. Some quick newb questions: 1) I did my xrp snap-shot for the flare distribution using Binance.com. When I login to Binance, I don't see any sign of anything related to FLR. Should I? Or has that all been delayed due to getting song bird off the ground. 2) How will I receive my FLR? If Binance.com decided to participate in the air drop, will SGB tokens just appear in my Binance wallet? 3) If Binance.com does not participate in the air drop, does that basically mean I'll be forced to go the Ledger route, as is being discussed in this thread?
  13. Hm, I see Binance is 'Considering' rather than 'Confirmed'. I did my xrp snap-shot for the Flare airdrop using Binance.com. Does this mean I must use Binance as well for the songbird airdrop? Sorry, I know absolutely nothing about this songbird stuff, and maybe I should go read another thread to get my answers
  14. 1) Remove graffiti downtown (a side-gig to my project management day job) 2) Attend a harvest jazz & blues festival 3) Fix a small 4 wheeler for a gift to my 8 year old boy And, as always, keep an eye on crypto. I check this site twice a day now... the SEC has created an absolute soap opera for us. I can't turn away from the train wreak.
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