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  1. Give it a rest, you know full well this isn't just a regular video post. It's a mini documentary that had a lot of work put into it. It's 100 percent post worthy.
  2. what with the close-up photo of yourself? what do these hand symbols mean?
  3. Yeah that post definitely needed explaining.. big head scratcher. But you've missed the point, the op'er was surprised not that he found some arbitrary group of people who are passionate about some arbitrary thing in the world. He was intrigued to find a group of people who are passionate - in all the same ways and manners that we are - about a thing that is also a concurrency and also has nearly the same use cases as xrp. I also find it interesting
  4. This kind of reasoning leads to unnecessary worry. Many feel like this is an all or nothing type of thing. One winner and the loser gets nothing. There is PLENTY of cross border action in the world, and room for more than one company. Is Apple out of business because Samsung also has a good product? No - plenty of market share to go around.
  5. What's the need to create a post about this - to spread your own insecurities to others?
  6. This is a joke, right? I'm concerned new people may not know you are being sarcastic - playing on the fact that no one has a sweet-azz clue where the price will go from here.
  7. Well dang, you should have posted it ! It's really encouraging to see that this guy is quite motivated to get things rolling. I've got my fingers and toes crossed that things proceed smoothly.
  8. Maybe they have a lot of xrp and limited space on their CC, and this saves then having to sell xrp, withdrawl fiat, etc. ?
  9. I've seen some questions lately that have been wrapped in a blanket of frustration, so it would be natural for some to inquire.
  10. The 'rich or nothing' approach works for me in this space. I'm achieving steady, healthy growth elsewhere (other lower risk investments and a rental property). I view the crypto space, specifically XRP, as my one opportunity to 'get rich quick'. For me, it's a long term gamble (with good odds, I think). I know people say NOT to view crypto the way I do.. but I do my serious investments elsewhere. I'm not going through all this trouble to simply make an 'okay' return. I could do that elsewhere. That's my take, but as was said, different strategies for different folks - I agree!
  11. ..And that's precisely how someone like Craig would have responded - super defensive, make you feel silly for even suggesting it. This weirdo has spent a large amount of time spreading fud for a while now. He seems obsessed with making xrp people feel bad about their decision, and has apparently made a research project out of it. But yeah.. taking 1.5 minutes to create a fake account here would be totally out of character...
  12. So here's a weird thing. After I called out Phiguy for how childish he was being to another poster, he proceeded to go through my posts history and put a 'confused' face on all of my posts. The time he put into this.. what does it mean? Am I being stalked ?
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