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  1. XRP is a representative of the real demand like Amazon. Even after the IT bubble, the leading IT company Amazon continues to rise. Amazon long term chart https://t.co/jbpbb2diji
  2. Market capitalization is the multiplication of unit price and circulating supply. It has different meanings for each currency.
  3. May 15th Network Halt At 1:14pm Pacific time, May 15th, the Stellar network halted for 67 minutes due to an inability to reach consensus. During that time no ledgers were closed and no transactions were processed — basically, Stellar stopped. https://medium.com/stellar-developers-blog/may-15th-network-halt-a7b933103984
  4. Japan Exchange Schedule Let's wait what happens to the price Late May  Yahoo Japan-based cryptocurrency exchange "TAOTAO" opens June     Rakuten Virtual Currency Trading Service to be launched July     SBI Virtual Currency · Start of cryptocurrency board trading
  5. However, we need to study not only supply but also the potential market and potential demand of XRP.
  6. I think that XRP supply is needed to reduce volatility in the long run.Currency with too much volatility will soon be at its limit of growth. If cryptocurrency can reduce volatility, I think there will be demand for trading, ordinary life, corporate services, currency exchange on travel, etc. That is, I think any demand will occur. In order to generate real demand, I think the supply of XRP was necessary.
  7. XRP is not thin air. XRP is an asset that solves real problems. There is real demand to solve the real problem. However, if the space station (eco system) has only limited air, that air is valuable. Similarly, XRP is limited in quantity in the ecosystem.
  8. I think prices will rise. Development and diffusion will take some time. XRP will be used to exchange all assets including the Fiat currency. People can exchange for many assets just by having XRP. Naturally, there is a great demand for tools, vehicles and assets that can improve the real problem. It is the same even with currency.
  9. Even if XRP becomes key currency (bridge currency) of minor currency of one country, it is too little with 100 billion XRP. There are 180 currencies in the world. Most of them are minor currencies. If the exchange efficiency of minor currency exchange rate goes up, the number of holders will increase by hundreds of millions. If the demand for minor currency increases, it will interact with the major currency. The demand will be infinite because it is bound with the real demand. Over time, many people notice. XRP will be one of the most important inventions of humanity. The most expensive of the bank's international remittance fee breakdown is the exchange fee.It is high enough in major currencies but becomes increasingly expensive in minor currencies. I think that the only way to improve it is to use the small spread that cryptocurrency has. There are wide spreads when the banks exchange money.Banks can not eventually win the exchange of cryptocurrencies. Money transfer using xRapid will begin. Cheap remittance routes will surely increase. And, XRP exerts a network effect and starts to show power as key currency. I am not talking about delusions. Because XRP already has the third largest market capitalization in cryptocurrency. What I am talking about will be accomplished naturally over time.XRP solves the actual exchange fee problem.
  10. I studied the merits and demerits of Ripple. now I am positive for the future of XRP.
  11. Ripple says on the home page as below. It is assumed that the ILP protocol also incorporates various assets. In fact, it is assumed to be key currency of all asset including fiat currency. https://ripple.com/insights/the-internet-of-value-what-it-means-and-how-it-benefits-everyone/ ILP's connector is xRapid, and when exchanging different assets, it exchanges through XRP. This would assume that XRP will be the key currency for all assets. You can exchange anything if it becomes a key currency. The potential demand for exchanging assets worldwide with minimal fee without passing through third parties is still huge.
  12. Japan's most famous economic newspaper mentions that XRP can threaten the existence of the dollar. https://www.nikkei.com/article/DGKKZO43943760Z10C19A4TL1000/ ブロックチェーンは国際金融の秩序をも揺るがす可能性を秘める。これまでの貿易 決済はドルが中心で、各国の為替介入の原資となる外貨準備もそれに応じてドル比率 が高かった。これがドルが基軸通貨たるゆえんだ。だが仮想通貨を生んだブロック チェーンは国際取引に強みを持つ。米リップルなど国際決済を担うスタートアップ が安価な手数料や決済速度を武器に新たな金融インフラを根付かせれば、将来は ドルの存在を脅かす「風穴」ができるかもしれない。
  13. Price potential of XRP The market capitalization of the world's fiat currency is $ 81 trillion. And the market capitalization of the US dollar is $ 16 trillion. The percentage of the dollar, which is key currency, is about 20%. And the market capitalization of XRP is $ 162 billion. Currently, XRP is just at 0.02% of the market capitalization of global Fiat currency. It is still in its early, early state. BTC's value storage function overlaps with the Global gold bullion market, but Global gold bullion market size is Only $ 117 billion. And market size that can be assumed by XRP is larger and can grow. XRP has greater price potential than BTC. For example, if it becomes 1% of the market capitalization of Fiat currency, it is 50 times. Currently, XRP is about $ 0.4, The price of XRP will be about $ 20. If it becomes 5% of the market capitalization of Fiat currency, it is about 250 times. So that's about $ 100. If it occupies 10%, it is $ 200 at 500 times. I think that I can get around 10% share in about 20 years. Buy and sell Fiat currency as Japanese yen → US dollar → Thai baht, and use XRP by automatically selecting the lowest route. and can be sent. However, other top-class cryptocurrencies can not do that. XRP has the highest affinity performance to the Fiat currency. If XRP is Fiat's key currency, it is linked to actual demand, so it can be used for trade, and as an asset More people will own it. And in the future, the supply amount of XRP will be able to adjust its volatility, so business use will increase. You can see that XRP has great potential just to become the key currency of Fiat currency on the Internet.
  14. Liquidity enhances bridge currency exchange performance. If it is easy to exchange as a bridge currency, the amount of money that can be processed naturally increases, and the convenience increases. The higher the liquidity, the better the price.
  15. Ripple is still on the Google Venture Capital official website portfolio.
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