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  1. To make it more confusing, LiveCoinWatch was having a database error and showed ethereum rising 25% in the last hour, retaking #2. I'm like... Wtf? This isn't unexpected though. There's only so long one coin can remain floating amidst a bloodbath.
  2. BCH crash doesn't surprise me. That'll happen when you fork a fork and the founders of both get into a slap fight. XRP holding its value this well surprises me. I think people are hedging it against BTCs capitulation free fall. I would expect us to decline when BTC stabilizes and begins to consolidate.
  3. It's wash trading and fake volume. This week alone, one day they accounted for almost 40% of all volume (per LiveCoinWatch), and the following day, that amount was less than 10%. It seems like their volume flairs up whenever other combined market volume falls off significantly. It has the effect of buoying the price. You could say this is a form of manipulation. Price manipulation in crypto goes both ways.
  4. I'm getting tired of the Coinbase manipulation ******** honestly. Every time there's a lull in activity, in comes the Coinbase rumors and wash trading to prop the price up. Can we get some legitimate growth?
  5. Institutional money could make for very high peaks, but don't forget that whales and big entities are not only going to longing these assets. There is sure to be plenty of shorts that will in turn still cause volatility.
  6. Volume was still spiking up to 1.5B per day during the dog days of February, even as the price was tanking every day. Volume is good when it's mostly buying, but a high volume alone isn't a good indicator of bullishness. Based on livecoinwatch, the highest volume is actually XRP/USDT.
  7. What makes you think that short selling will be regulated out of crypto? Short selling is an extremely prominent investment tool in traditional markets. Short selling isn't going to be banned. The only thing that may be regulated in that sector are leverage limits and liquidity requirements.
  8. I think you left out a critical piece of information here: Supply. XRP is at "paper clip" prices because there are billions in circulation. There are far fewer BTC, LTC, etc.
  9. Perhaps, but I guarantee they sure didn't put almost a billion dollars through it today. The liquidity just isn't high enough for xRapid usage on that level yet. Today's massive rally was speculation driven, IMO, with a tad bit of FOMO thrown in for good measure once the price got going.
  10. I wonder if this is a cascade of shorts getting squeezed out. I know short interest had reached a very high level. It almost seems like bulls pushed through, causing shorts to get liquidated, causing a spike, causing more shorts to get liquidated, etc., and it's had a snowball effect for a few days now. There's no obvious signs of why XRP should be pumping at this level while the rest of the market, while green, is only up a small amount.
  11. I have no idea where you got 500B-1T theoretical speed of either on or off ledger XRPL performance, but it doesn't seem right. At any rate.. 1) You're putting into consideration a sustained, fixed transaction count per second. This doesn't happen, ever. 2) I don't think there's even 1 billion transactions per day of global economic output. Apparently SWIFT's best day ever was in May of this year where they sent 35M messages in a day. You're basically assuming that a transaction figure exponentially larger than the global economic output is going to run through the XRPL. If you a
  12. You guys think Phoenix has a chic place, you should see my pad. Bought this bad boy with my 2018 crypto earnings:
  13. No idea, but probably unlikely if this tech is using XLM as a bridge asset. XLM's liquidity is only a fraction of XRP's, and XRP's liquidity isn't good enough to service large institutional customers yet. If that banking consortium has decided to move forward with that solution, then so far it's most likely not processing a large volume.
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